Media hypocrites are preparing to blame Corbyn if Leave wins the #EUref

Popular campaign: Jeremy Corbyn asking Scotland to stay in the European Union. He's saying Brexit will mean the end of the National Health Service, and he's right.

Popular campaign: Jeremy Corbyn asking Scotland to stay in the European Union. He’s saying Brexit will mean the end of the National Health Service, and he’s right.

Having ignored Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s referendum campaign to concentrate on splits in the Conservative Party, it seems the mainstream media are actually preparing to blame him if the UK votes ‘Leave’ on June 23.

What a gang of raving hypocrites they are.

When Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Parliamentary Labour Party were travelling the length and breadth of the UK, talking to people “from Land’s End to John O’Groats”, as a party spokesperson put it today, the right-wing press didn’t want to know.

The only reason any of these hacks are taking any interest now is because David Cameron has slithered away in disgrace, having succeeded in putting voters off ‘Remain’, rather than turning them on to it.

If ‘Remain’ continues to be seen as a Cameron campaign – something these same right-wing hacks have been pushing for the past four months – then his career is doomed. It’s probably doomed anyway, but the Tories don’t have anybody to replace him, after Boris Johnson’s performance in the same referendum campaign.

So they’ve come up with this wheeze: Let Cameron step back, give Corbyn nine days in the spotlight and then be prepared to say a ‘Leave’ vote was all the Labour leader’s fault.

The Labour Blairites will love it, and are stupid enough that they’ll use it to rip their own party to pieces, leaving the Tories free and clear to do whatever they like for the next four years.

This has Rupert Murdoch’s greasy fingerprints all over it…

The best way to kill this skulduggery stone dead is to vote ‘Remain’, of course.

Not because it will stymie the slimeballs, though.

Vote ‘Remain’ because you believe it is the best choice.


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18 thoughts on “Media hypocrites are preparing to blame Corbyn if Leave wins the #EUref

  1. Phil Woodford

    You sound as if you’re in a panic, Mike. Is the writing on the wall for your beloved Jez?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Are you reading my words out aloud to yourself, Phil?
      If so, I think you’re putting your own inflection on them.
      No, I’m not panicking; I’m letting people know so they’ll be ready for this tactic when they see it.

  2. maxwell1957

    Having asked a few people about why the U.K. should leave the E.U., their answer, when summarised, seems to be ” because… “.
    Of course, my sample of people is taken from the unemployed buying clothes for their children from a local charity shop. Also, pensioners attending ‘luncheon clubs’ along with people attending both pre-vocational and vocational training courses at the premises of the local ” Village Company “.
    You know, ordinary people, who, on the whole, are completely disregarded by the ‘mainstream’ media ” news ” and thus are regarded as having no relevance to the matter under discussion.
    Of course there are exceptions to this.
    The example I am thinking of is the lamentable situation to be found at the Shop-Direct warehouse complex at Shirebrook, which is three miles ( or two station stops ) south of were I live.
    All that exposing this odious company has achieved has been for the members of various hacks to put their frappes down and knock off some articles that ooze faux outrage and reek of insincere concern for the plight of the employees.
    I can’t help but think that the journalists that do pen these mendacious articles will have moved on to some other topic that is of far greater importance, such as the lacklustre performance of the England soccer team

    1. maxwell1957

      I wish that I had been a little more careful when I was checking my comment befor posting it.
      I was both tired and very emotional; as well as angry when I wrote my comment. The reason for my agitated state was because I had just received notification of my upcoming ” DWP health assessment ” after a three year wait.
      This will also explain why I posted this in what seem to be an entirely inappropriate topic.
      ( Do they go through the list of those to be assessed alphabetically? This might explain the long wait, as my surname starts with the letter ‘T’.)

  3. hayfords

    Leaving would be a double celebration for me. Released from the vice like grip of the EU and watching the media and a large number of Labour MPs having something new to blame Corbyn for.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The EU doesn’t have a vice-like grip, and Corbyn wouldn’t be to blame for the media having ignored him for three and a half months.

  4. Peter Peasant

    Corbyn deserves all he gets for not listening to the working class on minimum wages and the homeless who can’t get a place to sleep at night, because of organised groups of Eastern European beggars and thieves. Should have backed Leave.

  5. James Kemp

    Phil go an hang out in the sun comments section your boring they will lap up of your Tory rubbish!

    You magically pop up every Jeremy story, maybe we should start checking your IP address i wonder if it traces back Tory Central office, that or paid stooge….

  6. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I imagine that hayfords will rejoice in the vice-like grip of a Tory dictatorship then! I just hope the great working people of this country will not allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that the Tories will take care of them when the unemployment sinks in. The rich will be away in their luxury yachts whle the rest will sink.

  7. casalealex

    Mark my words, it, more than ever, appears to me that Dodgy Dave has his finger on the pulse! He knows the majority know him to be an inveterate liar, and is using reverse psychology – believing that if he insists he does not want to leave the EU; we, in our perversity, will decide to leave! ….just saying….

    and then we have the Leave Campaign blatantly promoting misinformation:



    This heinous post is Promoted by Matthew Elliott on behalf of Vote Leave, both at Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, SE1 7SP

  8. jef

    Mike, if brexit win, the world will not stop, the trade will not stop, the channel tunnel will not close. There is a clause in the treaty that GB has at least 2 years under the same rules as now before the change start.
    Washington will not let brexit happen, JC Drinker is coming to see Cameron week after le referendum (the one who said there is no compromises, the one who said when it is getting serious, you lie)
    the hedge fund are preparing to attck the pound, the ECB (Mario Draghi) and the BOE (Mark Carney) are getting ready for QE, people’s savings are on the target to be cypriotised.
    The good thing is that brexit will get Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and probably France to react and leave this mad boat because they don’t have a central bank to print their money like Britain so the speculators will not go for the Euro and the sand castle will start to crumble.
    In addition i would like you to see this video and let others to see it, please.

  9. John

    It is possible that I just might not have noticed before, but is this the first time that you’ve had BOTH of the Blairites commenting on one of your blog posts at the same time Mike?!
    I like the use of the word ‘beloved’ I must say! It’s almost as if he thinks that you would get down and kiss the guys feet!

    1. NMac

      The character “hayford” is a Tory, but as with many Tories not a very intelligent one.

      1. John

        LOL, I find that there are more than a few Tory backbenchers that I would describe as not having too many brain cells!

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