At least six good reasons not to support #Brexit

That’s right – some of the nastiest monsters in the Conservative Party want the UK out of Europe.

They include John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel.

In the words of Dr Jacky Davis: “Undecided about in v out? Look at this lot, do you really want to find yourself on their side? #stuffofnightmares”

Oh – and they’re even lying on their poster, by the way. The UK has never lost control as all EU laws must be ratified by the UK Parliament before they become active here… and the total amount of EU legislation, measured between the late 1990s and around 2010, comes to around 6.8 per cent of UK primary legislation and 14.1 per cent of statutory instruments – not the massive majority we’ve been led to believe.

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17 thoughts on “At least six good reasons not to support #Brexit

  1. David Mortimer

    I think the Labour party needs to be seen doing more than just offering promises of being better & building more homes in 2020 to get elected given the Housing Bill ends council housing & increases homelessness as local authorities regenerate their publicly owned properties in to smaller, more expensive, private owned ones regardless of the long term social & economic cost to their constituents.

    I don’t think the 65% of people who work & claim benefits in the UK will be able or willing to wait until 2020 to get rid of the Tories & their inhumane policies. Studies which have been done in member states subjected to austerity show there’s been a huge increase in suicides’ partially in men under 35. Austerity’s a political choice which is not in the publics best interest given that it leads to more privatization & increased costs to the tax payers for the same services but without any personal accountability.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What would you like the Labour Party to do, at a time when we have a majority Conservative Government?
      Labour can oppose Tory legislation, putting forward strong arguments to support its case – but of course we know that won’t stop the Tories voting for their cruel policies because most of them don’t even listen.
      Labour can adopt policies it believes are better – and has. Perhaps you have been paying attention to the (Tory-owned) “lame stream” media (as one of our commenters described them).
      And Labour has made it clear that all of the Tory policies are reversible.

  2. John

    Well, I can only speak for the three on the right when I say that they could very easily be brothers and sister from the same family !

  3. Gary Aronsson

    What a good little internationalist you are! EU GOOD,FREEDOM BAD.Is that how it goes? And the FACT that the kindly old EU can’t wait to sign TTIP so as to speed the day when the NHS is fully privatised doesn’t bother you?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, that’s not how it goes.
      What a small, black-or-white world you seem to inhabit, Gary.
      I’ve explained elsewhere – to others who, like you, didn’t take the point for various reasons. Go and read my answers to them – and get a grip, please.
      You have read my anti-TTIP articles; we can only conclude that you are deliberately trying to spread disinformation about This Blog.
      Try that again and I’ll ban you from commenting.

  4. Dave Goff

    I’m disabled and can’t work. The way i see it it does not matter who wins or loses an election i lose. People who are in the bracket of OAP’s, poor, sick, disabled, homeless and low paid are just cannon fodder for politicians to screw. We should never have sold our infrastructure.One thing i do know people like me are not scroungers or scum of the earth, most of the politicians deserve those titles.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Considering the huge amount of work carried out by Labour MPs who have been fighting for the long-term sick and disabled – people like Debbie Abrahams – I must disagree with you in the strongest terms.
      Yes, right-wing Labour took a huge wrong turn, but that is in the past and Labour now is trying to rectify it.

  5. nick

    that shower above mike do not like anything to do with justice they would scrap it if they could

    overall they are a very dangerous bunch of thugs and when they retire you and the country will see just how much permanent damage they have caused

    if the uk were out of the EU the damage they could inflict on the very weakest in society would be horrific and on that basis alone and nothing else i’m sure the people of the UK will vote to remain in the EU even thou the EU is very weak overall

    the public do not wont to live in a dictatorship as that is all that the country would be able to offer outside of the EU and nothing else

  6. NMac

    Wow! The photograph shows one enormous reason to remain part of the EU. If that group of loathsome people want out, then it stands to reason it is not good for the majority of British people.

  7. Jane Jacques

    Difficult decision when I see that picture. It was always going to be in and, whatever the European arguments, that line-up would convince me!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What about it? This article is about the hideous creatures in the Conservative Party who are deluded enough to think declaring for the ‘Out’ campaign will garner supporters for their cause.

  8. Adam Lloyd

    True. However, think of all the people who support staying in…

    I think the argument for Brexit comes out marginally stronger if we take this line. So let’s not use that reasoning. 😛

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Really? Bear in mind, these are only six of the monsters supporting Brexit.
      In any case, I haven’t seen any persuasive arguments either way.

      1. Adam Lloyd

        Yeah, but think about all the monsters supporting the In camp.

        I had to go back and watch Nicola Sturgeon again this morning after David Cameron was on the Andrew Marr Show; he dissuaded me from the position we were both supporting…

        Newsthump puts it well.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I don’t support ‘In’ or ‘Out’. As I have already stated today, I have yet to see or hear any persuasive arguments.
        As for the monsters supporting the ‘In’ camp – I didn’t have a photograph of them.

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