Did you think the Tories had given up cruelty to the disabled?

160802 Richard Brookes

This is Richard Brookes.

He has no arms and relies on a wheelchair and a Motability car to move around, and is therefore claiming state benefits to compensate for his disability.

Unfortunately, it seems he isn’t disabled enough.

His wife Sarah wrote on her Facebook page: “Don’t normally share my private matters on Facebook, but when my armless and disabled, crippled in pain husband has been assessed as able to walk up to 50m with walking aids, (quite a feat considering he has no arms and no-one has advised how he maybe able to use these so called aids!), and that he could lose the lifeline of his motability car within two weeks, that is when you know the system is very cruel.

“Thanks IDS. I am so angry and worried for Richard Brookes.

“DWP should be ashamed of themselves….and the irony is he used to work for them….yes my disabled husband worked all his life until last May, and now the government that should help him is ruining his life.”

Incredible, isn’t it?

It takes This Writer back to the days when the old Atos assessors asked amputees when their arms or legs were likely to have grown back.

The amount of ignorance is astonishing.

Even more shocking is the number of people commenting on Mrs Brookes’s Facebook post, blaming “scroungers and cheats” for the treatment of her husband.

The amount of sickness and disability fraud is negligible. Only around 0.4 per cent of claimants are committing fraud – one in every 250 people – yet still they are used by the ignorant as an excuse for Conservative cruelty. “If they weren’t scrounging, there would be more money for people who are really disabled.”

No. Not at all. Fraud is completely irrelevant to the Tory plan.

The aim has always been to put more and more obstacles in the way of genuine claimants so they either go away or die before their claim is approved.

After years of campaigning by people like This Writer and others, nothing has changed.

Apart from the fact that the amount of benefit available to claimants has been cut.

That’s Tory Britain, folks.

That’s their “economy that works for everyone”.

How do you like it?


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24 thoughts on “Did you think the Tories had given up cruelty to the disabled?

  1. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I sympathise strongly with Richard Brookes and his wife and I only hope we can get rid of this disgusting Tory party and their selfish greed and lack of compassion for anyone other than themselves as soon as possible.

  2. Rusty

    Every one who voted tory knew this would happen………..I hope they are pleased with them selves!

  3. MarkG

    Instead of the blue labour MPs trying to destroy Jeremy Corbin they should be behind their true elected leader to fight against this wicked criminal so called government. The scumbag Tory’s prattle on about slavery but Tory slavery is ok. I would say shame on the Tory’s and Tory voters but they have non.

      1. MarkG

        Simon. What do you mean (NON) Tory slavery. Slavery round the world is bad say the caring moral Tory’s, yet they get lawyers costing millions to cover up death figures,companys who used unemployed people do full time work for profit making organisations. Workers rights are being slashed under this wicked government. The list is endless. What I am trying to say is the Tory’s are a vile hypocritical bunch of vipers.

  4. Nev Harrison

    The Media has been engaged in demonising benefit claiments for several years now, persuading the populace to back such disgusting acts of cruelty, the very same Media now attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Brian

      I have come to the sad conclusion, through both media and personal experience, that at least half of the British population seems to practices ‘Group Think’, this is not to say they are thick, but simply lazy and accept the trash told to them in the expectation that ‘official’ sources are reliable. Unfortunately, it is the media that control most of this propaganda, run by the same elitist’s that form our government. This will not change until the media moguls are ousted, they are the Lord Haw Haw’s off today. While they are making money from the ignorance of their readers – viewers, then nothing will change. Exposition of their diatribe is required to show these in their true light, some earth shattering news where their allegiances are proved unequivocally not to be in the public interest’s, only then can a reformation of attitudes begin.

  5. philippajanebrown777

    Please revert back to your original font Mike. I’m having big problems reading your posts. I wear glasses and when your post covers the whole screen I still can’t read it and flipping back and forth on each line is not nice!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      As I told you before, I haven’t changed the font size.
      I recommend that you check your own settings.
      Nobody else has reported this problem.

      1. Sandra Harvey

        I reported this problem. I was told to reply via Face book or twitter – I’m on neither. By the way, the problem is still there.

      2. Trish McDonald

        Hello Mike I am an avid reader of your site and have been for a long while. I too have noticed a change in the way your page is presented. It may well be the settings, not sure why or how it’s happened, but it does make your page a little harder to read. Thank you anyway for everything you do

  6. Harry

    Mmm, this is such an absurdity that one has to wonder whether this is a provocation. So many words other than cruel but that also begin with the letter ‘C’ come to mind.

    I would like very much to see a FULL breakdown of the torture inflicted upon disabled people before attempting to decide what the aims are, beside unrest and state of emergency. That FULL breakdown must include ethnic, religious, cultural background of tortured individuals along with specific strategies and instructions given to torture facilitators. I will present a FOI to try and obtain better specifics.

  7. NMac

    Tories will never give up on cruelty. They fought tooth and nail to retain all the appalling cruelties and degradations of the 18th and 19th centuries and now they are fighting to get them back. They are nasty cruel people. As the current prime minister (by default) recognised, they are the Nasty Party.

  8. treborc

    The medical they use is based on New labour’s UNUM provident medical thrown out by America , it does not matter whether you have arms or legs manual dexterity test , can you lift an empty carton using any part of your body from A to B, using your teeth your legs your feet or your stumps , they do not bother asking can you then open the carton .

    Walking means also using a wheelchair , can you walk or move your self 20mtrs if yes your mobile .

    The fact is the WCA for ESA is based on a medical so flawed it should be banned brought in by New labour and abused by the Tories .

    Yes I went through it and yes I lost what is wrong with me Paraplegic , both legs not working nor are my bowel and bladder my medical the doctor wrote he will not work , yet ATOS disagreed , I won it back on appeal, but that’s because the company ATOS was paid more for going to appeals then the actual medical it paid them to fail people.

    Are the Tories evil no more then labour were the issues are can you get benefits by knowing enough about the way you claim , can I walk 20mtrs no I cannot, can I wash myself no I cannot, when I mess myself can I change my clothes no I cannot and yet ATOS decided I could work.

    can a person with no arms be expected to work depends on his education and his past and whether or not he can find a job I cannot find work and I’ve tried boy have I tried , so I live on benefits .

    What can you do wait three months re apply and ensure you get somebody to help you go through the tests who can advise you , nobody can get this without help unless they know the rules .

    I wish you well

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s pretty accurate.
      If you’ve been reading This Blog for any length of time you’ll know Vox Political has been extremely supportive of the sick and disabled in their struggle against the injustice of the work capability assessment and the two benefits it is intended to stop people getting.

  9. Rosemary Robinson

    Why isn’t something done about the evil tories, they don’t care if people drop dead as long as they rake in the money, it’s a diabolical way to treat the people in fourth RICHEST Country in the World!!

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