Tory-run poll company says Jeremy Corbyn will continue to lead Labour – with an increased mandate

Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Associated Press].

Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Associated Press].

This is for all the commenters who come to Vox Political to tell us all that the polls say Jeremy Corbyn can’t win an election.

The polls are saying he’s certain to win the Labour Party leadership again.

YouGov – a polling company that was famously founded by Tories and is run by one of them to this day, has finally released the long-awaited results of its poll on the Labour leadership election.

Many social media commentators have speculated that the poll result was delayed because the results weren’t what its funders wanted to see. Indeed, this could be the result of a completely different poll.

But the figures are clear: Corbyn 62; Smith 38. That’s a 24-point lead for Jeremy Corbyn.

The fly in the ointment is the purge of Labour Party members by a ‘party machine’ intent on denying Mr Corbyn his victory.

Who knows what the result will be, after these people have finished purging the Labour Party of anyone who has ever upheld its ideals?


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17 thoughts on “Tory-run poll company says Jeremy Corbyn will continue to lead Labour – with an increased mandate

  1. Sven Wraight

    How soon after JC wins will there be another leadership challenge, or will owen smith’s nonsense be an end to it?

  2. mohandeer

    Further proof if any was needed that the Labour Right campaign of dirty tricks and vote rigging was all about reducing the humiliating defeat of Owen Smith, which in most constituencies was approx, 80% in favour of Corbyn. Their disgraceful attempts will not undermine Corbyn’s huge success but might make Smith’s humiliation a little bit easier to swallow.

  3. rockingbass

    Now if only Kezie Dugdale and the Labour MSP’s including mine Ian Gray here in Scotland will change their views and support Corbyn they might stand a chance to become a viable opposition to the SNP……Oh and to stop carping al the time “SNP BAD” along with their Consecrative friends… and actively help shape Scotland’s future…

  4. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I never trust polls; especially Tory ones! Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking “If he is that far ahead I will not bother to vote” as this poll could easily be a trap. It is essential to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Zippi

      Of course, I will vote for Mr. Corbyn, regardless of what the polls say. Do people really abstain from voting, because they think that they don’t need to, because of what the polls say? Do they not realise that the polls are a small, select group of people who, themselves, may not vote, or even vote the way that they said that they would when polled? I realise that I may be preaching to the choir but we should all vote. I always tell people to vote and that, if they don’t like the choices, they should spoil their papers. Voter apathy is a powerful Tory weapon!

  5. Phil Woodford

    I think this poll is likely to be broadly correct, suggesting that Corbyn will be re-elected. I also think the polls which show him to be disastrously unpopular with the wider public are likely to be broadly correct too. So, bye-bye to the Labour Party after its amazing 116-year history.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Think what you like. My point was that people who lean on polls for support may be easily wrong-footed.

    2. ben wenham

      Vastly more likely to put off voters is the current behaviour of the PLP.

      Corbyn was winning victories and doing well in the opinion polls. Then the PLP staged their piss up in a brewery, sans beer, and labours opinion polls crashed.

  6. David Woods

    Just a quick thought; If in their machinations ‘new labour’ did bring about the downfall of Jeremy Corbyn through what is essentially ‘vote rigging’, how would the Labour ‘elite’ then hope to get an election win given that hundreds of thousands of Labour supporters will turn their backs in disgust and walk away from anything to do with the Labour Party!

  7. Zippi

    This is a survey in which I did take part. I’m glad that the results seem to show commonsense. I will not be giving Owen Smith anything but silence. Now, let’s stop this nonsense and get on with the business of holding the government to account, or is it more important to throw your toys out of the pram, or cry foul, when somebody beat you to the finish line, because they happened to be faster than you? Imagine the Olympic Games, if the other contestants colluded to relieve a winner of their medal?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Quite right. That is why supporters of Mr Corbyn are being urged not to become complacent.

  8. Tim

    I’m sure this is true and as such seals another Labour defeat in 2020 in place indelibly. I’m now wondering what happens then. Will Corbyn step down of carry on like Neil Kinnock? Will the Labour party become a Corbyn fiefdom?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The Labour Party is re-setting back to the policies that it should represent, after a near-fatal dalliance with sub-Tory ideas. That is all. Jeremy Corbyn is the current representative of that change, but not the only person who believes in it, by any stretch of the imagination.

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