Tory Councillor says the homeless should be ‘eliminated’

Conservative Cllr David Heseltine wants to "eliminate" the homeless from the streets of Bradford.

Conservative Cllr David Heseltine wants to “eliminate” the homeless from the streets of Bradford.

This is the truth behind the façade of ‘caring Conservatism’ – the poor are victim-blamed for their own poverty and the Tories call for them to be persecuted.

What exactly does Mr Heseltine envisage when he suggests grabbing the homeless “by the scruff of the neck” and ensuring they were “eliminated”?

Is he suggesting that these people, who have committed no crime – unless you consider it a crime to be unlucky – should be assaulted by the state?

There, but for the grace of God (or whatever you believe in), go you, Mr Heseltine! Your good fortune is as much a result of good luck as theirs is of bad.

Perhaps someone should take this Tory “by the scruff of the neck” and “deal” with him. Let’s see how he likes it.

David Heseltine, a Conservative Party Councillor in Bradford, has caused outrage during a meeting of the Council’s regeneration overview and scrutiny committee by stating that:

The tramps and drunks sleeping in doorways. What we need to do is get them by the scruff of the neck and deal with them. People have said they’d go into Bradford if they were eliminated.

Why Councillor Heseltine believes that perpetrating an assault on the homeless would rectify the problem is a mystery. He would be better advised to encourage his colleagues to work towards providing people with homes, opportunities for employment, improving mental health services and providing interventions for alcohol and drug addiction.

The ‘Nasty Party’ Councillor said that he had spoken to people who claimed that they would not visit Bradford city centre due to the number of drinkers and beggars.

Source: Tory Councillor says that the homeless should be ‘grabbed by the scruff of the neck’ and ‘eliminated’ |

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17 thoughts on “Tory Councillor says the homeless should be ‘eliminated’

  1. Sven Wraight

    When he says “people” have said they want the homeless eliminated, he seems to me to be “testing the waters”: trying to incite violence without suffering the legal consequences if there are enough decent people to put him in his place.

  2. robert fillies

    There is no such thing as caring conservatism,only a callous disregard for the poor or the disabled.

  3. Justin

    they need to look at why there are so many homeless, something to do with there policies perhaps or is that stating the obvious, perhaps this particular conservative expert should get out of his tory office and work the night shift of a shelter for a month, spend some time working a food-bank and some time in a mental health unit that handles drug/alcohol cases, there is a ideal time when there having there summer holiday, he could spend three months learning about what he seems so knowledgeable and learn how his party and it’s policies have caused the problem in the first place, there is the alternate, hoopefully he find that out at the next election when people realise that the tory is not the tory party but the ignorant, horrible and uncaring party unless your rich of course

  4. Sean Gibbins

    God forbid the Tories address the disease and not the symptoms though, eh Councillor Heseltine?

  5. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    This person should be removed from any position of responsibility on the Bradford Council forthwith as his comments are tantamount to incitement of hatred of those who depend on the state for assistance where and when necessary.

  6. Dan

    Homeless people in cities don’t cause me any problems. The people that will make me avoid city centres are the “chuggers” and lying energy or broadband company clipboard-wavers, but I doubt the Tories have any plans to “deal with” them.

  7. Barry Davies

    Cameron was the most open about it, with his continual mantra for 6 years of “for hardworking people” which by definition means he wasn’t bothered about anyone else, this has embedded itself int he psyche of the British people who all if working consider themselves to be hardworking, and that anyone else is a useless scrounger, it will take a considerable time to rebalance the damage done by cameron.

  8. Christine Cullen

    Oh dear! Inconveniently for the Nasty Party, the truth will out sometimes. It says something about the level of cynicism that British society has descended to in recent years after unrelenting propaganda, that a remark like that can be made with little reaction other than on admirable sites like this one.

  9. Lin Wren

    Exterminate! exterminate! Stupid bloody man. Sitting in his Belgravia Town House while criticising the poor & homeless that he helped create. Got a problem Hessy then go talk to the other millionaire’s in your party & make it right.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s probably too much like hard work – doing the job for which he was elected.

  10. As above

    to eliminate something does not always mean What you are insisting to eliminate means to ‘destroy’ what about rehome would that not eliminate the problem. Some people sensationalise stories to get lemmings to follow

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      So he was going to grab these people “by the scruff of the neck” and then put them in a nice new home?
      Please. Don’t insult our intelligence.
      No sensationalising was necessary – all we needed were his own words. Try to comment on what is actually there, rather than what you want.

  11. mrmarcpc

    That’s what all tories believe in and want to do to the homeless and the sick, the mentally and physically ill, the poor, the ethnic minorities, all foreigners, until only the the privileged, inbred, posh, rich, arrogant, out of touch conservatives only exist in this dump!

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