If you vote Conservative in May, you will be voting to starve children

Almost three quarters of teachers said their pupils’ education was being negatively affected as a consequence of holiday hunger [Image: PA].

Poor children are arriving back from school holidays with malnourishment. Tories don’t care, of course.

It is the logical consequence of voting Conservative: They get into office and cut wages and benefits, meaning poor people no longer have enough money to feed themselves and their children.

Or why do you think these kids are coming to school hungry? 

Labour has announced a policy that will provide one decent hot meal per day for every child. Here’s Peter Stefanovic to explain it.

So – increasing poverty, hunger and malnutrition that is effectively creating a famine affecting only the poor, in the sixth-richest country in the world? Or strong, healthy, intelligent children who are interested in learning because they don’t have to worry about the ache in their bellies?

Which will you support on May 4?

The number of poor children going hungry during the school holidays is increasing to “heart-breaking” levels, teachers across the country have warned.

As many as four in five staff (80 per cent) reported a rise in “holiday hunger” over the past two years, with parents of children who qualify for free school meals (FSM) during term-time struggling to find the money to fund extra meals during school holidays.

In a survey led by the National Union of Teachers (NUT), 78 per cent of the 600 teachers polled said they recognised children arriving at school hungry.

Source: Poor children returning to school ‘malnourished’ following increase in ‘school holiday hunger’


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17 thoughts on “If you vote Conservative in May, you will be voting to starve children

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I should probably do another article headlined “If you vote Conservative in JUNE, you will be voting to starve children”.

    1. Zippi

      Please excuse my poor grammar; that should read, I will never vote Conservative, even if it is the last Party on Earth. I’d rather eat my own foot!

  1. SteveRage

    Crazy thought I know but….. isn’t it the parent’s responsibility to feed their own children. If you’re too poor to feed them, then why have them in the first place. Take some damn responsibility and stop expecting the state to look after you/

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes, and those parents undoubtedly believed they would have enough money to do so – otherwise they would not have gone ahead and had those children.
      Unfortunately, we have a Conservative government that has undermined the efforts of parents, by artificially depressing wages and by freezing in-work (and out-of-work) benefits at a time when inflation is increasing. This means family income is falling in real terms while the cost of living is increasing beyond the means of many families.
      So, yes, your thought was crazy because you did not consider the real reasons families are going hungry.
      Tory, are you?

  2. Paul

    At least an election in June will happen BEFORE the constituency boundaries are redrawn in a manner more favourable to the Tories. Thus Labour stands a chance of losing fewer MPs in such an election than in 2020, even though if the polls are to be believed the Tories will end up significantly increasing their majority as things stand.

    But then you don’t believe in such things like polls do you, Mike?

    Looks like we are going to see which of us is right sooner than expected methinks.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes indeed.
      I agree that having an election before constituency boundaries are gerrymandered in the Tories’ favour is a good thing – but not that it means Labour will lose any MPs at all.

      1. Paul

        I know you don’t believe in polls, especially as they have been wrong recently at the general election and EU referendum, but never in the history of polling and psephology have polls been more than plus or minus six points inaccurate, Mike. Never. Not once. Labour IS going to lose and could conceivably, based on statistics, worst case scenario, end up with fifty FEWER MPs.

        We are about to have one poll – a general election – the result of which will not be able to be denied. I am heartbroken that Labour should have ended up humiliated and reduced like this but the membership’s blood was up and nobody was listening caught up in the dream of some kind of new Jerusalem in Albion.

        After the coming thrashing, what then?

        More of the same?

        It really makes me want to weep for the pain and misery that the people I really care about must suffer now, quite possibly, for decades.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Since you love polls so much, you’ll be glad to see that Mr Corbyn is the people’s favourite to be the next prime minister in This Morning‘s poll, which is at least as likely to be accurate as any of yours. He’s taken 66 per cent of the vote, last time I checked.

        Labour might lose – if people believe naysayers like you and try to vote tactically instead of supporting the party.

        Think very carefully before posting this dangerous nonsense again.

      3. Paul

        When it come to polls trends are the thing of most significance. We’ll know soon anyway which way the dice fall – my bet would be a loss of thirty to forty seats for Labour – and I apologise to everyone desperately looking for better government from a party other than the Conservatives who is about to be disappointed, in spades, in less than two months. Good night and good luck.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        Of course, they say that polls of around 2,000 are indicative of national feeling – which would be true if the people answering the polls weren’t hand-picked, as they are by (for example) YouGov. A poll of 132,000 people by ITV’s This Morning saw 66 per cent of respondents supporting Jeremy Corbyn as the next prime minister.

        I think you are mistaken. I also think you are trying to engineer a Conservative victory by claiming Labour will lose seats at a time when everyone who says they support the party should be doing their best to secure success at the election.

        So get out and campaign for a Labour victory, rather than sitting around whining about polls, Paul.

  3. CMG

    Theresa is weak and a failure. She failed to control immigration as Home Sec. Tried and failed to take away our rights because of, and she did make this up, a cat. A Remainer who failed to convince her own people to stay in the EU. Too weak to stomach a leadership election; too weak to put forward any kind of Brexit plan; too weak to join the TV debates. If we rip up the canvass lists and contact everyone, Labour policies could win the day over a PM whose veneer of competence is wafer-thin.

    All the best for the locals and beyond Mike.

  4. Toby Gould

    Possible the worst and most ill-informed article I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. Basic research urgently required.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      And a basic argument is urgently required from you, otherwise your comment is simply bad and ill-informed – to paraphrase your own words.
      We demand a higher standard here.

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