Dear Britain: Happy Easter – don’t vote Conservative

The image says it all, doesn’t it?

Thanks to ‘Susan’ on Twitter for posting it.

The good news is that the tide is beginning to turn against the Tories. Just take a look at the reaction to Theresa May’s Easter message on the 10 Downing Street Facebook page.

She said: “This Easter let us work together to build a brighter future for our country.”

The replies are universally negative. Here are some examples:

You are killing people with your policies, you are destroying society for profit and you are creating a nightmare future for my children. You are morally bankrupt and using Easter as a platform to promote your evil is sickening.”

“Coming together? So we can all help push the country into its brexit fuelled nosedive. Maybe I’m missing something.”

“How dare you – you and your ongoing stance is causing more violence and hatred. Brexit has unleashed the nasty, violent side of the British – you should be ashamed, I am.”

“Don’t you dare relate your divisive, uncaring, narrow and hateful ideology with Christian faith … and what gives you the right to make Easter messages anyway? You are an unelected bigot who is hellbent on destroying, peace, security, friendship, compassion and economic wellbeing in the name of personal power and party unity. How dare you presume to patronise this country like this? And as for “coming together”… you have created the divisions, you are fuelling them and you personify them. If you had a shred of humility you would see yourself for what you are, a weak, ignorant would be demagogue. You are being weighed, you are being measured and you are being found wanting.”

“One week you are going off your head about Easter eggs. But you don’t mind hijacking Easter to make it a party political broadcast.  The country isn’t together. You are delusional.”

And so on.

Mrs May can perhaps take heart from the latest opinion poll, that shows the Conservatives with a 21-point lead over Labour. This poll was, of course, produced by a Conservative-owned company that was wrong in its predictions about the most recent elections, for a Tory newsrag (The Times).

A poll by another company, for The Observer, put the Tories’ lead at only nine points, indicating that Labour is closing the gap.

Which poll does This Writer believe? Neither, of course. Pollsters have proved an extremely blunt instrument in predicting public feeling.

But it is heartening to see that even YouGov can’t hide public support for Labour Party policies, even when it is revealed that they are policies masterminded by that awful Jeremy Corbyn person (as some media outlets would like you to think of him).

It’s Easter – the evil Tories are losing ground and the good policies of Labour are gaining traction.

And next month, we’re all going to vote Labour, to cause a real upset among those complacent pollsters. Right?


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8 thoughts on “Dear Britain: Happy Easter – don’t vote Conservative

  1. joanna

    When did Easter get so big? Yesterday all supermarkets and large shops had to stay closed by Law! What about those who don’t have any religious preferences?

    She grew up in a vicarage and she is still evil, need I say more?!!!

  2. NMac

    Interesting to see that the posts condemning May and her cronies get hundreds of “likes”, whereas those who, rather pathetically, try to defend May and her Tories get very little or no support at all. Very heartening to see.

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I don’t admire those who use religion to promote their politics, which I find disgusting, and I prefer those who practice what they preach! So many in this country are being brain-washed by Tory misinformation; I feel sorry for them for being so easily misled.

    People who vote by following polls are those who haven’t sufficient brain to make their own decisions; especially those who vote Tory!

  4. Simon Slator

    Well, according to her leaflet, my local Labour candidate says she’ll fight to secure more money for schools and social care, so she’s well ahead in my book.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m offering to protect social care and schools – but apparently that doesn’t mean anything to some voters, because I’m Labour.

  5. Peter Edwards

    Vote Labour, vote LibDem, vote Green, please, and you will deserve respect, but if you vote Tory or UKIP you should hang your head in shame for associating yourself with liars and frauds. If you think my comment is over the top, haven’t you been paying attention over the last 7 years? Or, perhaps you are a Mail or a Sun reader…. I consider myself to be a moderate but I am furious at what this country is allowing the far right and their corporate paymasters to get away with. Wake up! Get out and vote! Stop them!

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