We need to talk about Donald

I’m going to take a leaf out of Canary boss Kerry-Anne Mendoza’s book. She tweeted:

“‘He wouldn’t *really* ban Muslims. It’s just a campaign tactic!’

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”


“He wouldn’t *really* build a wall along the Mexican border. It’s just a campaign tactic!”

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”

“‘He doesn’t *really* believe there was widespread voter fraud. He certainly won’t launch an investigation!’

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”

“He wouldn’t *really* gag US government agencies!”

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”

“He wouldn’t *really* sign an executive order pushing potentially-leaky oil pipelines through Native Americans’ drinking water supplies!”

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”

“He wouldn’t *really* sign an executive order making it harder for women to have safe abortions!”

“Yeah, well done Trump apologists.”

To be honest, This Writer has no idea how many of these actions were actually denied by supporters of Herr Drumpf before he took office, but they are certainly activities that nobody in their right mind could support, given the evidence we have.

Regarding abortion, I particularly approved of the following comment by Martin Belam of the Graun:


And Felicity Morse wrote a strong piece about her own experience of abortion and the shame society attaches to it – shame that may worsen as a result of Herr Drumpf’s order.

But these are attacking only the symptoms of the problem we must all face, and for the next four years, at least.

The cause is Donald Trump, and the very particular mentality that got him elected – and us into a huge amount of trouble.

We need to talk about Donald.

I read an interesting opinion – that the President is disturbed because, while he won enough electoral colleges to get into the Oval Office, he didn’t win the popular vote. Here it is:


Some of you may remember there was a similar issue with another Republican president – Richard Nixon.

He never got over his loss to John F Kennedy in 1960.

When he finally got into the White House in 1969, Nixon was a mass of paranoia. He didn’t trust anybody – just as Drumpf doesn’t seem to trust anybody now. With Nixon, we all know where that led.

Will we see history repeat itself?

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17 thoughts on “We need to talk about Donald

  1. NMac

    Trump takes nasty bigotry and pig ignorance to new high levels. He is a very unpredictable and dangerous individual. What worries me is how May and the Tories want to grovel and suck up to him.

      1. Joan Edington

        Oooo, you’re so confrontational Mike. “defeat”? What on earth made you think I was trying to defeat you at anything? I was merely trying to bring some light-heartedness into somebody’s otherwise gloomy existence, in these days of utter disaster on all fronts.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Oh, I do apologise. In these days of utter disaster on all fronts and extreme confrontational behaviour about everything, I may have been hasty.
        If you had written “Except humorously”, I might have twigged a little easier.

  2. Christine Cullen

    Paranoia is a scary thing as is Trump’s new imaginary reality backed up by his crazy “alt right” flunkeys; but we need to also focus on what he is actually doing by empowering big business and not putting in any safeguards. My sister who lives in Denver informs me that the worst thing to happen so far is the repealing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare.) As a result, she emailed me,

    “Our children and grandchildren are losing cover for pre-existing conditions (she has a disabled granddaughter,) coverage for our children up to 26 is going away, employers having to provide health insurance is going away, catastrophic coverage is going away … they might as well bury us now!”

    Long live the NHS. We need to do everything we can to protect it. I really hope Theresa May has her wits about her talking to Trump tomorrow because Liam Fox will be eyeing deals with American healthcare companies and big pharma in the not too distant future, if he hasn’t already acted. We still have a government that can be held to account and we need to make sure our opposition MPs do exactly that in the coming months and insist on full transparency. We want Trump to remain a sideshow for now and not be allowed to get involved in our country’s affairs, even second hand, but keep a wary watchful eye on that paranoia!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Obamacare! I knew I had forgotten something important.
      See, he hasn’t been in office for a week and the damage he has inflicted is incredible.

      1. NMac

        The really baffling question to me is why so many people who will suffer terribly by losing Obamacare voted for Trump?

  3. mohandeer

    Lets talk about Obama. “He wouldn’t really fund head chopping terrorists to murder civilians” he did, well done all those who remained silent on this atrocity.
    “He wouldn’t really enable a violent neo nazi regime coup against a democratically elected leader” he did, and the retards who took power started ethnically cleansing Russian speaking Donbass citizens causing 1.8 million to flee to Russia, well done all those who sat idly by and said sweet FA.
    “He wouldn’t condone the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian men, women and children from their own homeland” he did, well done all those who found something else to report on to avoid the awkward reality.
    “He wouldn’t bomb the **** out of seven countries in six years just to stop Russian “spheres of influence”, he did and the powerful corporate owned institutions of the west gave him a Nobel Peace Prize.
    “He wouldn’t send drones out to attack four wedding parties, several villages and cause the death of over 2,000 innocent civilians for no better reason than he could, he did, well done everyone involved in the deafening silence in condemnation.
    Now for Killary Clinton, Madelaine Allbright, Ashton Carter, Victoria Nuland(of the wealthy and powerful Kagan family) and most of the Pentagon and CIA/Military top brass of the USA…………

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m wondering what you’re trying to say.
      By diverting attention onto Obama, and saying what he has done (and please keep your language clean on this site!) you are normalising what Trump is doing. “Obama did this, so Trump’s not so bad.”
      Why would you want to do that?

  4. Christine Cullen

    I think he’s saying the US is a rogue state. Having spent a lot of time there in the last 10 years, (NYC, Denver and Oklahoma City plus road trips) I tend to agree. It’s scary how little the American public know about what is done in their name around the world no matter who the president is. Mainly their ignorance is of their own making. They are insular and live with the dangerous assumption that they are the greatest country in the world because they are told that from birth. NY City and the larger California cities are exceptions on the whole, where there are more diverse populations and a mix of views. Much more healthy than small town America where most of Trump’s support resides.
    Given the choice between Obama and Trump, I’d choose Obama. Many of his foreign policies were terrible and there’s nothing to suggest that Trump won’t be even worse, but at least Obama instituted a range of domestic policies that benefited the 99%
    The personality and unpredictability of Trump are plain scary. Just look at today’s announcements! And they keep coming day by day.

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