Rebel Labour MPs want Corbyn to sack McDonnell – so he’ll lower himself to their level?

John McDonnell [Image: Reuters/Darren Staples].

John McDonnell [Image: Reuters/Darren Staples].

Eoin Clarke said it better than I could, on Twitter: “Plotter MPs, ‘we’ll cease to be disloyal provided Corbyn demonstrates disloyalty.’ Drag you down to their level & beat you on experience.

Why on Earth would anybody who has just won the support of the majority of the Labour Party feel the need to give in to any demands by people who betrayed him and tried to force him to resign in an underhand and undemocratic way?

If anybody wants to return to the shadow cabinet, they should be coming back on Jeremy Corbyn’s terms, not their own.

There’s no reason to believe the words quoted in the Daily Mirror article, though – we all know that the “senior figure” in any political party, who is quoted to fill out a speculative story, usually doesn’t exist at all.

This is another scaremongering piece from the anti-Corbyn Mirror. John McDonnell’s job is in no danger at all.

Rebel MPs preparing to return to Jeremy Corbyn’s top team are calling on him to axe key aide John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor.

Negotiations are under way to reunite Labour after almost the entire shadow cabinet quit in the summer.

The rebels are insisting on shadow cabinet elections in any come-back deal – and McDonnell’s demotion.

One senior figure who resigned said someone from the leader’s office had been asking those who quit if they would come back following Corbyn’s re-election triumph.

The source focused on the Shadow Chancellor , who has apologised over the release of a hit-list of 13 MPs opposed to Corbyn.

The politician said: “They asked. What do we need to do?

“I said there needs to be closer links between the Parliamentary Labour Party and shadow cabinet.

“And something needs to be done about McDonnell. He’s disliked across the board. People think he’s vicious.”

Source: Rebel Labour MPs: We’ll rejoin Jeremy Corbyn if he gets rid of John McDonnell – Mirror Online


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11 thoughts on “Rebel Labour MPs want Corbyn to sack McDonnell – so he’ll lower himself to their level?

  1. Brian

    Mirror circulation figures must be plummeting by now, readers are wise to their sensationalism of all things written. Wait for some UFO stories, then you know it’s bad.

  2. Pjay Mac

    I apologise in advance for shouting, the rebels are making demands before they will accept a position, Jeezus H Christ I know we have rules but it seems to me there is only one team playing to them. In honesty we do not need the cabal of The Enemy Within their ideology will never change Greedy People never ever change I cannot get my head around this group making demands that are straight out of the Playground. We will only be your Mate if you have nothing more to do with your best and closest Mate SACK MCDONNELL and all of us will slither right back in this situation is more ludicrous than any Greek Tragedy. The Deputy Leader, The Mayor of London only by courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn’ intervention and backing, The PLP, The NEC, and all MPs who have set out to Destroy JC and his Allies and their vision for our Country, get one thing straight here the above are not Labour People every single one of them are Poor Tories. They are not Rich enough nor well enough acquainted with the Uber Rich and therefore not good enough for the Tories so these like minded Right Wingers infiltrated our Labour Movement 1984– 2016. ” SACK THEM ALL NO MERCY NOT ONE OF THESE SLIMY SNEAKY MPs ARE WORTH THE SPIT OF JC, JMc, and all the other MPs who back THEM.

    The Grassroots Rank and File Must Have an EGM and put Forward a Motion of No Confidence on “EVERY ONE OF THEM”

  3. Jessie

    John McDonnell was one of the few MPs who spoke up for the victims of Atos, while most Labour MPs voted with the Conservative policies to further remove support for the most vulnerable part of our society. The Labour cabinet does not need these traitors, who care for the concerns of a devouring Corporatocracy above the fate of the individual. They should only be allowed back if they show suitable remorse and a big change of attitude.

    John McDonnell also talks much sense about economic matters. As that sense is along the lines of defying an austerity which was never necessary, except for the continued asset stripping of our country – selling our infrastructure to foreign powers while whipping up feelings against poorer foreigners under the guise of patriotism – and the continuing upward flow of wealth to the elite (as they imagine themselves) from everybody else; of course the Establishment want to be rid of someone whose policies would derail their gravy trains.

    Whenever I hear John McDonnell speak, I like what I hear, and the way he gives a straight answer to any question, questions where much more effort is being put into trying to trip him up than for those on the Right; and still they don’t succeed. While Labour Right are caught out lying again and again and again… Even at lying they’re not very good.

    And what about the membership? Who would they prefer to be in the shadow cabinet? Those loyal to the democraticly elected leader and the policies of a moderate socialism; or a bunch of MPs continuingly disloyal and still plotting to undermine any of that?

  4. Roland

    John McDonnell is one of the best Labour MP’s there is, and as for the Mirror I would rather believe some rune stones

  5. Florence

    John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor is non-negotiable for the vast majority of Labour Party members. Plain and simple he is held in great esteem for his vision in scoping out the areas for post-neoliberalism. He alone is the one who is defining how we achieve the reduction in inequality, the ending of base poverty (UBI), jobs, education and housing. Most of all it is his vision to revamp the economy for all of us. He knows the vast majority of the country do not have the personal comfort of £millions in the bank, and the huge pension of ex-MPs, the revolving door with the establishment and banks for the gravy train to be a never-ending merry-go-round of privilege and comfort for those (like Tristram Hunt and his sponsor, David Sainsbury) for whom neoliberalism has been very very kind.

    But most of all, any who are close to the Labour party will know John is held with great affection too, for his tireless work supporting Jeremy Corbyn in his leadership, and the constant energy he has invested in keeping the members involved through seminars and conference events, his personal interest in disability campaigns, right down to his personal correspondence with those who have been purged. They are focusing on John because he is part of the whole package and they know the party members will never allow him to be traded away simply to let back into cabinet the neoliberal chicken coup leaders, who have behaved as classic Stalinist political thugs, and their greek tragedy chorus of the weak and self-serving PLP squealers.

  6. Roy Beiley

    This stuff gets sillier and sillier by the day. Why on earth would JC sack John McDonnell? Huh! Do they sit around in a cabal doing ‘Blue Sky Thinking” shouting out “ideas” which are listed on a whiteboard by Alastair Campbell. Then he or a group of somebodies chooses the most off the wall one and leaks it to the media.

  7. casalealex

    Even though they know that the majority of those who re-elected Jeremy Corbyn, knowing that he fully supports his Shadow Chancellor, the ‘fifth columnist’ backstabbers are demanding that John McDonnell be sacked, as a blackmail to rejoining the Shadow Cabinet.

    The loyal party members, who fully support Corbyn and his right=hand man, will not give in to the blatant intimidation of these disloyal and traitorous reprobates.

    1. Catherine Newton

      I have never read such a load of rubbish . There are many thousands labour members who are not Corbyn or Mcdonnel supporters , and many millions in the country . What you seem to forget , it is not only labour members who we need to vote for the desperately needed labour government , but at least 11 million voters . Jeremy Corbyn and John Mcdonnel are leading the labour party into the wilderness , wake up .

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        There were 193,229 Labour members who were known not to support Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell on September 24 – we’ve just seen a leadership election so the numbers are available to us. Mr Corbyn was supported by more than 313,000 members. His supporters are the clear majority.
        I don’t think anybody has forgotten that voters who are not Labour party members are needed if a Labour government is to be elected.
        But you seem to have forgotten that New Labour haemorrhaged voters. It threw them away like bad rubbish – 4.9 million of them over 13 years.
        Under Jeremy Corbyn (and John McDonnell, if you like), Labour has increased its membership hugely. That is because people like their policy platform. Opponents can say it’s because of some kind of personality cult around Mr Corbyn if they want, but that clearly isn’t the case. It’s the change of direction that is attracting people back.
        We’ve seen that in elections – even with the drag factor of adverse media publicity. Labour is making gains, and it is up to the new members to ensure that this continues.
        I should add that none of your comments are original and all have been refuted by myself and also by others who have, no doubt, done so in much better ways.

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