The shocking change on its way that means you could get no state pension | DWPExamination


The state pension will be transformed on 6th April this year – moving from a basic pension plus a top up for some people, to a ‘flat rate’ state pension for everyone. There has been a lot of talk about the fact that over the short term, transitional arrangements will mean huge swathes of the retiring population won’t get the full flat rate pension. However, there will be thousands of pensioners that for the first time won’t just get less – they’ll get nothing at all.

Those who will slip through the net for the first time are the 70,000 people who don’t have enough National Insurance contributions to qualify for any state pension. Age UK says this includes 50,000 women and 20,000 men currently in their 50s and 60s.


Under the current rules, there’s no qualifying minimum number of years of National Insurance contributions before you get some state pension. It means that people who have only worked for a few years will get something. Under the new rules, anyone with fewer than ten years of contributions will receive nothing at all.

Source: The shocking change on its way that means you could get no state pension. – DWPExamination.

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10 thoughts on “The shocking change on its way that means you could get no state pension | DWPExamination

  1. jeffrey davies

    aktion t4 hay culling the crop through benefits denial rtu ids still leaving his mark

  2. Terry Davies

    the tories have to pay for the cost of bombing syria and anti- terrorist measures to protect themselves, their cronies and their own pensions, tax breaks. I dont believe the majority of tory voters are pensioners and the elderly. They certainly wont be after the pension changes are implemented. all will lose some more than others.
    opting out of paying full national insurance contributions, second pensions and not working or paying sufficients are some of the pitfalls which will prevent pensioners receiving a full pension.
    A real perspective is that people are not living longer, truth is simply if people work until they die no pension has to be paid out. this does not affect MPs or their cronies who are driven by greed and want to con the imbecile tory voters into believing they will live longer. Its simply not true and never will be true for the working classes. Genes, family history, diet, exercise, history of an individuals life experiences, stress, etc all have an influence.
    financial status, and access to health care are the main contributors to good health for the elderly. These dont gaurantee good health,- every one dies- but is entitled to an acceptable standard of life when alive.
    Tories want to deprive the majority of UK people of the basic necessities of life as workers ( zero hour contracts, no pension when retired) and all to worship at the altar of profit margins. they believe they’ll be wholly satisfied when this dastardly work is complete.
    Guess what they’ll be ripping each other off avidly reaching for the forbidden fruit of profit gains at expense of former cronies. how the mighty will fall as they topple into the abyss and reap their ‘ rewards’.its happened before and continues to happen however tories are blinded by greed and tory voters blinded likewise by greedy MPs who feed into their delusional state of existence.
    global warming is a real threat for some rendering them likely to think but not accept that humans may end as a species if nature doesnt get the respect it deserves.
    which are you answer to yourself and dont delude yourself. You as an individual may feel disepowered, but you cant run. As Cameron might say we all share the planet, are ” in it together” to share responsibilty for its preservation.
    But tories dont see preservation of the planet, your security, fairness reduced crime, and the role that all politicians have for evading creation of conditions for terrorism, should take precedence over the gravy train membership and profits. Dont vote for tories-;( Blue or red)) – only then will you be part of the solution and not the problems in UK and world politics.

  3. Joan Edington

    I’m not sure who DWPExamination are. Maybe they’re new since they seem to be publishing information that has been known for a very long time, having been pointed out by Age UK and several other pension-related blogs. Do you know what their aim is?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      DWPExamination has been around for quite a while, I think.
      If you visit the site, it should provide all the information you need.

  4. shawn

    Tne problem is that a lot pensioners who voted Conservative would not have the detail of that party’s pension revolution when they voted. And even more will not realise until its time to collect their pension.
    The bit that seems odd to me is that those who have paid Class 4, as I remember, higher rate contributions will now get the same of those who did not have that extra money taken out of there salary. Now its not that I’m stating that’s not fair. However, as this government often says it’s the party of strivers, those that succeed and earn that bit extra. So why has it got rid of higher rate NI contributions and its higher pension? Why has this party introduced a flat rate pension scheme? Equality can hardly be said to be a strong point or aim an of the Tories!
    My guess, is that it knows the only ones how can afford to take out additional private pensions are those who formerly paid Class 4, higher hate contributions. The others are to skint to make worthwhile, from assurance salespersons’ perspective, annual contributions. So one possible reason for the pension revolution is to force the most profitable pension seekers into the loving embrace of Britain’s financial services sector.
    This is another way of stating Terry Davies’ point. In that the greedy so-and-sos will o feed off themselves, when the disabled, poor and, to a lessor extent, those who are not rich, are too skint to provide a sufficient profit stream for their infinite greed.

  5. mohandeer

    For many years I worked in low paid jobs with no minimum wage which means that now I am disabled I will not receive the full pension entitlement. At 60 years old, the tax credit allowance will have been phased out before I am eligible at 66yrs old. Fortunately for me I also paid into a private pension so I won’t be broke. That sai, thousand of men and women with barely enough to get by on will not have the luxury of being able to afford a private pension. So here we are yet again, at the core of Tory thinking. The more you earn, the better life you will have in your old age, the rest of the “workers” can go take a running jump. Splendid.

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