Tories admit they changed PIP criteria after judges’ rulings because of cost, not need

Penny Mordaunt: Would rather see sick people suffer than pay a penny extra.

This is more on the Conservative Government’s decision to change the eligibility criteria for the Personal Independence Payment, based on the amount it would cost, rather than the needs of claimants.

You see, it’s all about persecution.

The Tories have decided that they will set aside only a certain amount of money for sickness and disability benefits. This amount has nothing to do with the number of claimants or their individual needs and everything to do with Conservative Party prejudices; they want to cut taxes for the rich and they want to cut public services.

They have already spent years spreading disinformation that people with long-term illnesses and disabilities are scroungers who are faking it. This is a lie, but it has gained enough traction to ensure that hate crime against such people has increased markedly since the Conservatives came back into office in 2010.

This means that the sick and disabled – especially the mentally ill – have been pushed into a situation where they feel powerless to do anything other than accept whatever the Tories give them, no matter how meagre or mean.

The ultimate intention? To push these people into destitution and/or death, either due to the worsening of their condition or suicide – either will do because the Tories, via the Department for Work and Pensions, will claim that such deaths are nothing to do with their policies.

This Site – and others – have been pointing out this inconvenient truth for years, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through to the general public.

Please feel free to do your bit and remind any friends you may have, who might be interested.

Two tribunals had ruled the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should expand the reach of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – which helps disabled people fund their living costs.

Yet the DWP warned that would cost £3.7bn extra by 2022 – so unveiled emergency legislation to stop the change happening.

But there was fury after she tightened the law without consulting the government’s own Social Security Advisory Committee.

Source: Tory ministers have rewritten the law to deny increased disability benefit payments to more than 150,000 people

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12 thoughts on “Tories admit they changed PIP criteria after judges’ rulings because of cost, not need

  1. Ginni Deville

    This morning I had to be privy to the ‘queue’ at the PIP assessment office and it was a disgraceful insight into how we are treating disabled people these days. There were at least 4 elderly people barely standing up having to wait outside in the freezing cold because there was no waiting area inside – well there was but they were not allowed to wait in there even though the door was open.

  2. Jeffrey Davies

    Did one think these devils have heart hmmm they shown time and time again they above the law Norman law runs today one for them another for us yet the great culling of the stock goes on Aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado

  3. treborc

    Calling people workshy and lazy and scroungers were a labour party motivation, not forgetting Gordon Brown wanted to end DLA for everyone .

    Now of course after the banking crises it was obvious things would be changed, but what excuse did labour have in 1997 hate.

    WCA ESA are labour and PIP’s uses the Unum Provident medical.

    Tories of course are hammering down on people they are following Blair’s lot not forgetting DLA was Thatcher ideology , sadly the new plan is to follow Blair and make it much harder to get benefits

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What a dirty little comment.
      You can’t call any of New Labour’s attitude a Labour Party motivation. New Labour was a project intended to make Labour electable by pretending to be Tories. Notice how the party as a whole has rejected this movement and only a few New Labour hangers-on are left in the PLP.
      The direction of travel for sickness and disability benefits was set during the Conservative government of 1992-7. Labour inherited the advisors (Unum) and it is no surprise that one of the ministers responsible has become a Tory Lord.
      To try to blame the current Labour Party for this travesty is nonsense.

      1. Justin

        fair enough re your comment about unum,however it is still twenty years later and no ones seems to want to deal with unum or there spin off policies and companies, some trusts admit that they are a problem and one or two have spoken up bt when you have what you have at the moment until there is a element of taking the responsibility back to those that are responsible nothing will happen, try looking at the complaints procedure 4 stages then ice, all to try and avoid a nmc or hscp case, what sorta state is a vunerable adult or there representative going to be in by the time they got through that little lot, no wonder they don’t even bother to apologise when they get it wrong now, the system needs a big shake up and it dont start with vunerable adults it starts with assessors and work upwards

    2. Justin

      Workshy and lazy came about before 1997 I think you find, thatcher years time so the that would be in the 80,s and has always been a tory Mantra, it was probably worded differently then though!

      you mention the banking crisis, who caused that, banker’s and there greed, have they learn’t anything from that at all, no they still pay bonuses when they don’t do well and they still bleat like pigs when things go wrong, so the banking industry needs a total overhaul, stronger regulation and when they break the law as well as massive fines all round, start throwing a few md’s in prison, you only need to do that a couple of times.

      unum medical etc was bought about by labour time, i do agree, however, i don’t think labour appreciated what a horrid bunch they were, no doubt they did what unum and co are good at doing, lying, taking your statement that that was in 1997,this is 20 years later, has anything changed, no,the assessments have got worse, the greed has got worse, the amount of suicides and self harms has increased and what has happened nothing, well something has, minister’s have become better at hiding lies, using the media to paint unemployed people as lazy scum and like all things when you tarnish someone to much it starts to stick.

      let’s take a look at a few of them, the lord as mentioned banking and telecoms, excellent qualifications knows nothing about depravation etc, though he might have skills in that after all he was in the banking industry.

      ids enough said, totally clueless, buried reports from two coroner’s, had adverts using stock adverts saying it good to be sanctioned, really has he had to deal with someone who has been threatened with a sanction, i doubt it, has he had to deal with someone who has had so much lies done on his medical assessment by a unfit assessor, i doubt it, has he got blood on his hands, certainly, is he a skilled mp, well someone likes him, he was a useless pm and is still getting paid

      so what should really be happening

      they should be accountable for there decisions.
      they should have qualifications and experience appertaining to the role or be willing to learn before undertaking the position.
      they should be interviewed and regurlarly appraised and there pay should be linked to these appraisals.
      there should be no second jobs or speeches for anything, your a MP, that is it, after
      Ministers and such should have to justify what they spending public money on,when they get it wrong they should also have to explain why they did it and if it is misuse of public funds then face the music for it.
      you have left political life, do whatever you like but leaving political life is exactly that.
      Lastly with accountability if you try and bury something or hide reports that put you in a bad light and they surface later, then be mindfull that doing this should come under deception and if proven that this happened during your position as a minister then it should be a criminal matter not a parliamentary matter, to much of this going on and to many of them getting away with it.

  4. autismandate

    It’s a callous social cleansing
    Corbyn is the only one left to save us.

    That’s why there is fake news or news black out against him.

    There was a news article about the Copeland by election labour defeat which couldn’t even show a picture of Corbyn, but had to show a picture of Livingstone !

  5. Justin

    This goes to show the real length of low that is the tory party, I read a lot of things like this, have starred in 2 tribunals for myself and represented a few in a advisory capacity and am amazed at the insight and brilliance of the assessors that leaves me wondering that with these shining examples of medical expertise why do we need training for GP’s that takes nine years and specialist professions such as phychiatrists when with a stroke of the DWP magic 5 week training course we can turn a sport’s physiotherapist into a leading expert on mental health conditions such as Bi-polar, where is the NHS going wrong, perhaps they need to consult with these experts and find out how they do it. as to ministers and there advisors(past and present), well, lets look at them, how can we help them in there quest to understand the problem, easy we take them all out of there little ivory tower, there is ample time, it is called summer recess and if any of them say well were busy we don’t have time, well there a answer to that, start doing your job as a MP and give up talking for silly amounts of money and actually see front hand the mess you have caused, what does that mean. Soup Kitchens, the Night homeless shelter centres, work experience in mental health units, drug alcohol addiction experience, going out with community police and cmht teams, these are just a sample of the roles that these people should go one,so that they can see front line what there responsible for, rather than just have meetings with mh trusts to try and engage with users or to understand the barriers as to why users wont engage with them, which even if we did have that would they act on all the points raised or just the stuff they fancy, there only one way to learn swap uniforms, I like to see IDS for example and this is being nice for once, do all the paperwork for a tribunal hearing to represent someone who has scored 0 points and to make a complaint against the health care professional and if necessary the decision maker, overseen of course by someone with experience, A personal challenge, yes it is, would he be man enough to take up the challenge, I doubt it, as it would show him the errors in his system.Penny Mordaunt well that is easy Care Homes they like to come up with there ideas let’s see them swapping the roles and Phillip Davies,The Straight Talking MP from Shipley have I got a nice one for you, Domestic Violence Unit and night shelter for people who have had domestic violence, you got the talk now walk the walk!

    so come on MP’S, show us you know what your doing and do something different during summer recess that applies to your role?

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