Tories want disabled people to die. Isn’t it time we all admitted it – and stopped it?

Cross-bench peer Tanni Grey-Thompson said: ‘Disabled people have been marginalised too much for too long.’ [Image: Tom Dulat/Getty Images.]

Cross-bench peer Tanni Grey-Thompson said: ‘Disabled people have been marginalised too much for too long.’ [Image: Tom Dulat/Getty Images.]

Here is more evidence to support This Blog’s belief that the Conservative Government is waging a campaign of genocide against the long-term sick and disabled.

Removing the legal rights of disabled people, and failing to enforce laws designed to help them, indicate a conscious desire to make living as hard as possible for people whose physical and/or mental health makes existence hard in the first place.

People like the peers who published this latest report are skirting around the main issue, which is that all the evidence points to an intention.

It is clear the Tories want disabled people to die. Why won’t somebody say so?

The government is failing in its duty of care to Britain’s 11 million disabled people, peers have said, in a House of Lords report published on Thursday.

It identified a series of government failures, from inaction on long-standing provisions of the Equality Act designed to help disabled people, to repealing others that favour reducing business regulations over their rights, to the impact of spending cuts, as having a “hugely adverse impact” on those with disabilities.

Coming less than a week after Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation sparked a U-turn by the chancellor over budget proposals to save £4.4bn through disability benefit changes, the report will put further pressure on the Conservative government to examine the impact of welfare cuts on disabled people.

It recommends the Treasury produce an analysis of the cumulative effects of “budgets and other major initiatives” on disabled people. And it calls for the minister of disabled people to be given a seat at the cabinet’s social justice committee, to ensure they have a voice at the centre of government.

Source: Duty of care for disabled people in UK not being met, say peers | Politics | The Guardian

34 thoughts on “Tories want disabled people to die. Isn’t it time we all admitted it – and stopped it?

  1. jeffrey davies

    Tanni Grey-Thompson if she had listened in the beginning perhaps more would have listened to our cries yet now she can see aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado but now our cries are being heard perhaps those figures on how deaths when out the people say never how many nah they wouldnt believe it but their abuse of the welfare system has caused far far too many deaths at their hands will they ever be up before the beak hmmm norman law i would think but they must pay for their abuse weather this side of life or next they pay jeff3

  2. 61chrissterry

    I agree, in fact it may not be long before there is Government euthanasia, in that there will be a ceiling of cost and those that exceed that cost will be forced to die.

  3. Nick

    that has always been the case mike in private of many mp’s and lords
    they are very aggressive in their view points while getting £300 per day of tax payers money

    The lords should undertake their role for free as they can all afford to do so and we need as a country to try to get this as a high piroity in going forward

    if i could undertake this lords role for free then you could be certain there are many others who would do likewise

    Tanni Grey-Thompson although a very nice person speaks from a privileged position so therefor there is no urgency or commitment when she speaks

    she has achieved nothing for the sick and disabled since she has become a lord and as they say talk is cheep

    1. Florence

      Perhaps the expenses for both houses should be means tested, and that they all have to go through a check-box assessment by minions of a corporate poverty pimping “service provider” to determine if they are eligible to receive any support at all? You know, if they haven’t attended every sitting of the house in the last period they could have all their wages and expenses sanctioned for up to three years. Just a thought that they may need to get themselves up to speed on the conditionality of UC etc

      1. Nick

        they all need both mp’s a lords need a means tested allowance as it is not right that taxpayers money goes to those mp’s and lords who don’t need it

        when the public came to vote every 5 years as they do they need to look at is this person i’m going to vote for have the public’s interest at heart and if not do not vote for anyone

        voting like we do now is just a complete waste of time

  4. NMac

    The evil Nasty Party will stop at nothing to take this country back to the 19th century. I firmly believe they do want the disabled to die, and everything they do points to that fact.

  5. Robert Fillies

    This is exactly what the WOW campaign has been asking for. Parliament discussed it then did nothing about it, let’s hope that a cumalative impact report is carried out into the effect of welfare reforms now.

  6. mrmarcpc

    The do, they all want the less well off dead, so they can keep the money and squander it on the vile and vulgar appetites, it is high time it was all stopped!

    1. John

      Yeah, I’ve always wondered exactly what their definition of a “hard working person” is.

  7. fathomie

    How weird! I was literally, only today thinking, why hasn’t someone challenged the govt, and it’s boot boys on the front line at the DWP/ATOS over their errant, and utter failure to fulfil their duty of care? It seems to be, as if often the case, the Lords sense someone in the admittedly increasingly strangled (by the govt) legal World, is going to start taking either a collective or individual action against all three parties. The problem, as ever is money.

    However, in these days of crowd funding, a few cases, a few decent HR lawyers, and we could finally see justice done.

    In all honesty it’s hard to see a convincing defence for the govt/DWP/ATOS, or for individuals who’ve been caught lying in order to stop Disabled peoples benefits. Remember, since 1992, individual civil servants are no longer protected under the crown banner. They can, and frankly, after the despicable way some of them have behaved, should be taken to court for their actions.

  8. Stu

    The Government simply outsource their responsibilities to unaccountable private companies who are blamed rather than the Government.
    Today it was Tascor the security company who was blamed for wasting £1,4m in unused deportation flights not the Government.
    Dig deeper and you find that their parent company is Capita who do PIP assessments and other profit driven Government contracts.
    It is Aktion4 which fills the pockets of corporations, keeps the blame from the Government’s doorstep and eradicates the disposable disabled who don’t vote for them and are a burden upon a greed driven Tory society.

  9. Deborah Lane

    Oh, hang on, reality check, didn’t IDS from the nasty party resign because he didn’t like the cuts for the disabled, and hasn’t his replacement decided the cuts are not happening? So why all the bad mouthing? Or is this just a platform for ‘We hate the Tories’?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Only one of the many cuts inflicted on the sick and disabled has been halted.
      IDS resigned because he wanted to do a bit of manoeuvring during the EU referendum campaign – he only said it was about cuts. Try to bear in mind that he has been happily cutting sickness and disability benefits for nearly six years, so there’s no reason to believe he’s had a sudden change of heart.
      I would suggest that you do a little research into this subject. Vox Political contains dozens of articles and I’m working on a book.

  10. Kosko

    Wow mr self-righteous lefty… the Tories have the support of the majority. The majority suppor the cuts. Just face it, the Tories are here to stay while the loony left is out of office for at least a decade. The Tories appear weak at the moment due to a split regarding the EU. But once the referendum is over then the party will come back stronger than ever. And the LP will be send back home, packed. Just face reality. The majority in Britain hate you

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      When was 24.9 per cent of the electorate a majority?
      You need to go back to school and learn your maths, I think.
      A bit of education in other areas wouldn’t go amiss either – “loony left”, indeed!

    2. MarkG

      Kosko. For god sake, get a plumber to change your lead water pipes. Bog off back to reading your Katy Hopkins blog. Stop m*******ting to the Daily Fail. You’ll go blind and get arthritis in your wrists. Then when you complain you cannot do the job of Womble raping, we will see what your views are when you get your ESA turned down. Idiots should be seen for a laugh and not heard.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Even in this case, I am duty-bound to warn you, you should play the ball, not the man. Let’s have constructive discussion, not abuse.

      2. Barry Davies

        mark there are very few lead water pipes, you are more likely to suffer from osteosarcoma, or dental fluorosis due to the mass medication without consent of dumping a waste by product, fluoride into the water. kook is clearly easily lead by government propaganda, you should pity his lack of knowledge and compassion.

  11. John

    I think what a lot of us tend to forget (and this has actually been said by someone in the public eye recently, I understand), is that we are ALL just a car accident or illness away from having a disability. Also, I’d be interested to know exactly how they’d respond if ONE OF THEIR OWN became disabled. Would they sh*t on them? Or would it be the case, that they’d have soo much money, that any cuts wouldn’t impact them anyway ?

    1. anon

      We’ve seen how they respond when one of their own becomes disabled – they resign, have an uproar and abandon the policy – what people seem to forget is that PIP is a non-means tested benefit so unlike ESA is quite likely to be claimed by wealthy people. I’m glad the people who really need PIP have benefited from the Tories self-interested decision to abandon the 4.4bn cuts, but I very much doubt the same would have happened if the benefit affected was not one that could be claimed by wealthy, working people.

  12. LMA.

    It is getting impossible to draw any other conclusion, they are sytematically removing access to secure suitable housing, imposing sanctions that remove income, reducing overall income, removing care, and accessibility and rights to independent living, the inevitable result for those with no cushion beneath them when the holes in the safetynet get too large is that people hit the bottom hard. On the positive side it is becoming noticeable and people in general don’t like it, it makes them feel uneasy. A bit late though, a lot of this stuff is now law. I would love to know more about that duty of care. Does it still exist, or have they legislated that away too?

  13. Phil Lee

    It’s clear that the nasty party are intending disabled people to die – it’s the ONLY way they can achieve their spending cut targets, and always has been.
    Who will rid us of these troublesome pests?

    1. MarkG

      The new improved energy bar from your caring loving government. Soylent red white and blue. All the goodness and vitamins needed for a dumb sleeping population.
      May include screws, wire, bits of plastic,rubber and false limbs.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      These are completely different subjects. Right to die is about people seeking their own death, and a modification of the law to allow it. This is about the government forcing people towards suicide.

  14. John

    You know, this might not be the right blog post to say this, but unless I’m misinterpreting something here, I’ve just come across an article in the rttimes? (, with the headline “Zac is unrepentant over disability cuts”. Reading the entire article, it would appear that Zac simply doesn’t have a f*cking clue what the Tory government is doing. “No one wants a situation where people who are unfit for work are deemed fit for work, that is not an outcome anyone wants”. Well, correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t that partly EXACTLY what’s been happening?

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