Why should you and I pay for Buckingham Palace renovation? We don’t live there

161119-buckingham-palaceThat’s right – the public purse is being opened to pay for a £369 million renovation of Buckingham Palace. Why?

The Royal Family is worth a fortune and the money could – and should – be spent on things that are far more important to the national good.

But this just shows how twisted Tory morality is. Faced with a choice between the national interest and paying more money to people who are already filthy rich, they hand the money to the monarch every time.

People are responding, as they generally do, creatively. Here’s Brian Bilston’s poem, They’re Renovating Buckingham Palace, with apologies to AA Milne:


Prefer your satire visual? Try this:


Or, indeed, this:


No doubt the Royal Family will sail through this situation with their reputation untarnished, because the British people see to have a remarkable blind spot when it comes to them.

But then, the decision to give away our money wasn’t made by the royals – it was made by Theresa May and that gang of fawning toadies, the Conservative Government.

Please sign the petition calling on them to tell the Queen to fix up her own gaff.

Buckingham Palace is about to be given a £369m refurbishment. Tax payers are paying for it. The Crown and its estates should be made to fund its own renovations.

There is a national housing crisis, the NHS is in crisis, austerity is forcing cuts in many front line services. Now the Royals expect us to dig deeper to refurbish Buckingham Palace. The Crown’s wealth is inestimable. This is, in a word, outrageous.

Source: Make Royals Pay for Palace Renovation | Campaigns by You

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9 thoughts on “Why should you and I pay for Buckingham Palace renovation? We don’t live there

  1. joanna

    I’m not blinded, I think they are totally irrelevant! Of the money that supposedly comes in because of them? Where does that money go?

    I think it is totally insulting that they get all that money to renovate when thousands of children will have no home, or security in life, which Should be a Human Right!!!!
    And this is right upon Christmas!!!

  2. foggy

    Just think how far that amount of money would go in the Mental Health services. I’ll bet my last penny that receipts aren’t shown for every penny spent.

    We all know it’s a done deal but as that failure IDS always spouted ‘one should cut ones cloth to ones own means’ so with that in mind the Royals should take in lodgers to improve their income and there’s plenty of homeless to fill those empty rooms !!

  3. Dez

    Hopefully this will keep the Con crawlers from thinking about another new majestic royal yacht that hasn’t been needed for many years….. It does make sense that if there are cash, funds or profits available from their royal enterprises these should be the first port of call … even if co-funded it would show some royal understanding of the state of some of this nation.

  4. joanna

    What those scroungers could do is rent the spare bedrooms in all their palaces, out to their own circle of idle rich friends, of course, that would raise the money needed and they can leave us alone!!!!

  5. mohandeer

    The Royals have been pampered for so long and the witless Duke of Cambridge being allowed to get away with remarks about people on benefits getting hundreds of thousands(of pounds)when he himself is the real “sponger” are beyond reasonable. The Queen can sit back every day without a care in the world while her subjects are starved, young and old, homeless, young and old, jobless and working, young and old and scraping a pathetic living to get by, young and old. The Royals have wealth beyond imagination but the taxpayers pay a yearly tribute to them close to a billion pounds yearly to allow them to sponge off all of us, young and old. If the Queen can be so dismissive of the plight of millions of her subjects, what exactly do we owe her?
    Shouldn’t it be seen in the light of what does she owe us? the answer of course is – a lot more than we get.

  6. RobtheFox

    Sad that people begrudge paying 1p per week to renovate a State owned building which, if the present occupants moved out, would stıll be State owned and need renovation…..

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