Abuse of ‘Leave’ voters is no more welcome than ‘Brexit Racism’

[Image: Breitbart].

[Image: Breitbart].

Breitbart news has put up an appallingly biased piece claiming mainstream news sources are ignoring the abuse of ‘Leave’ voters in the EU referendum.

See for yourself:

Mainstream news organisations have spent the weekend attending English Defence League and far-right rallies in order to try and portray Brexit voters as racists. Channel 4’s “coverage” of the subject almost exclusively uses images from nationalist rallies to represent the pro-Leave camp.

And the Mirror – a hard-left news outlet which helped found the aggressive, foreign-funded ‘Hope Not Hate’ group – has a headline that claims Brexit has ‘let [an] evil genie out of bottle’.

But Brexiteers are also on the receiving end of much abuse, and Breitbart London can reveal exclusive reports from Leave voters and campaigners that show they are subject to ageist, racist, and politically motivated abuse. Breitbart London has chosen to anonymise the victims for their protection.

One Twitter user reported receiving messages that say, “The older gen are pricks who hate the young. But you’ll die soon!” as well as “I wish death upon you and your children”. The abuse continued: “I hope you die of an aggressive cancer”.

The report is similar to that of a sign held up at an anti-Brexit rally in East London last week that read: “Old white people, please die”.

Source: BREXITPHOBIA: Leave Voters Suffer Widespread Abuse As Media Focuses on ‘Brexit Racism’

I love the idea that the Daily Mirror is “hard-left”, and never knew Hope Not Hate was foreign-funded – if true, that’s another reason to thank foreigners for something good in the UK.

And it would be interesting to fact-check whether Channel 4’s coverage – or “coverage” – is as one-sided as is claimed.

But the article raises an important point.

Any abuse of other people, whether following on from the referendum or not, is at best damned rude, at worst a serious crime.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. They are not entitled to act on it in a way that is harmful to others.

I know Vox Political readers are far to considerate for their fellow human beings to follow such bestial courses of action.

If you know somebody who does, report them to the authorities. Crimestoppers is on 0800 555 111.


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8 thoughts on “Abuse of ‘Leave’ voters is no more welcome than ‘Brexit Racism’

  1. mrmarcpc

    There’s been a lot of nastiness during this referendum campaign and it shows no sign of stopping! This petition that wants a 2nd referendum, well over 3 million signatures but the tories are ignoring it, 1000,000 signatures must start a debate but not with the right!

    1. Hairyloon

      4 million now, and the threshold is 100,000.
      They have to debate it; it will be interesting to see how that goes: is there anyone there with enough nouse to make the good arguments?
      What excuse will they give to ignore those arguments?

  2. Dave Woods

    There has been sadly blatant hateful posts across the majority of public forums; many stating all those who voted leave are nothing but xenophobic racists declaring the result should be ignored!

    Given the fact the statement itself is xenophobic and racist, as millions of people of all colours and faiths voted and if it was down to white British fascists/racists voting to leave their votes alone wouldn’t have filled a single ballot box!

    The number of people who seem to find ignoring the result of a democratically reached decision is acceptable is the most worrying and disturbing part!

    Racism certainly isn’t, it’s illegal and the police and law courts should be stamping down hard on it any time and anywhere it raises its head!

    1. Carl Green (@lokwauk)

      Thatcherism was democratic, the poll tax was democratic, Hitlers rise was democratic, Blair was democratic, hell, slavery was democratic in it’s time – Democracy, the power of the bigger gang is not always right – it is the rule of the mob.

      The German lady on LBC today who had dog **** slung at her door stated clearly this was her neighbours in a middle class English town not some thuggish EDL, Britain First types.

    2. Hairyloon

      We can safely say that all the xenophobic racists will have voted to leave, but that is beside the point.
      I have seen no suggestions that the vote should be ignored, but anyone who calls it a “decision” is in error: this was an advisory referendum, the decision comes when Parliament makes it. Being democratically elected representatives, the decision they make, whichever way it goes, will be the democratically reached one.

      The relevant question is of what advice was the electorate trying to give in their votes in the advisory referendum?
      Clearly there is a great degree of dissatisfaction, but is all that levelled at the EU? The evidence suggests that is extremely unlikely: many people saw it as a vote against Cameron.

      Finally consider the word “Democracy”. From the Greek /dēmokratía/, dēmo- meaning people + -kratia meaning government; “government” is political direction and control, and you cannot have control without knowledge. Considering the misinformation spread about by both sides of the campaign, there is no way that that referendum can be reasonably described as democratic.

  3. James Kemp

    Yes i am not happy with the way the vote went and yes i have posted comments but I whould not get racist or abusive just state my views.

    It’s happened we have to live with it the problem i have is with the people who are now saying they voted wrong or didn’t know what they were voting for!

    The chair of my CLP posted some very upsetting tweets that were then published in our local paper using the fact he was chair of the CLP. So it looks like the whole local Labour group aggrees, it’s things like this that go beyond acceptable. This is how journalism works in this country, you get the story they want rather than the truth!

  4. yarmouthboy

    I thought that promoting or encoraging or making racist comments was classed as a hate crime and as such a criminal offence. Before this wretchedcReferendumctook place anyone guilty of a hate crime would a visit from the Old Bill and rightly so. Why is this not happening now? Why was Farage allowed so many public opportunities to pedal his racist burble without any action being taken to bring him to book? Seeing someone like Farage being allowed to seemingly “get away with it” must certainly have had an effect. Closet racists for so long scared of the consequences have, almost overnight, found a new ” cowards confidence ” to echo Farage’s racist bile in public. The country seems rudderless. Are we still in the EU or are we out? Article 50 hangs like the sword of Damacles over our future while leaden footed politicians plot and scheme away in pursuit of their own interests as if that is the reasin they have been elected un the first place.

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