Labour’s power struggle can only end if grassroots members lay down the law

161024-power-grabIt seems clear that the Labour Party’s right-wing has turned its back on democracy and is now doing everything within its power to hinder Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

That is no way to behave, in a party of government. Labour cannot oppose the Conservative government if its once-favoured few are determined to throw a spanner in the works every five minutes.

They need to be shown that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

This Writer has already shown the way – my CLP has passed a motion calling for the National Executive Committee to nullify the decision to introduce 15 rule changes at once, because Paddy Lillis prevented conference delegates from voting in the proper manner.

The vote may be voided because what followed was the will of Mr Lillis – not conference.

Further, similar, motions are on the way from other constituencies, I understand.

Now, we have information that conference was misled about the package of rule changes in three important ways – further invalidating the vote.

All those involved need to face party disciplinary procedures. They should be removed from positions of responsibility as they clearly cannot be trusted to fill them in a responsible way.

It is for the members to ensure that this happens, through the National Executive Committee.

If you’re a member of the Labour party (if you’re not, join!), then it’s essential that you move a resolution, in time for your next monthly CLP meeting, demanding the annulment of this completely-illegal power-grab, which cannot be allowed to stand, and the immediate removal of the two additional ‘crowbarred’ members from the NEC.

New evidence has emerged that confirms not only the desperate lengths to which the plotters were prepared to go in order to nullify a huge democratic landslide, but that they acted in an unprecedentedly illegal manner. A new Left Futures article reveals that it wasn’t only at the Conference that the rules were ignored and broken, but also that:

  • contrary to what was claimed at the Conference, the CAC (conference arrangements committee) had not been sent a package of rules by the NEC, but a list of individual rule changes to be voted on by delegates
  • that a staff member misled the CAC by advising them that it was a package deal
  • that there is no precedent whatever for rules being forced through as a ‘take it or leave it’ package at an annual Conference – which means that delegates were lied to from the platform when it was claimed this was standard practice

It’s clearer than ever that the right-wingers of the Labour party have no intention of ‘unity’ or ‘pulling together’ and that the words are regarded merely as convenient cover for their continued attempts to control the party by undemocratic means. Expulsion is the only real remedy.

Source: We told you so – new evidence confirms NEC power-grab rule package illegal | The SKWAWKBOX Blog

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8 thoughts on “Labour’s power struggle can only end if grassroots members lay down the law

  1. Thomas Walker

    Been a member for 18months had 1 CLP meeting in that 1 cancelled because Sharon Hodgson felt threatened.didn’t stop her supporting the Welshman at the hustings,clapping and cheering like a 12 year old at one direction.

  2. shashawn

    As you state, it seems very likely that the pronouncements of pulling together and unity were merely a subterfuge to throw opponents off their guard. Anything other than expulsion seems to fall on two counts: it offends natural justice and it’s impractical for the Labour Party to mount a credible opposition to the Conservatives while there remains in power a cadre of ex-somethings regularly stabbing the Party in the back.

    1. rupertrlmitchell

      Unless those responsible for destroying any possible chance of getting rid of the Tories are removed Labour is finished. It is time for a National vote on who the MAJORITY of true Labour members want to run the NEC and for the party to split if it has to, as continuing on in this treacherous manner is just an insult to the majority of us.

      I have still not received my “pardon” from Mr. McNicol and reinstatement of my membership of the Party; not that I want his “pardon” but his abject apology and precise reason for his action at such a critical time for the vote for the leadership.

      Frankly the only reason I am still paying my monthly subscription is to support Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the party and in the hope that we can remove those who seem to be only interested in their own personal gain rather than those of the majority of members of the real Labour Party (under the leadership of the elected Jeremy Corbyn) whom they are supposed to represent.

  3. johnpreid

    One councillor said the 172 no confidence MPs ought to realize we campaign for them, so shouldn’t be rude to Jeremy, ironic Knowing how rude some councillors are to us, the foot soldiers when we go out deliverer all those leaflets those years

  4. Kazek Lokuciewski

    This is not just a Labour issue. The Establishment have teams out infiltrating every activist group and the higher the position they attain within that group the better.

    What % of people say that most politicians are crooks in it for themselves? Over 50%?

    Ok what % of people, outside the political cliques stand for election to provide a viable alternative?

    That one is easy to check. Count your independent candidates.

    Of those, what % of them respect that you can not possibly know them and therefore provide a #RecallGuarantee to take apropriate steps to propose and support the legislation they say they will?

    1 in about 40,000,000.

    Yes. 1 in about 40,000,000 people are willing to stand for election from a platform of being required to propose and support, or oppose, some legislation as clearly listed.

    Grass roots members do need to lay down the law, but what does that mean if not that potential candidates sign a recall guarantee requiring that they propose and support some key legislation?

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