If the NHS may be likened to a ship, then it is sinking. Jeremy Hunt’s solution, it seems, is to throw away all the lifejackets and sink all the rafts.

It seems that he is planning, not only to fine doctors who leave the NHS for foreign health markets immediately after they finish their training, but also to fine those who quit the service because they are sick of what he and the Conservatives have done to it.

Members of the medical profession are already up in arms about his mishandling of the UK’s greatest public asset (Tories don’t understand the NHS and can never – ever – be trusted with it).

Now they are saying that, having cocked up the junior doctors’ contract dispute in monumental manner, he wants to tie doctors to it in what amounts to enslavement.

“He knows that we are not stupid, we know his plans are dangerous. He knows we will not tolerate them for long. And he fears his plans failing. So he tries to enslave us, scared of the eventuality that his failures will be made public and his lies no longer defended,” writes Dr Ben Janaway in the blog quoted below.

And that day may not be too far away. “Your threaten NHS staff, you threaten the public too”, writes Dr Janaway.

Well, the public may not feel overly threatened yet. But they will.

And then Jeremy Hunt’s slaves will have the whip hand.

It seems that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is about to hang his own noose.

It will soon be public that ‘Mr Impotent’ threatens to fine doctors who plan to leave the NHS, imposing financial penalties on those who are tired of this poor decisions and their repercussions.

This may appear like an act of strength, but like the frightened bite of a cornered dog, this is little more than fear.

Jeremy Hunt is losing. He has been exposed in court as having no power to impose his contract. More and more are baying for public inquiry into his alleged multiple misconducts, the end result of which will be his termination. His policies are laughable and his soundbites tired. His grasp of evidence is embarrassing and his ignorance exemplary. At the worst his motivations are sinister.

His recent promise to ‘stop relying on EU doctors’ seems absolutely delusional  (and to be honest quite offensive, would you think a foreign doctor any less qualified?) In the context of his dangerous new contract, doctors leaving in mounting numbers and Brexit reducing workforce immigration, the NHS is facing the worst staffing crisis in years.

But now his plan is clear, fining us for leaving. Knowing he cannot reason with us, or trick us into accepting his lies, he uses the only weapon he knows, bullying and intimidation.

Source: Jeremy Hunts latest move is a sign of desperation. – Mind and Medicine