Does the Labour Party have ‘a problem with anti-Semitism’? No | A New Place Of Exile

There is no 'permitted racism' in the UK - and that includes our political parties.

There is no ‘permitted racism’ in the UK – and that includes our political parties. It seems outrage at the state of Israel is being misrepresented as racism against Jews, though – and that opens a completely different can of worms.

On the day when John McDonnell said Labour needed to “listen to anti-Semitism claims”, it seems appropriate that Richard Hutton, author of the ‘Right-Minded View’ series of humorous articles, has responded to the allegations at length, and in all seriousness.

His point that the allegations have no bearing on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership because the members who were accused joined before he became leader and left under his leadership is strong.

Does the Labour Party have “a problem with anti-Semitism”? This accusation gained prominence in March 2016, when two Labour Party members, Vicki Kirby and Gerald Downing were removed from the organisation; generating several comment pieces in the national press. In addition to this, allegations had been made against Labour-affiliated students at Oxford University. The commentaries bemoaned the Labour party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for not doing enough to tackle anti-Semitism; and, in some cases, suggested that they have actually encouraged the prejudice.

So then, are these claims supported by evidence; and does the Labour party, or its leader, have a case to answer? No. In fact, what becomes clear when the various allegations are tested against the evidence is that they are not merely inaccurate, but in most cases false. This is cause for concern in its own right.

The point at issue, here: it isn’t entirely clear whether these two individuals are anti-Semitic; or whether their criticisms of Israel are poorly worded. It could be either which is true. Their views on Israel could be rooted in racism; but they could equally well not be. Either way, the facts of both cases fail to support the conclusion drawn by Freedland that Kirby and Downing’s membership of the Labour party has implications for its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Both of them joined the party before Corbyn was elected to lead it – both were removed while he leads the party.

Source: Does the Labour Party have ‘a problem with anti-Semitism’? No; and the accusations raise more questions than answers. | A New Place Of Exile

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10 thoughts on “Does the Labour Party have ‘a problem with anti-Semitism’? No | A New Place Of Exile

  1. shawn

    Both joined before he became leader – both were removed while he leads the party. Personally, I can see not think of a counter-argument.

    Now the issue of whether you can not criticise the actions of the Israeli government without being anti-Semitic is as easily answered. Of course you can criticise the policies pursued by a nation state without being racist Most economists are critical of our government’s economic policy and most health professionals would denounce its health policies, but that does not make them anti-English, Welsh and/or Scottish. They are anti the policy and its consequences.
    The consequences of a government polices can include tens of suicides (ESA ) or those killed by the by bombs or tanks of a nation state. Whether, a particular criticism is racist will depend on context and content. Now to make that judgement is not always that easy. However, if we are to have serious and worthwhile debate, it’s a judgement we have make. In doing that the media could play a crucial part, and some sections do, but too many do not even attempt to rise to the challenge.

    ‘It seems outrage at the state of Israel is being misrepresented as racism against Jews, though – and that opens a completely different can of worms’.
    In Britain at present there are too many ‘cans of worms’ with – do not open – wrote on them!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “Tens” of suicides? I think you mean hundreds (of known suicides) or thousands (of suspected suicides).

      1. shawn

        Thanks, Mike I originally wrote hundreds, but was not sure so decided to but to tens. My guess is that suicides are under represented and that the stress of the procedure and the incompetence with which it is administered, will have led to a significant deterioration in applicants’ health. As you set out in your correspondence relating to your FOI request , some of the consequences brought about by the ESA process, for example, are not immediately apparent just after claimants are assessed. And suicides may not be the only adverse effect, though it is probably the worst of them.

  2. casalealex

    Racism Originates From British-Israelism


British-Israelism, sometimes known as Anglo-Israelism is the belief that the Anglo-Saxon people are the literal, direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. British-Israelism asserts that all the promises of national pre-eminence, protection and prosperity given to Israel in the Bible apply totally and completely to Britain. True adherence to these British-Israel concepts gives religious credence to a set of racial ideals. The two most startling effects of British-Israelism are racial superiority and anti-Semitism. 

    White Superiority 

With the idea that Britain is Israel comes the logical conclusion that the British are a special people. This does not necessarily infer racial superiority but can certainly foster an elitist mentality over other racial groups. Some early British-Israelists sought to support their notions that the Anglo-Saxons are not just a special people but a superior race. 


British-Israelism has long fostered anti-Semitism (dislike or hatred for Jews) in various forms from the subtle to the obvious. British-Israelism reduced the religious claims of the Jews by asserting they were not alone in their privilege as God’s people, and played a much smaller role in God’s plan in comparison to the British-Israelites.

British-Israelism is a FALSE religious doctrine first elaborated in England as a justification for British colonialism.


It is claimed by the British-Israelists that the British monarch was the direct descendant of “the throne of King David.


The British Royal Family is even telling they are sitting on “the throne of King David.” They even claim they are descendants of Jesus Christ himself. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE!

    They are actually really referring to the Satanic House of David (the false throne of David). The royalty of the Tribe of Dan (and descendants of Cain) have descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline. The 13th or final blood line was copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus.

    New British Empire – Evil, Bloody and Genocidal Imperialism
    Commonwealth of Nations with it’s British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies

  3. Daniel Margrain

    Increasingly, the accusation of antisemitism is being used as a catch all against all justifiable criticisms of the rogue Israeli state. A pernicious McCarthy-style witch hunt is being conducted by liberal-left media commentators and” Friends of Israel” elites within the hierarchy of the Labour Party as part of a campaign to undermine Corbyn’s leadership.

  4. Terry Davies

    defining anti-semitism is clearly problematic for all involved in politics.
    for example queries like is Israel supporting terrorists or creating palistinean issues may be political questions or anti- semitic.
    which are they for you? are they significant? is this why blair as middle east envoy has been as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      While there are polls stating that most Jewish Israeli citizens are right behind the actions of their government, I’ve seen evidence that many of those who live on the borders with Palestinian-held land are not. Therefore I do not think this is a matter about religion. It is political; it’s about land.

      1. Daniel Margrain

        Of course it’a about land. NeoZionism is an expansionist fascist political doctrine (ie Eretz Yisrael) of which the Biblical imperative is cynically used as a cover.

  5. mrmarcpc

    Closet tory Labour members will be racist, as will all the tory party will be, anything right or far right wing is racist and fascist, regardless of colour of skin, gender and ethnicity!

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