If everyone who has been victimised by the Tories votes in the general election, Theresa May is sunk

Disability rights protestors demonstrate past the Houses of Parliament, in central London [Image: Getty Images].

People claiming sickness and disability benefits have been famously victimised by Conservative and Conservative-led governments since 2010. Thousands have died as a result of this treatment.

This Site welcomes reports that the vast majority of the 13 million people with disabilities in the UK are planning to vote – and This Writer hopes those votes are used to support the only viable alternative to the Conservative Party – Labour.

But there are many other people who have been victimised by the Tories – all of them in groups that are statistically less likely to register to vote, let alone use it: young people, those on benefits, and those hit by the Bedroom Tax. The Tories are planning to hit pensioners next, even though, as a group, they are more likely to vote Conservative.

If YOU fall into one of the above categories, please follow the instructions in the tweet reproduced below:

Bear in mind the following, also:

If you know anybody in the relevant groups, please pass this information on to them.

Scope, the charity for disabled people, tweeted an interesting number when the general election was announced. There are, it said, 13 million disabled people in Britain. Some 89 per cent have said they will vote.

The reason that number is worth paying attention to is that if the 89 per cent are true to their word, and if they use their franchise to hold the Government to account for its brutal treatment of disabled people, it might just spell trouble for Theresa May’s dreams of a three-figure majority.

Source: There are 13 million disabled people in Britain. If we don’t vote together, the DWP will tighten the screws on us

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19 thoughts on “If everyone who has been victimised by the Tories votes in the general election, Theresa May is sunk

  1. Thomas

    Many disabled will be homeless and can’t vote, apathetic or will waste their votes on small parties.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It seems to me that they could accuse YOU of apathy. Try doing something positive instead.

      1. Thomas

        I will be voting and in fact most likely delivering Labour Party leaflets, but I live in a true blue Tory area that short of a disaster for the Conservatives will never change. My parents are voting Green though.

  2. joanna

    People have been victimised since 2010 but the boorish Tories still got in, I really can’t see it being better this time, I am too terrified to hope for natural justice anymore!! Though I will be voting With a Pen!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Do you know anybody in the groups I have mentioned? If so, why not make sure they register, and vote, in this election? Then you won’t have to be terrified and you’ll have done your bit to get the Tories OUT.

      1. joanna

        Sorry Mike I don’t know many people at all, I don’t have a Facebook account or twitter, I have no family and I have a good friend who doesn’t understand when I tell him how things really are. Until a few months ago he didn’t know who David Clapson was. I have shown him your website and hopefully he will read it and learn a bit more!
        I will be doing my bit by voting but no-one really listens to me, I am used to being told that I talk rubbish, and so that I don’t lose the only human contact I do have I just nod and smile (abandonment issues).

        I am going to send the article about the costings to my friend though.
        I really hope Labour Wins!!!

  3. Rose

    The ICM poll yesterday showed a gap in support between the parties as large as it was in the very early 1980s. The only logical explanation is that many of the hard done-by still consider that they have a better chance under the Conservatives than Labour, for whatever reason, or don’t really care who wins and are not motivated to vote for anybody.

    It is kind of weird that Labour seems to be doing quite this badly at this stage during a parliament.

    Heigh ho!

    There you go!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s kind of weird that you’re still quoting pro-Tory poll results like they mean anything. It’s most likely that this poll was commissioned to make people think the Tories will win, and you’re supporting that agenda. Which party do YOU support?

      1. Rose

        I would vote for any party which could field a candidate who stood a chance of unseating my current dyed in the wool Conservative MP. Which means that voting Labour this time around means a wasted vote for me. I probably will vote Labour anyway as a protest vote.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Are we to take it that you think voting Labour would be a waste of your vote because of poll results you’ve seen?
        If so, then they’ve done their job and brainwashed you – haven’t they?
        I appreciate that you are planning to vote Labour anyway, but many people may not, because they’ve heard that it’s “a wasted vote”.
        Then you end up with another Conservative government.
        That is why it’s best not to allow these polls to proliferate.
        The facts appear to show that Jeremy Corbyn is far – FAR – more popular than these polls are claiming.
        You should consider the pollsters to be lying, at least for the foreseeable future.

  4. Dez

    Great that’s even before the rest of those that have been downtrodden get stuck in with their votes…..forget the Lib liars, forget UKIP spent force, ignore the looneys,..and especially don’t act like turkeys and vote for a Conservative Xmas. Surely even undecided Con voters must be beginning to realise just how bad things will get if they get a much bigger majority.

  5. Tony Dean

    I have been barred from a forum just for starting a thread based on the SCOPE report despite backing it up with DWP data that details 12.9 million disabled people in Britain.

  6. Florence

    In the last election one of the campaigning groups (I wish I could recall which one) produced figures to show that in all the marginal seats the numbers of any one of the targeted disadvantaged groups was greater than the majority. Those groups included single mothers, carers, disabled and sick, and Waspi women (including men disadvantaged) etc.

    In my own current constituency, the Waspis are greater than our Tory MPs majority.

  7. QM

    You think the working class have forgotten or forgiven Rotherham? That’s why you can’t engage them, that’s why without doing anything the Tories are rising in the polls.

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