Thousands rally in London against cuts

John McDonnell speaking at Trafalgar Square. He tweeted: "Trafalgar Square full of hope at the huge @pplsassembly demonstration. Solidarity from myself and @jeremycorbyn "

John McDonnell speaking at Trafalgar Square. He tweeted: “Trafalgar Square full of hope at the huge @pplsassembly demonstration. Solidarity from myself and @jeremycorbyn “

Nice of the BBC to do a story about this demonstration – although This Writer heard that 150,000 people were taking part, so “thousands” doesn’t really describe it.



Thousands of people are taking part in a protest in central London against government cuts.

Banners calling for David Cameron to quit were brandished by protesters as they marched to Trafalgar Square.

The demonstration, organised by the People’s Assembly, was also attended by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

He said that a Labour government would end cuts and “halt the privatisation of our NHS”. The government says austerity measures are key to deficit reduction.

Mr McDonnell also pledged that his party would scrap the work capability assessments affecting people with disabilities and target homelessness by building hundreds of thousands of council homes.

The government was “bankrupt” in its political ideas and handling of the economy, he said, and called for Mr Cameron to resign and to “take his party with him”.

“On every front now we are seeing the government in disarray – in terms of the economy we are slipping backwards instead of growing,” Mr McDonnell said.

Source: Austerity protest: Thousands rally in London against cuts – BBC News

9 thoughts on “Thousands rally in London against cuts

  1. Andrew wlliams


    1. Gary Aronsson

      Clearly you are unaware of the Civil Contingency Act that allows the government to FORCE any person to perform any act.It also allows for the seizure ,use and destruction of ANY property without compensation. It has already been used more than once to prevent ANY repeat of the Fuel Duty Protest which brought Tony Blairs government to its knees over the tax on fuel.

      The Civil Contingency Act was smuggled through the House of Lords on the very same day as the Commons was besieged by the Countryside Alliance ,about 1 million people according to some estimates of the crowd, it was also the day that the Commons Chamber was invaded by some very fit men who later turned out to be “former” members of the SAS?

      If you seriously think that you can simply go and protest against the government in Britain then you are in for a very rude awakening,if your protest threatens to be successful it will simply be banned and you will end up “Kettled” down some side road for hours on end without access to a public toilet!

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 does not allow the government to force anybody to perform any act. The Human Rights Act 1998 may not be breached by the CCA, therefore you are scaremongering.
        I believe this kind of behaviour is known as Project Fear.

  2. Rik

    I hope to God that now word is getting out to the country about these parasitic leeches the tide is now turning & we can hopefully say goodbye to the Tories forever..
    Thank You

  3. Terry Davies

    cameron is a tax evader. investigate him and if its proven imprison him and any others proven to evade tax. Resignation should not be an option the shame of dismissal from his PM post is a more suitable deterrent to others.

  4. shawn

    Austerity, has turned out to be a failed experiment. At best it was a policy based around economic masochism for the majority and the desire of the one percent to find a policy that would justify their obscene wealth by promising a great deal of pain now for a better tomorrow. At worst it has been a piece of exquisite marketing that persuaded the majority to suffer; while, the one percent helped themselves to as much as they could grab before the British people found out what was happening.

  5. mrmarcpc

    Wow, Brits with balls, surely not, surely it’s a mirage! This should be happening more and more in our country, more anger and protest against our corrupt politicians and system!

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