Outrageous: Billion-pound benefit raid is to fund budget tax bribe for the rich

George Osborne – stealing from the needy to give to the greedy [Image: Eddie Mulholland].

It didn’t take long for the facts to come out – the Tories’ attack on Personal Independence Payments – for the disabled – is to fund a tax cut for some of the UK’s wealthiest earners.

George Osborne wants to raise the threshold at which people start paying the 40p rate of income tax.

[Image from the Politics and Insights blog.]

[Image from the Politics and Insights blog.]

Yet again, the poor will be poorer and the rich richer – and for what?

They don’t need the money.

There can be only one conclusion.

Tories do these evil things because they like to.

Oh – and don’t be misled by the claim that taxes will be cut for the “middle classes” in the quoted passage that follows. It’s from the Torygraph.

Benefits payments to the disabled are to be cut by more than £1billion in a move that could clear the way for George Osborne to cut taxes for the middle classes in the Budget.

Ministers of Friday announced that more than 600,000 disabled people will lose a portion of their benefits payments, in a move that will save £1.2billion by 2020.

It gives the Chancellor extra money, which insiders believe he could use to cut taxes in his Budget next week.

The Chancellor is set to raise the threshold at which people start paying 40p tax, in a move that could see hundreds of thousands of people pulled out of the higher rate of income tax.

Source: George Osborne clears path for tax cuts in Budget with £1bn benefits raid – Telegraph

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14 thoughts on “Outrageous: Billion-pound benefit raid is to fund budget tax bribe for the rich

  1. Jean Hardiman Smith

    And Torygraph readers think the disabled and sick should be more “self reliant”. Please go on and take their little poll, because only 20% are in agreement they need support.

    1. fathomie

      It makes you despair for the British people – even if the average Torograph reader is a screaming Tory. The lack of empathy for the poorest off, and worse, the disabled, really reveals how nasty a lot of people in this country are.

      Frankly, with the reports of assaults on disabled people on the rise, and the attitude towards them the way it currently is, I wonder how many steps we have taken now on the ladder to dictatorship/fascism?

  2. autismandate

    Wake up everyone ! You are still asleep. You sleep walked into this at the last election. Its too late now you have nothing. No welfare. No human rights, No legal aid. You’ve only got yourselves to blame.You will do it again at the next Election.
    You should see it in the EU referendum Iain Duncan Smith pulling his puppet Boris strings.

  3. Barry

    It makes sense, if you are a greedy millionaire like osbourne and cameron and want to kill off those not perceived as being hardworking and useful members of society, I’m sure he will find a way of cutting pensions next.

  4. MarkG

    The mother of the DWP minister Ian Duncan Smith has revealed she drank liquid lead while pregnant with Ian. Liquid lead party’s are popular and organised by the Conservative Lady’s Association, started in the1900s up to present day. Ava Hitler Smith was asked if she had any regrets unleashing such evil on the country. Her reply was, pink boggle bubbles, any one seen my camel, its the one with the top hat, cravat and sunglasses what what. Other names are being released, Gideon Osborne’s mother Bernard mixed her lead with Coca Cola and meth. David Cameron’s mother Margaret Thatcher mixed Bacon fat with her lead.

    The new Nazi party doing what it does best. SCUM.

  5. brianfkirkham

    When is our Chancellor and his mate at the DWP going to grasp the concept of UK Income tax ? It’s Pay as you EARN. It’s OK to try incentivise the disabled – but cutting the only income they have is the wrong way to go about it. Try providing some proper opportunity, Training, ACTUAL support maybe even some EDUCATION or WORK – (as he types, the correspondent can hear the strains of a oh so familiar tune since the tories came to power – Mission Impossible)

  6. Samuel Miller (@Hephaestus7)

    It is an abomination that well over a million sick and disabled Britons will be left struggling to meet their subsistence needs because of the recently enacted PIP and WRAG cuts—and all for the sake of tax cuts for the middle class and wealthy.

    HM Treasury, the DWP and its ministers may be liable for civil and criminal prosecution arising from WRAG austerity suicides, because of their refusal to conduct a proper impact assessment of the pernicious ESA (WRAG) cuts.

  7. Lisa

    “The highest possible since he binned the 45p rate a few years ago.”? This is wrong. Please check your facts before posting as it reduces the credibility of your article.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      My apologies, you are correct.
      Somehow the reduction of the 50p rate to 45p got confused with abolition of the top rate altogether.

  8. James

    £1bn is roughly the amount of our taxes paid in INTEREST, EVERY WEEK to the privately owned central banks such as the Bank of England.
    This is the real problem…and one that no politician ever mentions, proving that they are all working for the banks, not the nation.

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