Labour MPs support ‘no confidence’ motion – but where’s the leadership challenge?

[Image: Getty.]

[Image: Getty.]

There’s lovely. Labour MPs have voted 172-40 in favour of a ‘no confidence’ motion against leader Jeremy Corbyn – with four abstentions.

It carries absolutely no weight at all and he can carry on regardless.

The logical thing for his detractors in the party to do now will be to put up a candidate against Mr Corbyn and trigger a leadership election. They only need the signatures of 51 MPs and more than three times that number voted against him today.

Oh, but they’re afraid, aren’t they?

They know Mr Corbyn has the absolute confidence of the Labour membership – the people who put them in Parliament.

If any of them show open opposition to him, they fear, the members will have them out of the gravy train and install somebody else.

In fact, as it is, those members who resigned – in an attempt to shame Mr Corbyn into stepping down – should be expelled for bringing the party into disrepute by their behaviour.

Corbyn must stick to his guns. Let’s get these fake-Labour backstabbers out, once and for all.

A motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been passed by the party’s MPs.

The 172-40 vote, which is not binding, follows resignations from the shadow cabinet and calls on Mr Corbyn to quit.

The leader’s allies have told his critics to trigger a formal leadership contest if they want to challenge him.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Mr Corbyn was “not going anywhere”, accusing his critics of trying to “subvert democracy”.

Source: Labour MPs pass Corbyn no-confidence motion – BBC News


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19 thoughts on “Labour MPs support ‘no confidence’ motion – but where’s the leadership challenge?

  1. rockingbass

    Absolutely agree with you Mike on this….I wonder which side the 172 MPs are really on? Shameful when we the public know that Jeremy is the best leader in the house of Commons….

  2. peter wyatt (@southerneruk)

    I find it funny as there is a no confidence in 172 Labour MP’s from the rank and file of the labour membership. Corbyn now needs have those talks with the TUSC party in joining Labour, the TUSC would not be scared in standing against those 174 Labour MP’s that don’t support Corbyn at selection as Candidates.

  3. Jon Lisle-Summers

    The politically stunted are attacking Corbyn, not because he’s failed, but because he is succeeding. Until the referendum Jeremy was pulling ahead of Cameron.

    Consider JC’s record to date: he’s failed to dissuade record numbers of people from joining the Labour Party; he failed to lose the local elections; he failed to dissuade 2/3rds of Labour Party members from voting in the referendum. Jeremy got the REMAIN vote out in his backyard. Most of his detractors couldn’t even manage that. Whose fail was that, then?

    Apparently, the meltdown of Labour Scotland is his fault. Except he wasn’t leader at the time of the independence vote. Presumably, he’s also guilty of failing to rescue Scottish Labour at the GE 2015. Nothing to do with the actual members of Scottish Labour failing to get their arse in gear to combat the SNP.

    One former SLP MP cordially suggested that those of us who joined the Party because JC supports policies which we, the people, know from life in the streets, are what’s needed, should erm, join the FO. She seems to think we’re some weird sect.
    Actually, we are the sovereign body of the Party.

    She needs to remember that her strand of the Party has succeeded in losing two consecutive GEs and a Referendum. That’s why I refer to the Blairites as the Empty Suits, look good on TV but no substance to what they say. For five long years they’ve failed to defend working people or the vulnerable. On several occasions, like the bedroom tax, they actually supported the crackdown.

    Many were implicated in the Expenses scandal; others have a mausoleum-full of skeletons which they’d rather forget.

    So, come on then, if you think you’re hard enough. I’ve got my gasmask and rubber gloves to combat the stink of your corruption. Let’s do this thing.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yeah – have you seen the report that her local party instructed her to support Corbyn, but she ignored them?
      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

  4. John

    Don’t know if she’s going to be a contender or not, but just read that apparently Angela Eagle’s local party (Wallasy), actually overwhelmingly supports JC! Oops! Gotta laugh at that one!

  5. Sven Wraight

    So often in politics, the numbers don’t matter, although knowing when they do and when they don’t is tricky! If 172 vote to have no confidence in him today, some will be voting because they believe he’s lost and they’d better join the winning side, some might be being forced in to it by the treacherous whips, some will be Blairites, and even some of those may be brought round.
    172:40 means less than the fact most Labour members (probably more than the 60% from the vote for leader back in 2015) support Mr Corbyn. The danger will be if enough members can become disillusioned like many of the 172.
    I understand Jeremy could enable reselection of MPs which could mean the political death of the Blairites? If so, has he used it as a threat to hang over their heads (now seems like the time to use it), or is he concerned its use would be “playing dirty”? I’m sure most Blairites would say so!

  6. Nikki Williams

    it saddens me and of course these duplicitous scumbags have people like Freedland at The Guardian and Keunsberg at the BBC doing their dirty work. The time has certainly come for suspension of these shysters from the Party and a rapid process of Deselection begun, starting with H Benn esq and ACL Bliar.

  7. Kenneth Billis

    Interesting to listen to Martin Oates the political correspondent on BBC Spotlight (BBC1 South West) this evening interviewing Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw.

    Bradshaw obviously considers himself fully qualified to condemn Jeremy Corbyn because of the Remain vote in Exeter. He flatly claimed that Jeremy Corbyn’s failure means his position is untenable. Oates asked him whether that would make his (Bradshaw’s) position untenable in the almost certain event of a leadership election which would surely be won overwhelmingly by Corbyn. Three times Oates tried to get an answer and each time Bradshaw brushed it aside while becoming increasingly irritated.

    It was thoroughly enjoyable.

  8. John

    Just had a thought, wasn’t Burnham thinking of challenging Corbyn for the leadership? Wasn’t he the one that stopped Eagle from announcing her bid? Isn’t that going to make Burnham look stupid, because he’s the one running for Manchester Mayor?

      1. Roy Beiley

        Interesting that Burnham was one of those trying to see JC I think on Thursday but was prevented from doing so by the formidably loyal Diane Abbott acting as the Gatekeeper. Wonder what Burnham wanted so urgently?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Burnham denied that he was trying to see Corbyn.
        Diane Abbott tweeted a photograph of her on the House of Commons balcony, while the BBC was claiming she was blocking the door.
        The incident to which you are referring did not happen.
        Perhaps you’d like to sign the petition against BBC distortion of the news about Jeremy Corbyn?

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