Why so surprised? The Tories have been planning to scrap your human rights for years

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It seems very odd that people are claiming to be surprised at the Conservative Government’s announcement that it is scrapping the Human Rights Act.

They have been planning it for years and, if you voted Tory in 2015 (which, in statistical terms, is unlikely if you’re a reader of This Blog), then you gave it your full support.

The plan is to remove your legal guarantee to the following rights:

160827 human rights

It would be replaced by a ‘British Bill of Rights’, listing what Theresa May’s Conservatives think you deserve. Previous drafts have been criticised because they were more about what you couldn’t do – resulting in its being labelled the ‘Bill of Wrongs’.

160827 human wrongs

Vox Political has published a large amount of information on Conservative plans for your human rights. You can browse through it here.

And the ever-readable Sue Jones provides her insights on the current situation here.

Please read as much material on this as you can.

This plan must be fought – and we all need to know what we’re fighting.

While the mainstream media joined Richard Branson’s smear campaign against Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative government dropped a bombshell. It is going to scrap the Human Rights Act.

On Wednesday 24 August, the front pages of almost every national newspaper – from The Telegraph to The Guardian– were railing against one thing, Traingate. Despite the fact that all of these outlets regularly report the plights of commuters on packed trains – commuters who have paid thousands of pounds a year for a season ticket which fails to guarantee them the dignity of a seat – suddenly this was all forgotten.

What they failed to mention was the most authoritarian and regressive decision taken by a UK government in modern history: the decision to push ahead with the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.

Source: This is the bombshell dropped by Theresa May’s government while the media whined on about Traingate | The Canary


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16 thoughts on “Why so surprised? The Tories have been planning to scrap your human rights for years

  1. hayfords

    The HRA will be replaced with a Bill of Rights. The reason for this is so that the highest Court of Appeal would remain in the UK.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      … and so the Tories an dictate what rights we have – making them merely privileges.

    2. rockingbass

      and the court of Appeal will do as it is told …….Just as they did in Germany in the 1930’s

  2. katythenightowl

    The only reason whatsoever to scrap our Human Rights, is to make sure we lose every bit of freedom the present government can get away with 🙁
    The fact that it was the British who originally drew up the Human Rights Act, has been hidden very well from the ordinary man and woman in the street – it’s about time it was spread all over the country, so that everyone gets a chance to realise they are giving away every bit of their freedom, to people who don’t give a damn about them 🙁

      1. Joan Edington

        I think that’s right. The UK, along with all other memebrs of the Council of Europe created the European Convention of Human Rights, who then created the Court.

        The Human Rights Act is a purely British Act that incorporates the ECHR into British Law. That allows appeals on ECHR breaches to be heard in British courts rather than going to the ECHR.

        Even if our Human Rights Act is scrapped I assume that we will still have recourse to the ECHR, since I don’t believe even the Tories would take the UK out of the Council of Europe. It would make appeals a lot more difficult though.

  3. rupertrlmitchell

    One of my most important reasons for not wanting to leave the EU was because it was obvious to me that the Cons would take advantage of the loss of the European Court of Civil Rights and any replacement by this government would amount to nothing more than further control of civil liberties.

  4. Stephen

    Which of the human rights listed above do the Conservatives disagree with? Do they know? Does anybody know?

  5. Jim Round

    That Human Rights Act isn’t worth a carrot, (or any other vegetable) if it was, those out of work, the disabled etc.. would not fear destitution or degrading treatment.
    (Something your blog has commented on several times)
    No, it should not be scrapped, it needs to work for the most vulnerable.

  6. mohandeer

    Given what the Human Rights Acts give the people of Britain, what “rights” are we willing to throw out the window? So if the answer is “none”, then why would Tories want to scrap it? Wake up people, your being “had”.

  7. anon

    The only possible reason a government can have for diminishing human rights protections, is because it fully intends to violate them. This is the behaviour of a rogue state, Currently, the UK is showing all the signs.

    The point of HR legislation is to restrain government abuses, but when a government goes bad, intervention and rescue of citizens have to come from the OUTSIDE.

    As in the 1930s, rogue states are rarely content to remain just as threats to their own people, but tend to rapidly become a wider menace requiring vigorous efforts to address.

    If such a system had been in place by 1930, the horrors of the Third Reich might have been blocked. Europe learned from this the necessity of building structures which would prevent such things ever happening again.

    Human rights are intrinsic, unlike privileges. They are a one-way street. They can be expanded, as new issues arie recognised, but never curtailed. A government can ACKNOWLEDGE these rights (as the HRA does), but the entire spirit of setting up a European Convention and Court must be that, once ratified, there can be no going back.

    The UK government can decide that it will no longer respect the rights enshrined in the HRA, but the Tories do not control the European Court, and there is no reason why the Court should bow to actions that violate its entire raison d’etre.

    Unless it is no more than a piece of toothless window dressing, unilateral withdrawal from the Convention should never be possible or legally binding. The Court SHOULD announce that it will continue to acknowledge and defend the full human rights of British subjects regardelss of Mrs. May’s antics.

    As abuses escalate against the most vulnerable in the UK (already confirmed by UN investigators) and with Britain now flaunting its rogue status, outside pressuire needs to begin, to stem a downward post-Brexit spiral into a liability and blackspot for the rest of Europe.

  8. mrmarcpc

    We already live in a fascist state so all the tories will do is make it more so and the moronic sheep of our nation will once again willingly sleepwalk into it without saying a word or doing a bloody thing!

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