G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy” – Politics and Insights

The highly controversial security company G4S are currently advertising for Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “return-to-work” advise in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

This is yet another lucrative opportunity for private companies to radically reduce essential provision for those that really need support… costing the public purse far more to administer than such an arrangement could possibly save, despite the government’s dogged determination to rip every single penny from sick and disabled people and drive them into low paid, insecure jobs.

There really should not be a role for G4S in the health service. G4S has a long list of atrocities, including human rights abuses: exploitation, torture and forcing anti-psychotic injections on vulnerable prisoners to ensure they are passive and compliant.

Source: G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy” – Politics and Insights

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21 thoughts on “G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy” – Politics and Insights


    i wonder when the concentration camps will be built and they probablywill get the sick and disabled to build them sick torie scum

  2. jaguarjon

    Totally mindblowing. How is this supposed to work? CBT is supposed to be open-ended (free of time constraints). Instead, there will be “targets”, box ticking and inappropriate pressurising of vulnerable service users.
    They trying to insert minions into every facet of life, Stasi-like. Hopefully, CBT councillors won’t be attracted to this monstrosity.

    1. loobitzh

      Unfortunately, the government has been training a new breed of CBT so called therapists.
      They are also basing the training on their own unique brand of therapy. The BioPsycoSocial Model, straight out of the Behavioural Insights Team etc…

      The new therapists will have varying degrees of training, starting from around 6 weeks if I remember rightly, then they will be given the opportunity to train further on the job in order to progress up the career ladder.

      This is not your conventional Therapy as it is constructed around Tory Ideology, and the profit motive.

      Yet again we see the sick the vulnerable and the poor being used as a commodity for the ever expanding Private Welfare Industrial Complex. The new lucrative enterprise being created on the backs of the Poor

  3. Tony Dean

    I predict it won’t be long before a G4S CBT therapist is strangled with their own entrails by a “client.”

  4. Peter Hockley

    I look forward to first idiot that tries to use CBT on me, ‘cos I’ll rip their lungs out. This seems highly likely as I live in Sussex! Watch for the headlines!

  5. Joan Edington

    Will G4S try to place these “return to work advisors” in the food banks like the DWP tried?

  6. mohandeer

    I also read Kitty Sue’s article and my view was of the meaning of “Therapy” which is actually supposed to be curative. A therapist addressing someone’s psychic problems should also be forced to abide by the same principles of therapist/client privilege. If they have letters after their name that suggest they are qualified then any breach of the client patient trust is a violation that the patient can seek redress from. If the therapist is not qualified, then a person can demand that he/she receives therapy from a qualified individual and refuse an unqualified person meddling in their medical condition.

    1. loobitzh

      The qualifications they receive are not going to be worth the paper they are written on in the conventional sense. However I recall reading recently that the government are looking in to growing a new so called Professional Institution for this new breed of therapist, so that will make it legitimate wont it.!

      All the gloss and facade of professionalism, in order to sell the new profession as Authentic etc….to those duped into enrolling as a trainee along with the mass of victims who will be psychologically profiled and coerced into god knows what.

      But thats ok isnt it…. will create more jobs and fill their croneys pockets.

      A never ending treadmill of victims directed through its doors via DWP and GP surgeries.

      The majority of the public will be unaware that they are not receiving therapy but State Mind Control.

  7. jeffrey davies

    aktion t4 rolling on without much of a ado mps quiet hay while they roll out new methods to rid themselves of the pesky unemployed sick disabled and the mental ill how quaint jeff3

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You know the rule, Tony.
      Anyone who comments, and then tries to skip the moderation queue by asking what has happened to their comment, automatically goes to the back of the queue.

      1. Tony Dean

        Mike I am only asking because of the time delay. Several times recently I have posted a message and it has not even appeared as awaiting moderation. Is there a problem with the forum?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        No, Tony. The site has been extremely popular over the last few days and people have been posting long comments. These take longer to moderate and there is only one of me.

  8. Dominic Berry

    Any six year old child understands
    that if you remove one chair every time the music starts,
    then one child will be short of a chair when the music stops.
    There’s absolutely no point telling the child left standing
    that they lack the motivation to sit down.

    I did the job of employment consultant for A4e when I was in London. Problems are simple –
    Some people have a reasonably safe ride on disability benefits.
    They want to come off and get a job, but they’re scared what would happen if it didn’t work out. Give them a guaruntee and they’ll start aplying.
    Others are determined to get a job, but… there are no jobs which don’t need training and or experience and there is no training or apprenticeship available if you don’t have them.

    The ready-for-work apprenticeships are usually people on benefits working for free for corporations who realise they don’t have to empoy people on a salary if they can get the goernment to fill them with “back-to-work” dummies.
    So this enhances the unemployment, it doesn’t help things.

    The answer?
    Tax the rich the same as the poor, tax the big companies the same a s the small, use that to fund new business ventures, let them create jobs.

    The problem?
    The rich determine both party policies.

    The answer to that. Short term -vote Green, SNP or Corbyn
    Long term, we need a separation of powers between business and state the same as we have a separation of powers between church and state, army and state, education and state.

    It’s perfectly doable but it has nothing to do with psychologising people on the dole. They’re a lot smarter than G4 from the looks of it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      There is no separation of powers between army and state or education and state. Both the army and the education system are run by the state.

  9. David Anthony Penson

    Mike , thank you for bringing this to our attention, i would like to inform your followers what G4S have been up to here in Bracknell Berkshire, they had a terrible reputation back in the 1980’s and i can assure you they have not changed one iota ; They have a contract with the Department of Work and Pensions under this Governments Work Programme/ community placement programme to suppossidly help the Long Term unemployed back to work , they have subcontracted this to Learn Direct in Reading who have now also spotted an easy way to generate cash out of some of the most unfortunate and challanged people in our society.
    Learn Direct along with Bracknell social services have been sending severely mentally handicapped young people with Downs Syndrome and other disabilities to a paint recycling company called the Green Machine based at unit 31 Longshot Lane , Bracknell, one of many industrial units just off the Western Road here in Bracknell, they are being used as free Labour by this so called Social Enterprise Company in a Highly dangerous unstable environment with inflamerable materials stacked high on wooden shelving with little ventilation , Rats freely running around the building and until i recently contacted the Local fire brigade no fire certification certificate, when i contacted the health and safety people at Bracknell Council they just put a few posters up and left.
    I have decided together with a group of four others to commence Legal Action through Bindmans Solicitors of Grays Inn Road London as i have been advised by Two firms of solicitors in Reading that they have a clear case to answer as they are breaking the Mental Capacity Act by virtue of the fact many of the people being sent there are incapable of giving informed consent to say they are happy to attend this company.
    This is the Conservatives idea of helping some of the most profoundly disturbed people in our Society back to work in 2016, one could be forgiven for thinking they are trying to finish them off.
    David Penson Bracknell

  10. Malcolm MacINTYRE-READ

    As someone who suffered from clinical depression for 9 years, and was treated in France and the UK (my wife being French and we lived there for 10 years before returning to the UK) and found that, of all the variations I went through, CBT was the one that turned on a light at the end of the tunnel and enabled me to come out of it, the idea that CBT is being used as a another hammer to force people back to work when they may not be able to handle it is totally abhorrent.

    Unfortunately, it is also typical of this Con Gov who ignores the need for a considerable increase in funding and staffing for mental health needs within a professional environment, but is willing to throw some pennies at another “look what we are doing” farce, just to be seen to be doing something in their pursuit of another ideological, dogmatic, out-of-thin-air, unrealistic and irrelevant “target”.

    If I was unemployed and mentally ill now, I would ensure that a second attempt at suicide would be successful… preferably outside 10 Downing Street… or its security barrier at the very least.

  11. David Anthony Penson

    Mike , I thought your subscribers might like to know what G4S has been up to here in Bracknell Berkshire with regard to the Government’s much talked about work programme ; They have a Contract with the Department of Work and pensions to administer the programme in this area , which they have subcontracted to another much smaller company, this sub contractor has been sending individuals with severe mental health issues , Downs Syndrome and the like to a paint recycling unit that describes itself as a social Enterprise Company.
    The Industrial unit in question is an overcrowded Rat infested health hazard, that until recently had no fire certification and is currently endangering the lives and well being of some profoundly disturbed youngsters who have not given their informed consent under the mental capacity Act, which is illegal.
    G4S have attempted to wash their hands of any responsibility by claiming a third party is overseeing this , but G4S is the named contractor on all the paperwork.
    David Penson Bracknell

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Inform Environmental Health and Trading Standards at your local council.

  12. David Penson

    I already have Mike and all they did was to put up a few posters and leave, so we are going down the Legal route through a London based solicitors who specialise in Mental Health issues, thank you for the advice any how. David

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