Radio presenter reveals: Amber Rudd’s speech echoes Mein Kampf


Perhaps Amber Rudd took the BNP at their word – and hired one of them to be her speech-writer.

Yes, it seems the Tories really are modelling themselves on the Nazis these days.

Not only did Amber Rudd actually use the words “British jobs for British workers” – a BNP slogan from years ago, as you can see in the image above – but her demand that companies declare the number of migrant workers they employ appears to be a direct lift from Adolf Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf.

Here’s James O’Brien of radio station LBC to explain:

This startling observation stopped James O’Brien in his tracks – the eerie similarities between Amber Rudd’s plan to list foreign workers and a passage in Mein Kampf.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: “I want to read you something from Amber Rudd’s speech yesterday. ‘For the state must draw a sharp line of distinction between those who, as members of the nation, are the foundation and support of its existence and greatness, and those who are domiciled in the state, simply as earners of their livelihood there.’

“‘Very important that firms declare how much of their workforce is foreign because they’re just domiciled in this state simply as earners of their livelihood there. They’re not members of the nation, they’re not members of the foundation and the support of the nation’s existence and greatness.

“‘You have to have a sharp line of distinction between those who are members of the nation and those who are just domiciled here as earners of their livelihoods.’

“No, that wasn’t from Amber Rudd’s speech yesterday, I’m really sorry, that’s from Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

“If you’re going to have a sharp line of distinction between people born here and people who just work here, you’re enacting chapter two of Mein Kempf. Strange times.”

(Source: James O’Brien Compares Amber Rudd’s Speech To Hitler’s… – James O’Brien – Presenters – Radio – LBC )

Startlingly, LBC is apparently a right-wing station.

If you’re struggling to find a silver lining in the cloud of fascism that is settling over the UK like a shroud, then take solace in the fact that Ms Rudd made a complete and utter fool of herself very shortly after her speech.

Having demanded that British firms list the number of foreign workers on their books, it turns out she can’t even provide the number of foreign nationals working for the Home Office.



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13 thoughts on “Radio presenter reveals: Amber Rudd’s speech echoes Mein Kampf

  1. joanna

    If someone works here and pays taxes here, why should it matter whether or not they are immigrants? We need them as much as they need to be here! What is this governments ultimate goal? In the end how can they be enriching anyone even themselves by destroying this country?
    Even if Labour does win the next election, the Tories have done so much damage, it would be impossible, to put anything right in 5 years, which would bring back the Tories to continue on their road to destruction.
    I am so glad I never had children, because they would have to suffer, for myself there is no future, just existing!!!

  2. chriskitcher

    Too rapidly are we aping the Germany of the 1930’s. With the hope of a civilising effect from the EU gone we will just become a fascist outpost near the Continent by 2019. WHAT THE HELL CAN WE DO TO STOP THESE ANIMALS?

    1. chris

      we stop them by fighting, calling them out, protesting, and voting them out! we will never be a fascist outpost near the Continent by 2019!

  3. NMac

    Wow! These people really are right-wing zealots and bigots. Hitler began his reign of terror by making lists of Jewish/Gypsy people and others the Nazi’s didn’t approve of.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Context. The whole Tory Conference has been uncomfortably fascistic in its tone. Can you say that, reasonably, about Gordon Brown? Can you say that about “I’m backing Britain”?

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I think most people will remember it only from the flag flying at the end of Carry on Up the Khyber.

  4. mohandeer

    There are lots of subtleties on the journey towards fascism, many of which have already been adopted by the Tories and Labour’s Right Wing. The terrifying part is that they don’t even know it.
    I remember reading a book on the Rise of the Third Reiche and it referred often to speeches made by Hitler he used in order to gather supporters and it reminded me of what is being said at the moment, especially by Tories, like the one Amber Rudd gave:

  5. Tony Dean

    I think I am going to have to compare Amber Rudd’s speech with the one Hitler gave at the 1944 Nuremberg Rally which is shown in The Triumph of the Will. (I have it on DVD.)
    Some of it sounded very familiar.

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