EU referendum: Boris Johnson supports OUT campaign because he thinks it’ll get him IN to Number 10

The public can see through Boris Johnson’s posturing very easily now.

The Tory backbencher, and soon-to-be ex-mayor of London, has announced that he will support Brexit.

Labour MP Debbie Abrahams summed up his reasons by tweeting: “Boris Johnson ‘to campaign for Brexit in EU referendum’. All about his bid for the Tory Party leadership. Shame on him.”

But it’s the reaction from fellow blogger Tom Pride that This Writer likes best: “OK, so after all his ins and outs over the years, we finally know what position Boris will be taking on the EU:”


Of course, Boris isn’t the only Tory to have come out against their prime minister David Cameron’s stance. High-profile cabinet members including Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove are in the ‘Out’ camp also, meaning the Conservative cabinet is split on this issue.

Now, how will the “lame stream” media report this?

David Schneider tweeted the answer:


“Shadow cabinet disagreement = chaos, infighting, weak leader

“Cabinet disagreement = principled stance allowed by confident leader”

It seems we can all see through the Tory press pretty easily, too!

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15 thoughts on “EU referendum: Boris Johnson supports OUT campaign because he thinks it’ll get him IN to Number 10

  1. Samuel Miller (@Hephaestus7)

    I’m a lifelong resident of Quebec and have voted in two sovereignty referendums in my province. In my opinion, Brexit will result in Scotland voting for independence and thus hasten the unraveling of both the UK and the EU.

  2. Joan Edington

    When I saw the Telegraph’s rediculous countdown to Boris’s announcement today, as if I cared, it was pretty obvious which way he would go. Brexit, Cameron failure, Boris to the rescue.

    From the start of the fiasco I thought the whole idea of leaving the EU was ludicrous and that the referendum was simlpy a ploy to undermine UKIP’s votes. Now I am thinking that yet another media fear campaign may in fact mean the UK will leave the EU. Only then will the 82% for exit, in a Mirror poll the other day, realise they’ve been sold down the river. If they think it’s been hard these last 5/6 years, they’re in for a shock. They’ll discover that Boris isn’t the cuddly bumbler they watch on HIGNFY.

  3. hayfords

    Boris has made a safe political choice. He has calculated that voting out is better for a leadership vote. The bulk of the Conservative party want to leave the EU. If he votes to stay in then the party will turn on him and exclude him from the two candidates that they choose to pass to the constituency voters. The same thing happened to Ken Clarke when he stood for leadership. He was regarded as too pro Europe and only David Davis and Cameron got to the last two.

    I think that Boris is genuinely undecided. It would not be possible for him to remain undecided. I think as it was marginal, he has chosen the one of benefit for himself. I doubt that he will be in a leading roll during the campaign.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Already there’s the issue of hypocrisy – he campaigned for Turkey to be admitted to the EU, you know.

      1. hayfords

        If we are talking of hypocrisy then you have to start with Cornyn. He wants to leave and made that clear when he became leader. He is now listing the reasons to stay when he only changed his stance as the price for Hilary Benn being Shadow Foreign Secretary. He sees the EU as the embodiment of Capitalism and dislikes the way Greece was treated. There are also the attempts to suppress left wing parties in Greece, Spain and Portugal. There is also the rise of extreme right movements in Austria, Poland, Greece and other countries. There was a time when it was thought that the EU would be a path to wider socialism. That isn’t going to be the case as the inevitable happened. It has become all about money and beurocracy.

  4. John

    Yep, and from what I can tell from glancing at Twitter now and again, there seems to be an increasing number of people who are disgusted at the way the BBC are reporting issues in politics – and one or two complaining about Laura Kuennsburg’s apparent bias against Corbyn !

  5. nick

    what has gone on over the past 6 years with this Conservative government has highlighted is that this elitist group of individuals of Cameron /Osborne/ Johnson have undermined this country in so many ways that should we leave the EU we would be only country in the world with north Korea who have an a elitist government

    This i feel would become a dictatorship with the lower classes and vulnerable paying the price with their lives

    At least David Cameron will vote to stay in the EU maybe he too feels that this country could end up with a dictatorship ?

    to side with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson and the likes of IDS who dislike others from different backgrounds may not seam at first light a problem but i can assure you all in that these people coupled with the likes of Donald trump are at the root cause today of all of the ills of the world as they are vast in numbers and only the protection of the EU is viable in going forward

    you only have to look at any country the size of the uk outside of the EU in the world and what do you find ? nothing of any note mainly hardship

    all of the small elitists countries do well like Switzerland they don’t need the EU and all of the large countries like the usa/Canada/etc they don’t need the EU

    if we come out of the EU we would be at the mercy of an extreme conservative right wing government with absolute power to do as they please with little help from outside

    we only have to look at the middle eastern countries and elsewhere to see how your life gets terminated if your face doesn’t fit

    when you do vote remember Morton’s fork and hope that IDS and all the rest of the elitists go the same way as most do and have always done so throughout history

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      David Cameron wants this country to be a Tory dictatorship, Nick.
      Morton’s Fork, for those who don’t know, is a decision in which both choices are equally undesirable.

  6. NMac

    Johnson’s joining the out campaign will add to its appearance as just a bunch of nasties and misfits. Johnson fits both categories.

  7. David

    Johnson and Gove will do anything to get into No 10 regardless of whether they’re any good. They’re not. They just a pair of polits whose ambitions far outrun their ablities, What has Johnson ever done? They “Boris” bikes were Livingstone’s idea. Gove wanted to introduce the study or Roman numerals into schools as well as many another crackers idea. Cameron’s two remaining brain cells are perpetually at war with each other.

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