Liberal Democrats enjoy membership surge after announcing they’ll fight an election to reverse Brexit

Tim Farron believes the best deal Britain could get would be a Norway-style deal [Image: Finbarr Webster/Rex/Shutterstock].

Tim Farron believes the best deal Britain could get would be a Norway-style deal [Image: Finbarr Webster/Rex/Shutterstock].

It’s hard for This Writer to believe I’m writing about the Liberal Democrats again, after the Coalition Government and their precipitous fall after last year’s general election.

Despite claims from all sides that the EU referendum result is final, the UK must leave the EU, and the EU won’t want us back afterwards – ever (which seems a little judgemental to me) – Tim Farron has announced that his Liberal Democrats will fight a future general election with a policy to reverse the decision.

Any re-entry into the EU is likely to be on extremely unkind terms, but that’s what we get for voting ‘Leave’ on the basis of a pack of lies – as Mr Farron pointed out.

As a result of this policy, it seems the Liberal Democrats are enjoying a membership surge – up 8,000 and more in the last five days, according to some commentators.

Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has vowed to fight the next general election, which he believes “could be very soon”, on a pledge to stop Brexit.

Voters deserve the chance to rethink their decision now the EU debate has moved from the abstract to the visceral, threatening jobs and living standards, he said.

The MP said he respected the result, but added that it was perfectly legitimate to put the question to the British people at an election, because the country was out of control and the campaign had been fought on lies.

“I think it is right that in a general election we say to the British people that if you want to get out of the increasing economic mess that we find ourselves in, where we have lost control, [where] we are at the mercy of markets, people’s jobs are going, people’s livelihoods are being destroyed and we are not taking back control … And the fact that the key tenets of the leave campaign are now proved to be lies … it would prove legitimate for the Liberal Democrats to go into the next election and say we offer you a chance to reconsider,” he said.

To the suggestion that this was undemocratic, he replied: “On that basis we would never have re-run the 1975 referendum”, when the UK voted to remain in what was then the European Economic Community.

Source: Liberal Democrats will fight election on halting Brexit, says Farron | Politics | The Guardian


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9 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats enjoy membership surge after announcing they’ll fight an election to reverse Brexit

  1. David Woods

    Only if it also applies to General Elections, and we the democratic voters can call a General Election at any time, once we’ve had time to reconsider our vote!

  2. NMac

    In 1975 Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and compared the Tory twits who are in power now he was an intellectual giant, with a very canny mind and excellent judgement, particularly of the electorate and political mood of the country. The Liberals haven’t had a leader of stature since Lloyd George and that was even before my time.

    Boris Johnson, or whichever Tory becomes leader, has been given an extremely toxic and poisoned chalice, so I agree with Tim Farron that the next election could be very soon, that’s exactly why we need a united Labour Party – and with today’s events even that appears to be evaporating.

  3. Russ Clewlow

    I can see the reasons for not having another referendum as there’d be rioting and civil unrest, but why can’t the decision to invoke Article 50 be made after a General Election. The Tories with Johnson as leader would be forced to have as part of their mandate to invoke Article 50, likewise Ukip but Labour, SNP, Lib Dems and Greens could all run on a mandate to not invoke Article 50. This is the only real way I can see to not invoke Article 50 and stay in the EU legitimately as hopefully with so many with buyers remorse the result would go the way of the progressive parties and we get to see Tories implode. Well that’s what my optimistic side is dreaming of…..

  4. joanna

    Didn’t even know the lib dems had a leader anymore!

    Maybe leaving the EU might have a good point to it, I think you said that the EU has rules or laws preventing re-nationalizing utilities and other concerns that have been privitised, doesn’t that mean, that if Labour gets in, in the next election, they will find re-nationising everything easier?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, the EU doesn’t have laws against rationalisation. It might if TTIP comes into effect – in practice, at least.

  5. Brian

    This may sound ridiculous, but is there room for another party. One based on the electorate directing the party, rather than as it seems now? Perhaps Corbyn could start it. Open to all.


    Tax, Sliding scale of tax proportionate to gross earnings (not fixed levels) including bonuses with no upper tier.

    Tax / Income spending, ‘Purpose’ Ring-fenced, ex – NI contributions set & split to reflect need, no redistribution. What you pay for is what gets spent.

    Welfare, 3 tiers,:- 1st, Unemployment time limited to 5 year over life. 2nd, Disability limited to 10 years over life with personal support. 3rd, Unlimited, with personal support & medical support (not “assessment’s”) at least every 2 yrs.

    Privatized organisations, Subject to economic services delivery level, measured from profit. Failure to give value for money or market exploitation requires them to sell to government for nationalization.

    Immigration. All immigrants from last 10 years to register for verified citizenship based on record of criminal activity & integration. Those that don’t register to be expelled to country of origin. Those that cant be expelled granted citizenship on probation period. No new ‘settlement’ immigration without employment, probation period of 5 years, benefit-less.

    Media, New Board installed,Laura Kuenssberg required to explain position, if implausible sacked.

    Implausible, but not impossible.

  6. layzellicardiff

    mrmarcpc – given the events of the last month, I’d say he has as much credibility as any. At least he’s saying exactly what he’s going to do and what his party will stand for. We’ve had nothing but lies, broken promises, indecision and lack of clarity from the rest; sadly that includes Labour and Jeremy.

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