Lib Dem support for remaining in the EU fades as the party seeks another Tory coalition

So much for the Liberal Democrats, then.

First we had this:

Then we had this:

And now we’ve been given this:

But look at the language Tim Farron uses.

“If you want to prevent hard Brexit… then we have this wonderful opportunity of an incredibly clear message that nobody else has.”

What clear message is that, Tim? That you’re not championing the ‘Remainer’ cause any more? That you’re not opposing Brexit at all?

And… hey, if you’re suddenly okay with Brexit, doesn’t that mean you might have been economical with the truth about your opinion on another coalition with the Tories?

This Twitter user thinks so:

And, let’s face it, the Liberal Democrats have ‘form’ when it comes to making deals behind closed doors, long before admitting they have done so.

The 2010 coalition deal was hammered out in March of that year – two months before the general election, according to Rob Wilson, Conservative MP for Reading East, in his book Five Days To Power. Read about it in this Vox Political article.

And there was no mention in that deal of the Liberal Democrats’ major pledge of the time – to abolish student tuition fees.

So the Liberal Democrats campaigned for two months ahead of the election with a promise that they knew they were going to break.

And now Tim Farron is campaigning ahead of the election with a promise not to seek power in a new coalition with the Conservatives.

You know he’ll break it, if he gets the chance.

So much for the Liberal Democrats, then.

Isn’t it a relief that we’re all voting for the Labour Party – an organisation that, under Jeremy Corbyn, will actually keep its promises?

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19 thoughts on “Lib Dem support for remaining in the EU fades as the party seeks another Tory coalition

  1. hugosmum70

    they left their members up a creek without a paddle last time they played in bed wirth the conservatives. didnt they get burnt enough then when so many went over to other parties after that?

  2. Rose

    With a big working majority why would the Conservatives want to involve any other party in government? There will be no coalition because the Tories will not remotely need one.

      1. Rose

        Well, anyway, Farron has now ruled out coalitions or demand and supply arrangements with other parties, on the record, after the coming general election.

        He said the same thing on Peston on Sunday on ITV this morning although flapped and waffled about whether “gay sex” was a sin or not, although being “gay” is supposedly OK from his point of view as a “committed Christian”.

        Which is nice.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        He’s lying about not wanting a coalition with the Tories. His change of language on Brexit is a clear indication he’s angling for it.

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    This is certainly not PM material. A person who changes his views like the direction of the wind is not my idea of a good leader.

    Jeremy Corbyn is a first-class leader who sticks to his views and is only concerned with improving the lives of all of us and it is he, and he only, whom I want as my Prime-Minister.

    1. Dean Ramsdale

      Spot on, as has been proved by Brexit where he has espoused his own views rather than those of his party. His collaboration with the Tories and the resulting damage to our economy and social programmes including the NHS will be his epitaph.

  4. casalealex

    In 2002, a secret Liberal Democrat document came to light – produced by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors – in which local activists were urged to “be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly” in order to win elections.

    In fact, ask anyone who’s been involved in local politics and they’ll tell you Liberal Democrat activists are the most infamous for playing dirty, using underhand methods and being utterly ruthless.

    Exactly as they turned out to be nationally in their coalition with the Tories.

  5. Dez

    At least UKIP have put their colours to the mast and will not contest areas which are for leaving EU. Now we have the lying Lib traitors finally waking up to the fact they will never win outright control and hinting at going back into bed with their Con mates…and we all know how that went and just how untrustworthy the Libs are. Hopefully folk will wake up to the real facts that the Cons are the biggest threat to democracy and truth. God knows we have their fingerprints over every unsavoury ill thought out decision they have made so far…. how much more evidence do voters need to keep their votes and decision focused on removing these democracy cheats away from any more power and even more but worse of the same punishment from them.. There are enough votes from all those bearing the brunt of Tory oppression and austerity and privatisation to swing this back Labours way. The elephant in the room is not having made any attempts to bring in proportional representation which I believe could have helped on this occassion.

  6. Dave Eastham

    Methinks you might be a teeny weeney bit wrong there


    ……. Here’s what Tim said in an email to party members: ” I want to make this clear.
    The Liberal Democrats will not enter into any coalition deal with either Theresa May’s Conservatives or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party”……

    But then not being a member of the Lib Dems, Mike, you would not have received the email. Perhaps you would like to correct your blog item?

    Anyway I doubt if either the Tories or Labour would even ask

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No. He’s lying.
      The only way we’ll find out for sure is if there’s a hung Parliament after June 8.

  7. Tim Staffell

    Anybody who says ‘We’ll keep our promises’ is talking out of their arse. A political entity like the UK has to balance all sorts of compromises. We have to look after business, for instance, because the country’s wealth is founded on it. The Tories have got the balance wrong… we need to get rid of them; but don’t promise things you can’t deliver,. Be honest and upfront. tell it like it is. People will respect you for it.

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