Jeremy Corbyn attacks politicians who ‘demonise’ the disabled and benefit claimants

Jeremy Corbyn at the Disability Equality roadshow [Image: Andy Lambert].

Jeremy Corbyn at the Disability Equality roadshow [Image: Andy Lambert].

Hear, hear.

So the choice for the sick and disabled is clear: If you vote Conservative, you’ll have a government that vilifies you, demonises you and drives you to suicide.

Vote Labour for respect, care, and equal opportunities.

It’s that simple.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said disabled people and those on social security had been ‘demonised’ by some politicians as he slammed the government’s record of helping society’s least fortunate on a visit to Manchester.

Mr Corbyn, speaking as his party launched a campaign for disability equality, said some of the country’s most vulnerable people had born the brunt of swingeing Tory cuts.

Joined by Oldham East and Saddleworth MP and Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Debbie Abrahams at Manchester’s UNISON trade union building, he said some disabled people had faced ‘horrifying’ hate crimes since Brexit.

Mr Corbyn added: “Some politicians have sought to legitimise cuts, demonising people with disabilities as scroungers and shirkers – remember that language that was used in the past?

“We will never use that language. It is out of court, unacceptable, and should be unacceptable in any kind of decent civilised society.

“And they have whipped up hatred towards disabled people.

“The hate crime that has grown particularly since the Brexit referendum has been horrifying.

“Horrifying in its racism, horrifying in its misogyny, horrifying in its homophobia, horrifying in its attacks on people with disabilities across the country.”

Source: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attacks politicians who ‘demonise’ the disabled and those on benefits – Manchester Evening News

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14 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn attacks politicians who ‘demonise’ the disabled and benefit claimants

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m not forgiving them.
      In fact, I don’t think I’ll be in a forgiving mood towards them until long after they have passed away.

    2. pj21516

      Brian you are a better person than me I’m with Mike on this one no forgiveness, a disability can strike anyone at anytime at any age it does not discriminate young middle aged elderly, just like the Tory Party all of them every single MP,member, donator, supporter and voter a disablement has No Soul it takes everything from you. In April 2012 1year after 3 serious operations different conditions I received a letter from Belfast informing me that as of May 2012 I would be receiving Lower Rate DLA only, as I was justifiably receiving at the time The Higher Rate and Middle Rate DLA this was a shock. I had worked all my life paid all that was required of me had my own cleaning business and was working 17hrs a day on 13th April 2011 at age 59 I was struck down by two Cardiac Arrests in June I was hit by a massive bleed into my bowel and finally in August I took a dizzy fell and fractured my Calcaneum 2011 is not my favourite Year. I appealed twice lost the first won the second and was awarded Higher Rate DLA and Lower Rate DLA this Friday coming Nov 18th 2016 I am being visited by an ATOS health care expert to determine if I am a chancer scrounger shirker or I do indeed need this help. I find this degrading and humiliating but I am past caring I detest every official involved in this hate crime against the Disabled I didn’t want a disablement but I got three and finally I find it Sinister that the DWP are carrying out these Nazi style assessment’s under the guise of Helping the Disabled into Work I myself have 2 Months until my official Retirement I will be 65 and my Doctor, Counselor, and Surgeons know I cannot work if I could I would. So after Friday 18th November I will be in limbo not knowing if I will have an existence or not it is now UP TO THE dum de dum dum dum “DECISION MAKER” what absolute B*****ks they know what they’re doing to us before the I don’t make the decision ATOS health expert arrives. Therefore I am sorry Brian I will never Forgive.

  1. Michael Broadhurst

    whilst i agree with everything Corbyn is doing,he needs to rant and rave more in Parliament about what the selfservatives are doing,and get all the other parties backs up against May’s Nazi Party.

  2. Nick

    i’m afraid with trump the president of the usa anyone can now abuse a sick and disabled person

    yes you may get arrested but with the right wing parties of the EU and the USA gaining ground the sick and disabled are on there way out where decency and respect is concerned

    sure labour is decent but i don’t think the public what this type of thinking anymore ?

    i may be wrong but as always i doubt it

    in 2020 there will be 2 scenarios taking place ‘making jeremy corbyn the prime minister on a caring concerned platform or wiping the labour party out to a conservatives and ukip future

    and in reality i see no other way forward ?

    corbyn shares the same views as trump in that they want to rebuild their countries but with the right wing gaining ground across europe i can’t see how corbyn on the left could take power ?

    i’m told it’s impossible from a country in a EU setting. there is no doubt about it anything could happen in 2020 at the next general election but i think with trump the president of the USA the remainder of the western countries will want to follow in his footsteps and not gamble with the labour party ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      There’s currently quite a large backlash developing against the kind of thinking that suggests it is permissible to abuse minorities, in fact.
      Look at the message by Senora Tarman that I published a few hours ago:
      I know it’s about racism and sexism but the same sentiments hold true across the board.
      The challenge, over the next few years, is to make it clear to people where the hate originates and who they need to support if they want a return to sanity.

  3. Barry Davies

    Well if he only noticed the manner in which the government, inclusive of Blairs nu labour has attacked the disabled and sick since brexit what was he seeing before? Austerity in particular has made matters worse, claiming it is due to brexit is ludicrous.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Blair’s New Labour hasn’t been around since 2010 and cannot have done anything at all after Brexit.
      And look – you’re running together two separate strands of his speech.
      He was saying the Tory cuts have harmed people.
      And he was saying hate crime has increased since Brexit.
      Both those statements are accurate.
      Hate crime against the sick and disabled was on the increase prior to the EU vote, but Mr Corbyn was saying it has increased more strongly since.

  4. casalealex

    However, it is worrying that some Labour MPs and councillors have also used derogatory words against the sick and disabled, and have voted with the Tory ‘government’ on their swingeing cuts and inhumane policies towards the most vulnerable.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes indeed.
      We can be sure that these are Labour MPs who do not support Mr Corbyn and may therefore find themselves replaced by more appropriate Labour candidates in readiness for future elections. I know Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that he doesn’t want this, but the membership cannot and should not tolerate this behaviour.

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