Cameron: Spare us your fake outrage over Naz Shah – why aren’t you as upset about Zac Goldsmith?

Naz Shah: She has apologised for any offence caused. Why has David Cameron not demanded that Zac Goldsmith do likewise?
Naz Shah: She has apologised for any offence caused. Why has David Cameron not demanded that Zac Goldsmith do likewise?

It is right that Naz Shah has been suspended from the Labour whip.

Suggesting that Israelis should be deported to the United States – how silly!

Not Parliamentarian behaviour.

One wonders how she managed to be selected to stand – and actually ousted George Galloway – with this in her browsing history.

Now that the information has become public, Labour has faced up to it and done the necessary.

And there was no need for David Cameron to get on his high horse, particularly as he has no reason – whatsoever – to be acting all superior.

Has everybody forgotten the dirty campaign being waged by Zac Goldsmith, in his attempt to become Mayor of London?

The Conservative Party launched an inquiry after one doorstep canvasser was alleged to have referred to Labour candidate Sadiq Khan in a derogatory way as “the Muslim” – what happened about that?

What about Goldsmith’s description of Mr Khan as “radical” on his campaign leaflets – a word that is guaranteed to stir up adverse connections in voters’ minds? A Muslim radical – you’d think Mr Khan was telling Londoners to become suicide bombers, rather than asking for their votes!

Or how about Goldsmith’s scurrilous accusation that Mr Khan “provided cover for extremists” and tried to silence anyone questioning this behaviour by calling them “Islamophobic”?

No wonder former Tory colleague, Shazia Awan, turned on Goldsmith, calling his campaign “disgraceful”, “patronising”, “ugly”, “destructive” and “divisive” and saying she was “ashamed” of Goldsmith, accusing him of being “weak” and “fickle” and slating his tactics as “desperate”, “foolish” and “crude”.

Cameron is notable for his silence on that subject!

As he has been about his family’s ongoing dodgy business strategies…

So let’s not forget that the Conservative Party does not own the moral high ground here.

Naz Shah has been cast out of the Labour Party – at least for the time being.

But Zac Goldsmith remains Tory candidate to be Mayor of London – despite behaviour that many may describe as worse.

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10 Thoughts to “Cameron: Spare us your fake outrage over Naz Shah – why aren’t you as upset about Zac Goldsmith?”

  1. she stated what was on her mind and got caught and is out. she was wrong and that is all therir is to it

    David Cameron and many other mp views on the sick and disabled are just as hateful but they keep their mouth shut and that’s the difference that is all

  2. Sven Wraight

    Is there any reason why Naz Shah’s Israel remark shouldn’t just be taken as a (bad?) joke? Surely it should be laughed off or ignored unless there’s evidence of worse? It would help my analysis if I could see the original post, but I’ve just been told to take offence by the BBC, Cameron, and people who are being rather precious.

  3. stevecheneysindieopinions4u

    Naz Shah was instrumental in getting the definite Tory anti-Semite Abdul Zaman suspended, just a couple of weeks before a comment she made two years previously was unearthed by Guido Fawkes.

    I’m pretty sure most people will recognise revenge when they see it.

  4. TODAY IN PMQs : Out of the blue, nothing said by Jeremy Corbyn warranted David Cameron making the following statement :

    “Simmer down. Perhaps if he could deal with the anti-Semites in his party, we would all be prepared to listen to him a bit more—

    What about Zac Goldmith’s campaign literature sent to Indian, Tamil and Sikh Londoners, tailored to suggest that Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, would not “stand up” for them as mayor.

    The suspicion must remain that the literature in question was designed to stir dislike of Khan on the grounds that he is Muslim. The “principled” Tory candidate and his campaign, which is being run for him by the company of negative strategy specialist Lynton Crosby, are now throwing everything they have at trying to destroy Khan by insinuating indulgent “links” to Islamist fanatics.

    David Cameron has been accused of joining an Islamophobic campaign against Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan.

    Speaking during PMQS last week, Cameron claimed the Muslim candidate had repeatedly shared a platform with preacher Sulaiman Ghani, a man who “supports IS [Islamic State]”, he said.

    It is well documented that Shaykh Ghani has consistently condemned ISIS and all forms of terrorism, speaking recently at a conference entitled “The Evils of ISIS” at the South London Islamic Centre.

    However, due to Cameron’s “parliamentary privilege”, he cannot be legally sued for statements made in the chamber.

    The Prime Minister’s comments sparked cries of “racist” from Labour MPs, with leader Jeremy Corbyn shouting: “That’s disgraceful and you know it.”

  5. Sauce for the Goose is not Sauce for the Gander in this case, if you are a member of a certain faith you have to be squeaky clean even with your jokes as the term ‘ Anti-Semitic ‘ is very quickly brought into play. As you know any criticism of a certain country and it’s politics have to be avoided at all costs.Whereas that countries supporters etc can and do say whatever they like. C`est la vie.

  6. Daniel

    What makes the Naz Shah situation even more of a mockery is that the comments she made were NOT anti-Semitic – they were ill informed, definitely, but were criticisms of the Israeli and American foreign policy rather than anti-Jewish comments.

    We’re in this daft situation where criticism of the way Israel treats the Palestinian people is being shut down and shouted out with cries of “Anti-Semite!” Even Bernie Sanders (himself Jewish) faces such accusations whenever discussing Israel’s policy!

    China’s foreign policy is often criticised as being xenophobic, but no one ever suggests racism is the root cause of their policy.

    I fully expect to be accused of anti-Semitism for this comment, I hope more reasonable readers see that the point is proved.

    1. Gary Morris

      It’s hardly a mockery and was nothing to do with critisism of the Israeli government. What she did was endorse the suggestion of the deportation of a whole country which beggars belief. I’m amazed you find this trivial.
      It’s outrageous for anyone to say let alone someone aspiring to become an MP and not dissimilar to the BNP saying immigrants should be repatriated.
      I agree that critisism of Israeli government policy is not anti-semitism but Shah wasn’t critisising the government, she was suggesting that all of the people of Israel should be told to leave their homeland.
      You may or may not be anti-semitic, you probably are, but even you must surely see that her actions were outrageous.

      1. Mike Sivier

        If Naz Shah was endorsing the deportation of Israel, then she was doing it as a bitter joke. The image was a response to an Israeli plan to force-deport Palestinians into Jordan or Saudi Arabia, remember. I’m amazed that anybody can ignore all the evidence on this.
        If it is outrageous for Naz Shah to suggest the forced-deportation of people from their home country, do you agree it was outrageous for the Israeli government to suggest the forced-deportation of Palestinians? Your comparison with the BNP is pertinent in this instance, also.
        In the context of the above, I hope you will agree that you were mistaken, and Naz Shah was indeed criticising the Israeli government and not making the suggestion you put forward here.
        I’ll take your suggestion regarding my personal opinion of Jews as an ill-informed opinion of your own, based on incomplete information and faulty logic. Otherwise I could consider it defamatory.

  7. Gary Morris

    A nonsense article. You can’t compare Zac Goldsmith’s words to the endorsement of a suggestion to deport all of the people of one country. This article and its author are a pathetic joke.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Thanks a lot. If you stop to think, you might realise that the image Naz Shah retweeted was a pathetic joke, and not an endorsement of anything more than that. Have a sense of proportion, please.

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