10,000 rally to support Corbyn – so his critics work overtime to undermine them

You may be aware that a concerted attempt to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of the Labour Party is being carried out – in a very underhanded way – by certain elements who have chosen to resign in protest against him.

In response to this despicable behaviour, Mr Corbyn’s supporters organised a rally in his support, to be held yesterday evening at the same time as the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party. The meeting was cancelled but the rally went ahead. It looked like this:

[Image: John McDonnell.]

[Image: John McDonnell.]

That’s around 10,000 people, packed into Parliament Square. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who tweeted the photograph, commented: “10,000 people in Parliament Square with just 24 hours notice. @jeremycorbyn going nowhere.”

Mr Corbyn came out to address the throng, asking for differences between party members to be addressed in a civil manner.

That wasn’t acceptable to his opponents. Tristram Hunt, that well-known socialist, tweeted: “and what a progressive message they had… #kindergentlerpolitics” along with this image:

160628 Blairite vermin

It’s a shocking image, right enough. The use of language such as “eradicate” and “vermin” at a time when the same, or similar, words are being used against people who have immigrated here from Europe and further afield, in the wake of the EU referendum, means they are extremely emotive.

But this was just one woman (and her two friends) in a crowd of 10,000. It is wrong of Mr Hunt to try to equate the sentiment expressed on one T-shirt with the sentiment of the crowd.

So the next attack was to say the rally was organised by the Socialist Workers’ Party and contained very few Labour members (in fact, Labour supporters were believed to have outnumbered representatives of other organisations nine-to-one and the event was organised by Momentum, which right-wing Labour has been trying to smear ever since it was formed to support Corbyn’s leadership last year).

Then Jess Philips MP tweeted: “So the Shadow Chancellor misses votes on the Finance Bill to address a rally calling me and others vermin. What a time to be alive.” It set off an extraordinary argument when she refused to amend her tweet after Mr McDonnell pointed out that it was inaccurate and he had not missed any vote.

The upshot? “I was mistaken about John MacDonell and the rally he didn’t miss the votes, even though while I was voting he was speaking must have rushed.”

Ms Phillips also admitted, in another tweet: “I may not have covered myself in glory tonight.”

After all the argument and in-fighting, we are left with the simple fact that, yesterday evening, Parliament Square was full of people protesting against the ill-treatment of the Labour leader by members of his own party who could not muster a single valid criticism against him or them.

And let’s not forget that their lively little coup is a conspiracy engineered against Mr Corbyn months ago, and not in response to any failings in his referendum campaigning, as Vox Political commenter Malc Cowle made clear yesterday evening: “I, Malc Cowle, was told in front of witnesses in the Railway pub in West Didsbury as long ago as April, by Lucy Powell MP’s husband, that ‘Jeremy Corbyn would not be leader of the Labour Party by October.’ When I asked why before October?, I was told that ‘the coup’ would be after the referendum. In other words this particular coup was planned a long time ago and has nothing to do with the referendum campaign. Labour Party members can draw their own conclusions.”

Yes. After being subjected to a string of lies that perverted the course of the EU referendum, we are being asked to swallow yet more self-serving falsehoods from power-hungry Fake Labour plotters.

They deserve nothing but contempt.


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21 thoughts on “10,000 rally to support Corbyn – so his critics work overtime to undermine them

  1. Lee Hyde

    I’ve even seen their supporters (ab)using the memory of Jo Cox on reference to the above photo to make their ‘case’ such that it is (JKRowling – apparently backing the same towers of tteacle who abstained on the benefits bill and were happy to see claimants, as JKRowling once was, penalised – for example). The theory goes that a T-shirt clearly using colourful if misjudged language to alude to deselections or (at worst) a purge is tantamount yo incitement murder and Jeremy is a very naughty boy for allowing such a T-shirt to be worn. Frankly, words like vermin and scum are starting to sound like well earned labels were these plotters are concerned (and no, that’s not incitement to egg, mame or murder; deselect and expel from the party however? Hmm…).

    Incidentally, as a victim of a purge by precisely these elements back in September (when I was a fresh faced supporter), and as infuriating as it was to be denied a say for no apparent reason what so ever, I fell far short of s physical attack or murder.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That T-shirt has now been exposed as part of another smear attempt on Corbyn. The woman on the right is a member of right-wing think tank Progress; the man on the right is from a PR agency.

  2. Darren

    In any private sector company, or in any intelligence service in the world, if individuals are found to be working to the detriment of the Organisation they are removed in the same way that a surgeon would excise a cancer. So, Mike, when you say the Blairite plotters deserve nothing but contempt, I have to disagree slightly, because they also deserve Deselection and a lifetime ban on membership of the Labour Party. we’re not going to have an electable Labour until they are removed, which is what they’re working for anyway. As long as they can sow division that their Tory buddies can exploit, Labour is running against a brick wall.

    Time for JC to put on his Big Boy’s Boots and stamp on a few backstabbing cockroaches.

  3. jeffrey davies

    its a crying shame the blair babies have been given enough time to change but greedie people cant or wont when the masses want a true labour leader jeff3

  4. Julie Knights

    They should hold a new election as soon as possible then, when Jeremy wins, it’s time for these traitors to democracy and to our country to go and form another party. It is unbelievable that at a time when we need strong government and a strong party, with the Conservatives tearing themselves apart, that this is their response. I suspect that they won’t be forgiven for this for a long time. With UKIP waiting to take Labour seats in the north, we NEED someone who speaks for it’s core voters.

  5. Sammo


    I believe that Jeremy Corbyn is refusing to reveal how he voted in the EU referendum. Why? Unless he voted for Brexit while campaigning insipidly for Bremain, which would make him kind of dishonourable and dishonest wouldn’t it?

    For goodness sake there’s sixty million people in the country and three hundred thousand citizens who voted for Corbyn to lead the Labour party. In the polls, since Corbyn was elected Labour leader, the party has languished in the low to mid thirties, nowhere near enough to win an election, only passing the Tories by a point or two on a couple of occasions. Despite everything going wrong and the Tories tearing themselves apart the Conservatives have pretty much remained comfortably ahead of Labour come what may.

    Corbyn may be loved by his supporters but is disliked, mistrusted and a joke as far as the wider public is concerned. The man absolutely and definitively has absolutely no chance whatsoever of becoming Prime Minister.

    This is why his troops are raising a mutiny.

    Historically, has there ever been another instance of shadow cabinet ministers resigning in their dozens to try to rid the party of a leader? All sorts of people from the right, left and centre-left. Most were not Blairites. Surely you’re not to blind to see that something extraordinary is going on and happening here.

    You trumpet “loyalty” to the “leader” like a Stalinist.

    We must follow the leader, come what may, like rats following the Pied Piper.


    If a leader is dangerous, hopeless, useless and destructive the leader should be deposed for the sake of the party, sake of the nation, and sake of the people whom the party supposedly represents.

    Corbyn is destroying the Labour party.

    The one must be sacrificed to save the many.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Corbyn voted Remain, so no dishonesty there.
      How many people are going to vote for the leader of the Conservative Party? 330.
      The polls are not proving reliable at the moment, as you will have noticed.
      Corbyn faces considerable challenges getting the wider public to hear his message, especially when members of his own party are trying to drown him out, attacking him personally without daring to mention his policies in case people realise they’re good.
      His troops planned this mutiny from the moment he became leader. It has nothing whatsoever to do with his performance since then (which has been excellent).
      There’s evidence that the coup was planned and executed by a small number of right-wingers/Blairites, and the others have been bullied into supporting it somehow.
      MPs should indeed by loyal to their democratically-elected leader. Saying that doesn’t make me a Stalinist. It shows I believe in democracy. Since you clearly don’t, I would suggest that it is you who are like a Stalinist.
      I certainly agree that the few must be sacrificed for the good of the many, and hope the troublemakers in the PLP take the hint and sling their hooks soon.

  6. wildswimmerpete

    Laura Kuenssberg sounds delirious in her zeal to discredit Jezza during this morning’s “Today” (currently available on iPlayer). She definitely does have an obsession over Labour’s leader. I’m glad I don’t have a TV Licence (no TV) so not contributing towards her ill-gotten salary.

  7. John

    Ok, here’s my two cents on all of this:

    If a leadership election goes ahead, then given that (according to a recent YouGov poll), 75%(?) of LP members support Corbyn, it would be reasonable to propose that there is a very high chance that all that would happen is that Corbyn will just get re-elected again.
    Given that originally, it wasn’t the MPs that elected him, it was the actual members (which JM describes/d as “sovereign”), then it will be the members that elect him again. Now, we don’t yet see any mass cancellation of LP membership, so it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t any mass ‘leaving in disgust’ behaviour going on.
    If JC just gets re-elected again (which I’d put money on, given the very high chance), then it will have turned out to be a pointless/futile exercise by the Blairites to remove him. I think they know it’s going to be anyway. I also think that they might not necessarily be doing this to challenge him, but just to cause as many problems for him as possible. I’m not entirely sure that a lot of them particularly care what happens to the party. Which brings me onto my next point.
    After the re-election, what happens then? Do the Blairites cross the floor? Do they quit as Labour MPs?(I doubt it) Does the LP split up?
    The only thing I’d say, is that by fighting, Corbyn IS surely risking the break-up of the
    party, which I’d have thought would be disastrous.
    Of course, the other side of the coin to all this, is that there is a chance (if it isn’t
    happening already, which I think it is), that as time goes on, the more problems the
    Blairites try to cause for Corbyn, the stupider and stupider they are going to look? Which isn’t going to do THEIR reputation any good, is it?
    I have heard that apparently Angela Eagle was in tears on the BBC about her resignation! Crocodile tears maybe? After all she is one of the ones who’s disliked Corbyn ever since he was elected in September.
    I have also heard the “we were prepared to give things a go for the sake of the party” idea, however at the end of the day, they still disliked him, so I’m not entirely convinced. Maybe I’m being unfair?
    One final thought is this – I just hope for Corbyn’s sake, that he hasn’t gone and chosen more backstabbers for his front bench? I don’t think he has, given that they would have probably refused to serve anyway (bearing in mind all the resignations).

    Now Mike, I don’t know if you’re going to accuse me of suffering from keyboard diarrhoea or not (fair enough if you do), and I apologise for the very long post, but I just started having some thoughts about all this, and thought I’d put pen to paper so-to-speak, before I forget what I was thinking! Sorry! LOL

  8. Nick

    alan johnson mike if Jeremy steps down ? only Johnson i feel could win over some conservative voters to win a general election
    corbyn wont be able to do that ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Alan Johnson, who has admitted he didn’t do enough in the ‘Remain’ campaign he was running?
      I think not.

      1. Nick

        Jeremy is still the best leader by far and would win again the leadership contest if one was called

        however to win a general election where you need to convert conservative voters over to labour then no he couldn’t do that but neither could anyone else at this time

        we have to face facts this is not Einstein stuff ‘Jeremy is labour the rest of the labour mp’s bar a few are liberal at best and conservative at worse and that’s the bottom line

        we have just seen how the country is by voting to leave the EU on the race card and had that not been part of the EU debate the remain camp would have won hands down

        To try to run a country like it should be run in a fair and honest manner for all will never be possible as the country and a large chunk of it’s people wont to keep going over the old ground of immigration and all that could ever achieve is not only uk instability but world instability as it panders to those on the selfish right wing of society who only ever care about themselves

        you only have to look at the right wing faces of the EU out campaign from across Europe and Donald trump to see there is no way Jeremy could ever become the prime minister as a decent human being

        those days are over and there is no way on earth there coming back. the future of the uk and Europe will be a downward spiral of chaos led by the likes of Boris Johnson etc

        Had the EU been equal throughout with all of it’s laws and policy’s and acted like one country like the USA then things would have been very different from the off ‘ yes that could have worked and like the usa it does work

        but to have a mish mash of rules and regulations with a different set of criterias of tax /benefits /housing /wages / health etc for each of the EU countries that was never ever viable in the first place as all that would do would be to have hot spots throughout Europe of people in where there was work

        at the end of the day common sense is the key like i’ts always been

  9. Eamonn

    if the Blairites
    put as much effort into their jobs as Labour MP, as the do in trying to unseat Corbyn, They might be on the winning side for a change

  10. Henrietta Sandwich

    I must admit, I tweeted that picture as soon as I saw it. At the time, I fully agreed with the words on the t-shirt, but now that you’ve pointed it out I see how wrong I was. I played into their hands, and I regret that.

  11. Deloris Walsh

    I will not abandon Corbyn now. He is withstanding these vicious attacks as he knows like we know that the Blairites have declared war on the Labour membership. I am no coward and I will not leave someone who is defending me and democracy to face this alone. Not an option. I cannot and will not condone Blairite anti democratic strategies as it will become a recognised way to undermine true democracy for many years to come. It is important to see the bigger picture at this moment in time.

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