Corbyn launches leadership re-election campaign as though he’s already won; perhaps he has

Jeremy Corbyn did not mention Owen Smith at all at his speech [Image: Carl Court/Getty Images].

Jeremy Corbyn did not mention Owen Smith at all at his speech [Image: Carl Court/Getty Images].

Former American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

By this yardstick, then, Jeremy Corbyn must have a great mind.

He launched his campaign to be re-elected Labour leader by announcing that he wants to update the social reformer William Beveridge’s ‘five evils’ for the 21st century and plans to announce policies over the next five months to tackle each of them, the first being discrimination.

“The injustices that scar society today are not those of 1945: want, squalor, idleness, disease and ignorance. And they have changed since I first entered parliament in 1983,” he said.

“Today, what is holding people back above all are inequality, neglect, insecurity, prejudice and discrimination.”

These are big, important ideas, with continuity from the ideas that Beveridge discussed, back in the 1930s and 40s.

By contrast, take a look at Labour’s other leadership contender, Owen Smith.

What is he discussing?

Ah, yes: Jeremy Corbyn.

What does that say about his mind?

Corbyn has rarely sounded more confident… He gave the impression that he believes he will win this leadership contest easily. And it is not hard to see why.

His speech contained a defence of his record over the last 10 months, a broad statement about tackling injustice, and the modern equivalents of Beveridge’s five “giant evils” and a policy announcement about pay audits.

More telling, though, was what Corbyn did not say. He did not mention Owen Smith, his opponent in the upcoming leadership election… He knows that his support among members remains high, and he does not seem to rate Smith as a threat. He was acting like a winner.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign launch verdict: he was acting like a winner | Global | The Guardian


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16 thoughts on “Corbyn launches leadership re-election campaign as though he’s already won; perhaps he has

  1. NMac

    Despite all the malicious efforts to denigrate Jeremy and to try to prevent him even standing in the leadership election, I strongly suspect he will win the leadership election with a handsome majority. However, I do not see that bringing peace to the party as the right-wing wreckers would rather see the Labour Party split than have a genuinely popular leader, who does not fit in with the Westminster Establishment.

    1. Christine Cullen

      Only time will tell but I note that Norman Smith was making appreciative noises about Jeremy afterwards. I know Smith is one of the more reasonable BBC staff unlike Laura Keunssberg, but do I detect a change in tone towards Jeremy or is that just wishful thinking?

  2. Roy Beiley

    The opponents of JC want it both ways don’t they? First they accuse him of only being a “protest” politician with no policies. Then when he comes up with the updating of the Beveridge principles they accuse him of being overconfident! Really!!

  3. Jeffrey Davies

    offcourse theres a split coming has the greedie mps now their times up but changing back to a lbour person they cant do so bye bye all those blair babies

  4. John

    I hate to say this Mike, but at Corbyn’s launch campaign, the way he answers questions from the press, I get the distinct impression that he’s either totally unaware of what his backbenchers are doing (and what they’re up to, in other words I think HE might be living in cloud cuckoo land), or he knows what is going on, but is being very careful with exactly what he says to the press. I hope it’s the second option, I tell ya!
    “Holding out the hand of friendship”!!! ??? I mean WTF?? Does he seriously expect them to just comply after everything they’ve tried to do to him? Really? They want shot of him, end of!
    I’m on the verge of having my doubts about Corbyn! (I hope I’m wrong)

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He’s being the leader, offering to keep the party together. If the MPs behind the ‘coup’ decide to walk out, then they’ll be the ones who split the party, in the eyes of history.

      1. John

        Yes Mike, but he’s always done the ‘togetherness’ speech, and look where it’s got him!

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        He’s the leader of the Labour Party.
        And it seems he’ll soon be ‘re-elected with a larger mandate than before – not because of any cult of personality but because people agree with what he’s saying.

      3. Tim

        Jezza is leader of a Labour party that the polls say only about three out of every ten voters would support in a general election. That is to say a Labour party that has no chance whatsoever of ever being returned to office. I really don’t understand how Corbyn’s trumpet blowers seem not to be able to understand this.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        Who trusts the polls these days?
        You might – but I bet that’s only when it suits you.
        Oh, by the way, the actual figures show that only 2.4 out of every 10 voters supported the Conservatives in last year’s general election.
        Think on that!

  5. Pjay Mac

    They all profess to love the Labour Party the Knowing and Streetwise know they do not, It is Their Way ( Blairs Way ) or No Way their Ideology or Civil War, agree with them or be shunned bullied humiliated and intimidated, the ones who accepted positions offered by Jeremy then resigned are COWARDS and LIARS, the ones on the Back Benches who support the Government and Heckle Jeremy whilst he speaks from the DB, these so called Labour MPs are Vermin who have supported every single austerity measure Welfare Cut Social Security NHS and Pay Decimation and the MP who says he is the best man to Lead us, well he Voted and abstained along with Harman Eagle Cooper T Hunt Benn Watson, Mr Smith another wee lesson for ye Self Praise is no Honour and this quality is one Honour is something You Watson and the 172 other Backstabbing Crooks are Bereft of.

  6. John

    “didn’t understand and wasn’t terribly interested in” the tax credit’s policy, Smith says of Corbyn.
    Looks like Corbyn should really be back at school 😉

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I wouldn’t believe any value judgement on Jeremy Corbyn that was provided by Owen Smith. It is in his interest to be disparaging.

      1. John

        LOL, of course it is, and I don’t, which is why I added a wink at the end, except it doesn’t show up very well !
        Frankly, I thought it was rather rude and highly insulting of Smith to say that, but then, what else would you expect?

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