Proven: The Tories bought the 2015 election. We need a new one and they should be barred from it

160422MPcheatsRichard Murphy of Tax Research UK has it right: “If a UK government is shown to have broken the law to get elected shouldn’t we have a new general election? And shouldn’t they be barred?”


The terrific Channel 4 News investigation continues, showing that ‘battle buses’ that visited marginal Tory constituencies were canvassing for individual candidates, not as part of a national campaign.

The number of seats gained by the Tories in this – illegal – manner exceeds that party’s majority in Parliament.

The Conservatives therefore bought the 2015 general election by illegal exceeding election expenses.

Therefore the result of the 2015 general election is not legal.

This is extremely serious lawbreaking. All Conservative members who gained seats by overspending should be prosecuted, as should David Cameron (“made an error” – my foot!) and then-party chairman Grant Shapps, if not the entire Conservative Party leadership.

And we’ll have another general election – with no Tory candidates at all, thank you very much. In fact, should This Writer start a petition to that effect?

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33 thoughts on “Proven: The Tories bought the 2015 election. We need a new one and they should be barred from it

  1. Michael Broadhurst

    yes Mike start a petition,this govt thinks it can ride roughshod over everything and everybody.they want taking down a peg or two.

    1. Jackie Cairns

      It has done up to now and got away with it. Go to the police they say. Then they will see if we have any evidence of wrong doing, Course you have, The CH 4 programme has got all the evidence you need. See if we can prosecute they say. And who is the minister of police federation? Theresa May one of the fraudulent Tory MP’S. Nothing is going to happen. Look how explosive the tax haven was. What happened ??? No case to answer, and no explaination either. They are the most corrupt Government i have ever known.

      1. Phil Lee

        Anyone in the UK can bring a private prosecution.
        It would be difficult for the government if several million people did.

  2. Florence

    It’s a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. They need to re-run the elections with the Tories barred, and the actual perpetrators in jail. Democracy cannot be undermined by this type of corruption, as the results of this bunch getting a majority shows, it is too serious.

  3. Terry Davies

    me too destruction of the tory mindset is essential for survival of the human species. Cameron and cronies if proven to have acted illegally should be imprisoned.

  4. NMac

    This is not “accidental” or “accounting errors”, this is deliberate and criminal cheating. It should be investigated and culprits should be prosecuted.

  5. eclectictaste18

    Yes, please Mike. ?
    It might even wake up some opposing political parties to do something!
    Though I am afraid the Tories will twist things so that they can stay in power forever, no matter what.☹️

  6. Dez

    Bet there were many smug guffaws when their cunning plan was being rerun over cigars and champers back at the Cons clubs. It was easy peasy fooling the plebs with so many Cons in the ranks of those charged with making sure the election was totally fair and whiter than white …… another lot of lack lustre bodies totally unable to carry out their duties to ensure correct procedures conveniently asleep on the job.
    The UK is financially and morally broke.

  7. Thomas

    I detest the Tories as much as you and think them nearly as bad as the Nazis. But to have an election where the main right wing party is banned would not really be fair, and the right wing vote would end up going to UKIP. Nasty as they are the Tories should have a right to stand in elections. The individuals who broke the elections law should be thrown out and denied voting rights in the next election.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That might not be how the system works. This seems to have been a conscious choice by the leaders of the Conservative Party.

  8. beastrabban

    Absolutely, Mike. This is serious electoral fraud. Even if, as will probably happen, nothing will be done about it, it will send a signal that the British public are watching, and don’t want them to get away with it.

  9. Andrew Lea

    My gast has never been so flabbered. The lying, the cheating, the bullying, the spin – the electorate deserve better and should be demanding it. The referendum must be put on hold until a new general election, with all parties and all candidates operating on a level playing field, has been held. If the new and fairly elected government didn’t support an EU referendum in their election manifesto, then scrap the whole thing.

    1. Dez

      I really thought the EU referendum vote would be the first manifesto promise they would renage on as they have with many other of their vote connining lies. However I guess many of their own Party wanted the vote so the Camoron had to go through with it even if it probably started out as another psuedo election vote spinner. We are where we are unfortunately and the Country is so broke and corrupt there is no way anyone will be brought to account or have their dirty collers felt by the boys in blue.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t know. I’ve contacted the Serious Fraud Office about Tory election expenses fraud but no response so far.

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