Tory mouthpiece The Sun launches another lying attack on junior doctors


This Writer can only agree with Rufus Hound, whose tweet brought this to my attention: “This, from The Sun, is a disgusting, deliberate misleading of its readers. We expect nothing more/less, I suppose.”

We shouldn’t expect better. Look at the lies:

Junior doctors are described as militants and their union, the British Medical Association, as “hard-left”. In what parallel universe would that be?

Again, the claim is that this is a row over Saturday pay. Let’s have some perspective on that:


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is said to have “bent over backwards” for the junior doctors and the editorial states he must not concede their “final demand” – when in fact Hunt would only allow negotiation on one of around 23 points in his new contract. So the final demand is also the last resort.

The claim that “Doctors have no right to abandon emergency patients in order to swell their bank balances” is so dishonest the BMA should prosecute.

For those who are easily-led and may believe this slurry:

Doctors are not striking for more pay. The new contract means they will lose money.

Doctors are striking out of fears for patient safety. The claim that they are endangering patients is not true. Or has everybody forgotten the consultant on the BBC’s Question Time who promised that he would cover for them and nobody would be harmed?

In short, there is only one conclusion to be drawn from this evil screed:

Don’t buy – or read – The Sun.

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13 thoughts on “Tory mouthpiece The Sun launches another lying attack on junior doctors

  1. Mr.Angry

    The editor should be sued for slander an absolute disgrace, who dare write such crap? The truth being the Tory onslaught on every group in the country is being torn apart.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Libel. Can’t be done because the group under attack is too large, if I recall my defamation law correctly.

  2. mohandeer

    Why anyone could take the Sun seriously is beyond my comprehension, to give it’s utterances any credence whatsoever is tantamount to admitting your attention span is slipping.

  3. shawn

    My personal experience from time spent in work’s huts, etc., is that most of those who do buy the Sun only do so for the sports’ page. However, the large headlines on the front pages are seen and probably do influence most readers. Those others who read the read non-sport related stories are terribly damaged by the constant stream of misinformation and hate directed against what ever section of society, Mr Murdock has taken a disliking to. You need only to cast your attention across to the USA to see how Fox News has helped create that monster, Donald Trump.
    It is known that chancellor Hindenburg, other aristocrats and industrialists allowed Hitler to take power because they had him under control. There is a very real danger for nations when out of political expediency they allow the likes of Trump and Murdock unfettered control of what people read and watch. That danger, as the ancient Greeks first observed and recorded, is that they are apt to turn ‘the mob’ against society’s democratic institutions; then, we all loose out, big time.

    1. roybeiley

      I liked your post. You are right when you say that the blaring headlines are shaping opinions even if the readers do then turn to the Sports Page. A kind of subliminal , repetitive mindgame. Anyone with an ounce of sense sees it for what it really is but everyone is allowed to vote and those that have been” Sunised” by Murdoch can affect the outcome of elections. So called Democracy in action.

  4. mrmarcpc

    The Scum, as I like to call it, is a worthless, lying, pot stirring, trashy rag of a newspaper, it’s not even that, I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it in case of catching some awful, tory disease from it!

  5. Barry Davies

    Haven’t read the sun since they increased the price from 3p It is appalling that a so called mainstream newspaper should print tory propaganda in this way, without any thought of reporting the facts. That the BMA is hard left is risible presumably their computer automatically puts that into any sentence containing the word Union.

  6. Michael Broadhurst

    the Sun needs reminding how many deaths have occured under their Tory scum of a government.

  7. John

    Well, I don’t read or buy The Sun, and highly likely NEVER will. I think the only time I ever do ‘read’ it, is if I’m glancing through it whilst waiting in the barbers for a trim !
    It seems to be mainly full of celebrity stuff anyway, which I haven’t got the slightest interest in.
    TBH, I think the mainstream media IS the BIGGEST PROBLEM we have in this country, never mind a fully corrupt government. If our media reported things correctly/accurately/fairly, then I reckon we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems in society that we currently DO have!
    I remember Stig Abel was on QT a while ago, and he got a bit of stick for the Corbyn bow stuff – that was good.
    I’ll end by saying this – thank the lord for social media !

  8. bluecat

    Who is the girl with the speech bubble on the top right of the meme? Shouldn’t that be Jeremy Hunt, or Rupert Murdoch? The lies emanate from them, not from some model from stock footage, after all.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The meme created by a junior doctor, you mean?
      No, I think she’s just supposed to be a member of the public asking a question prompted by the creatures you mention.

  9. John

    Although on a separate subject, I note from a Guardian headline “Sun ordered to admit British Muslims story was ‘significantly misleading'”, it would appear they are starting to get their wrists slapped a bit. Only problem is that when they are forced to publish an ‘adjustment’ apology (previous Corbyn article), they do it in such a small space, that no one notices !

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