Labour troublemaker Neil Coyle is ready to continue causing ‘abuse’

Neil Coyle [Image: Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock].

Neil Coyle [Image: Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock].

Neil Coyle seems to have become well and truly confused about his role in the Labour Party’s attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership election that has followed.

Telling the BBC’s Today programme that Jeremy Corbyn and his allies are not interested in party unity, he went on to say that the Labour leader, if re-elected, would “continue to cause abuse”.

Doesn’t he remember it is his own name on a list of abusive MPs – not that of Jeremy Corbyn?

How does Mr Coyle think he can justify claims that Mr Corbyn is causing abuse, when Mr Corbyn’s every media appearance is punctuated with a statement that he does not condone abuse, will not tolerate it, and has taken action against it?

He makes unsubstantiated claims about the list on which he appears. How does he know Mr Corbyn was aware of its existence or could have prevented its publication – in error – by a junior member of his team?

The only abuse This Writer has seen has been generated by Mr Coyle and the Labour rebels. He says “A year ago, the kind of abuse we are seeing in British politics, certainly on the left, was not there,” and this is true. He and his friends had not started causing it at that time.

He has no evidence to support his claim that “hard-left” members of Corbyn-support group Momentum are being encouraged by Mr Corbyn and his campaign leader John McDonnell – and besides, Momentum is a tiny minority in the Labour Party as a whole – a few thousand among more than half a million.

Mr Coyle suggests Labour members vote to “end this nonsense” – and it is the only sensible part of his outburst.

Labour members should end the nonsense – by supporting Mr Corbyn in the leadership election and demanding an end to the abuses perpetrated by Mr Coyle and his fellow anti-Corbyn Labour MPs.

Responding to the news reports, the Labour MP Neil Coyle told the programme just after 7am that Corbyn and his allies were not interested in party unity. Coyle, who was one of the Labour MPs named on a list of supposed abusive rebels released by the Corbyn camp last week,said that if Corbyn was re-elected, he and his supporters would “just continue to cause abuse”. Referring to the list Coyle said:

If this is their attempt at reaching out or an attempt at engagement, then they are failing abysmally. He [Mr Corbyn] knew about it and did nothing to stop it being drawn up, did nothing to stop it being published, and has done nothing to demonstrate that he is interested in a unified party, which is why I say to any Labour members still listening who haven’t voted yet, they still have until Wednesday to make sure we end this nonsense.

They are not interested in party unity. If they are re-elected, they will just continue to cause abuse. A year ago, the kind of abuse we are seeing in British politics, certainly on the left, was not there. Either by incompetence or design, it has happened under Jeremy’s watch and he should take some responsibility for it.

Coyle said that some members of Momentum, the pro-Corbyn group, were “pragmatic and want to win and want to engage with voters”. But he said some Momentum activists were on the hard left and that Corbyn and John McDonnell were encouraging them.

There is a section who aren’t interested in Labour winning the election, and are interested in only having a particular ideology and -ism at the top of the party. That’s unfortunate, and sadly Jeremy and John McDonnell in particular, they are encouraging that to continue – they are not trying to tackle it.

Source: (1) Corbyn says huge turnout at his rallies shows he can win an election – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian


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8 thoughts on “Labour troublemaker Neil Coyle is ready to continue causing ‘abuse’

  1. casalealex

    …“just continue to cause abuse”… which I take to mean it’s okay to abuse people, cos they bring in on themselves. So that’s okay then?

    I am fed up to the eye teeth with the constant abuse of power permeating from the Labour Party executives and certain MPs on members of the Party and other MPs.

    They are manipulating them with the ability to punish them if they do not comply with their ‘on the hoof’ suspension and/or banned decisions.

  2. Dez

    Yes I see the right wing media is racking up the anti Corbyn rhetoric with John Woodcock MP for Barrow and Furness gaining access to 80% of an inside Mail on Sunday page. In full voice diddums was comparing JC to a wolf in sheeps clothing and dragging out the old “rent-a-mob” scenarios (still using that disproven episode of two MPs having bricks thrown through their windows – yawn) bemoaning the fact he was now on a traitors list of 13 who were by the way were seriosly considering suing for defamation without one word being mentioned about their undemocratic actions in trying to stop a democratic Labour election by the most scandalous abuse of administrative power and resources. Not so much a stunning broadside of the eve of Labour conference but more a confirmation that the Labour Party MPs have been invaded by trojan Tory look-a-likes bent of creating a compliant tame opposition to assist their friends on the other side of the house. Having read his outpourings I can quite see why Labour is in such a mess with this verbeage representing and confirming just how out of touch these MPs are with real life and also what/who they really should be representing and confirming they are in the wrong political party.

  3. Zippi

    A mind reader, now, is he? He knows what supporters of Jeremy Corbyn want, does he? He as asked us, interviewed us, collated the information and has a comprehensive report, which explains the data? Or is he making stuff up, telling lies and staining our reputations? I’ve a good mind to sue. “There is a section who aren’t interested in Labour winning the election, and are interested in only having a particular ideology and -ism at the top of the party.” To coin a phrase; ain’t that the truth(!)

  4. William Murphy

    Coyle has to be deselected from the old Bermondsey LP which has become a hotbed of Blairite poison. Due to his splitting the Labour Party with his treacherous antics he has guaranteed the return of this constituency to Simon Hughes who out of the two is more deserving, but what a shame for any potential Corbynite challenger due to Coyle effectively shxtting on his own doorstep.

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