Miliband plan to topple Corbyn is both hilarious and heartbreaking

Allegedly, "one party figure" thinks David Miliband would be “the perfect solution” [Image: Getty].

Allegedly, “one party figure” thinks David Miliband would be “the perfect solution” [Image: Getty].

It is hard to believe this story about Labour’s rebels turning to David Miliband for help.

None of the sources are named, which means there’s probably no substance to it at all.

The concept is, of course, absolutely hilarious.

David Miliband didn’t win in 2010 under the old ‘electoral college’ system.

Now that his brother has changed the system to ‘one member, one vote’ – and we’ve all discovered that the membership are far more left-wing than the MPs who empowered them – he would have even less of a chance.

The idea of him winning a leadership challenge is, therefore, laughable.

The story is also heartbreaking, for two reasons.

First, it suggests that the Labour right-wingers are so divorced from reality that they think such a plan might work. If so, they are living in a past that is now long gone, and it is heartbreaking to think that members of the supposedly ‘progressive’ party are that backward.

Second, the idea of slotting him into the Batley and Spen seat vacated due to the killing of Jo Cox is cynical to the level of sickness.

The other main political parties have indicated they will not contest the seat, because of the way it fell vacant, meaning any Labour candidate would have a free ticket into Parliament.

It indicates that these right-wingers feel they can easily ‘parachute’ Mr Miliband into Batley and Spen, overriding the wishes of the local Labour Party, simply in order to put up another leadership challenger against Jeremy Corbyn, in defiance of the democratic choice of the wider Labour Party.

The suggestion that, after all their previous attacks on party democracy, these power-hungry wretches will spit on the memory of a much-lamented colleague to attack democracy again, is actually worse than heartbreaking.

It is humiliating – for them.

Labour MPs are appealing to David Miliband to return to UK politics in a desperate bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn .

Senior backbenchers want Miliband, who quit politics to run a charity in the US, back here as quickly as possible.

And they say one possible route would be for him to stand in the Batley and Spen seat left empty by the killing of Jo Cox.

No date has been set for a by-election but rumours are growing that the solid Labour seat would be ideal for Miliband.

One backbencher said: “It’s something that is being looked at. This would give David time to get back into the swing of Parliament, build up his profile and then mount a leadership ­challenge.

“A lot of people think he’d be the perfect solution.”

Source: Labour MPs call on David Miliband to return and topple Jeremy Corbyn as leader – Mirror Online


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16 thoughts on “Miliband plan to topple Corbyn is both hilarious and heartbreaking

  1. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    It would be laughable if it were not so dreadfully lacking in honour by those with so little respect for the majority wishes. I can’t wait for the day we have Jeremy in full power to remove these people who will then need to look to do a proper day’s work to make a living rather than manipulate politics.

  2. Zippi

    Perfect solution? To what, exactly? Problems require solutions and unless the problem that is being alluded to is our undemocratic Parliamentary £abour Party, I don’t see David Miliband being much of a solution.

  3. Annabelle Harle

    Don’t put anything past them. This story has been around since the coup and there is clearly some kind of plan.

  4. casalealex

    “A lot of people think he’d be the perfect solution.”

    Unfortunately, for him and “Labour Tomorrow” , there is no contest, what with Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership…

  5. John

    I agree with everything you have written.
    This idea is both sick and tragic, if true.
    Bananaman will do his reputation no good at all if he shows even the slightest indication of going along with this crazy scheme.
    The local party members in Batley and Spen should be allowed to choose a local candidate for their vacant seat.
    No more parachuting. That has not ended well in Wallasey, after all.

  6. Toby

    I’m guessing this is not David Milliband’s time, and he knows it. His only hope is to wait until after Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister.

  7. Harry

    David Miliband eh? Interesting choice. A man selected to head the IRC, which has close links to Soros funded NGO’s like ‘Open Society’ and others of the same ilk (Billionaires dedicated to smashing borders, sovereignty, indigenous cultures). Also these same NGO’s are linked to the US’s “Regime Change” disasters. To appeal to such a man likely represents the last gasp for the “Blairite Blues”. In fact the ‘Witchunt’ we are witnessing against the first proper Labour Leader since at least 1997; and probably earlier, is beginning to look like a Regime Change US/CIA style. If Mr Corbyn is forced out there should be consequences. Mr Corbyn enjoys what no other MP enjoys: The Mandate and real support of the voters.

  8. mohandeer

    It must be obvious even to Corbyn that the plotters and schemers are not welcome by the majority who will see him as leader again. My only hope for the Labour Party and my continued membership of it, is if JC does the right thing by his followers and gets rid of them. Mandatory deselection and reselction as advocated by Len McClusky, will weed out many of them. It’s one thing to have a “broad church” but not when some of the members are Satan’s spawn! The majority of Labour members are disgusted with them and unlikely to vote Labour in come 2020 with these traitors still in our midst within the party. I’m not the only person who either previously some years ago voted Labour consistently or are new members like myself saying much the same thing. Several have suggested an approach with SNP and Greens to make up the numbers and restate our policies encompassing a much better “broad church”. At least we have something in common with their part supporters.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Remarkably ill-supported comment. Why do you write that and where’s your evidence?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      How do you explain the fact that he keeps winning elections, then?

      Polls can be misleading, you know!

      1. Kosko Kos

        “How do you explain the fact that he keeps winning elections, then?”
        If you have some thousands of Corbynistas invading the party, then yes, they form a majority and Corbyn keeps re-elected. This doesn’t mean that the majority of the people of this country want Corbyn to win, neither the majority of Labour voters (who are not members of the party yes, and will never be for a variety of reasons).

        I agree, yes, polls can be misleading. All the opinion polls in the Referendum as well as in the elections failed. But you don’t see is that the polls always hide a right-wing tendency. So in the elections the Conservatives won with a far greater margin than it was predicted. The same with the Referendum. Hence, if the distance between Smith and Corbyn is 24% favouring the former, the real margin could be about 30%! Sorry but this is reality! Stop living in a fantasy world and see things as they are

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I was not referring to internal Labour Party elections but to those in which all electors in the relevant areas are entitled to take part. He’s done just fine in those, which suggests you are mistaken in your first point.
        There remains a question mark over the election result, because of allegations of election fraud by Conservative candidates – now MPs.

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