Latest campaign idiocy shows Farage is at ‘breaking point’, not the EU

Look at this picture, with Nigel Farage in front of it:

160616 farage breaking point

The lower strap line says, “We must break free of the EU and take back control of our borders.”

The whole image is, of course, a lie.

It shows Syrian refugees, escaping Daesh (the organisation sometimes called ISIS), going from Slovenia into Croatia, not the UK.

We have border control – much-maligned though it is.

Farage is a joke.

If you knew somebody was lying to you all day, every day, would you bother to give him any attention at all?

No, you wouldn’t.

So why do we allow our mass media to keep pushing him at us?


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11 thoughts on “Latest campaign idiocy shows Farage is at ‘breaking point’, not the EU

  1. Colin Glazebrook

    Spent 20 driving trucks & coaches across Europe, hardest country to get into was the UK. I’m a white British passport holder, usually driving UK registered vehicles, with English company names emblazoned along the sides;

  2. NMac

    Trouble is Mike, if the opinion polls are to be believed, it seems too many people are believing the nonsense being spouted by Farage, Gove, Duncan-Smith and co.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s why it is so important to point out that these people are lying and ordinary people will be worse off if we quit the EU.

  3. Brian

    Gove spoke at length, ‘without really saying anything’ other than it’s important to have control of our borders, I must agree with him. He has a valid point, one that is crucial to the UK’s sovereignty and security. 108,000 non EU migrants a year pouring into this country can not be ignored. So why has his government not stopped it, they already have FULL CONTROL over none EU.

    1. Joan Edington

      Another side of that argument can be shown by Teresa May’s attitude to several non-EU immigrants in Scotland over the last couple of years (and probably elsewhere though I don’t have that info). Families that have fully integrated are being sent “home” because the jobs they can get here don’t pay as much as the new rules say. The same is happening to people who are said to have broken the rules by volunteering. It doesn’t matter that these folk have never made any claims on the system, are well-thought of in their communities and settled. May wants them out.

    2. Martin Taylor

      That’s easy to answer really. The simple fact is that they don’t want to control immigration. Anyone who believes that voting out will lead to greater control of immigration, is as naive as the idiots that believed Cameron’s lie on reducing it to the tens of thousands.

    3. Matthew

      Brian, this is a problem for the WHOLE of Europe, not just the UK. We’ve waged 20+ years of war in the Middle East, we’ve destroyed at least 6 countries that were previously classed as “advanced developing” nations, we’ve orchestrated ( if unintentionally ) the rise of the most brutal regime since Soviet Russia, and we’re not doing anything to repair the situation. The solution to the migrant crisis is in our hands, and it has next to nothing to do with stopping migrants at the border and everything to do with pulling out of failed and failing resource wars in the Middle East.

  4. Gary Aronsson

    People have had enough of Left Wing claptrap demanding that Britain allow the World and his wife to come here demanding jobs,housing ,education ,healthcare and a free ride if it doesn’t work out! I have never understood how those who support this insanity have the gaul to claim they are HUMANITARIAN, what is so humanitarian about increasing the poverty and despair of our own indigenous poor ,for that is what this policy ALWAYS does so lets not pretend otherwise!
    This policy is much beloved of those who inhabit the Westminster Bubble or the pleasanter neighbourhoods that never share the direct consequences of it but in the real world the anger grows and seethes and is contemptuously written off as bigotry and fascism by those who created it.Take a good look at todays headlines and ask yourself what part your own advocacy of mass immigration and contempt for those who oppose it played in driving this man to such a level of despair.But rather than do that you will write him off as some lone nut or a Far Right Racist whose views MUST be OPPOSED or CHALLENGED,never will you admit to being just plain WRONG ! Never will you question your Guardian reading right to demand that those already poorer than you pay the cost of your “humanitarianism”,especially if it gives you a cheap Cleaner and Nanny!

  5. maxwell1957

    There is, of course, that the stunts that Farage pulls are highlighted as a distraction, something to divert the public’s attention from the actions of the other parties shenanigans.

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