Tories claim expenses fraud allegations were ‘politically-motivated’. They are attacking justice

Karl McCartney.

Conservative chairman Patrick McLaughlin has attacked as “politically motivated” complaints of electoral expenses fraud against Tory politicians, which have been rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service today.

He has been joined in his indignation by Karl McCartney, one of the Tories who was under investigation, who has called for the resignation of Electoral Commission bosses who allowed the investigations to take place.

They are attacking the principle of justice.

In case they haven’t noticed, the Crown Prosecution Service made it very clear that a fraud offence was committed – by somebody at Conservative Central Headquarters: “It is clear agents were told by Conservative Party headquarters that the costs were part of the national campaign.”

We know those costs weren’t part of the national campaign and we know that CCHQ, at least, should have staff who know the law. QED.

Mr McLaughlin is quoted as saying: “After a very thorough investigation, we are pleased that the legal authorities have confirmed what we believed was the case all along: that these Conservative candidates did nothing wrong. These were politically motivated and unfounded complaints that have wasted police time. We are glad that this matter is finally resolved.”

Obviously the complaints were not unfounded. He is either mistaken or lying about that. The police and CPS did find that expenses had been misreported.

As to whether they were politically-motivated – they probably were. But that doesn’t matter, because the complaints were proved correct. The police and CPS did find that expenses had been misreported.

So Mr McLaughlin is wrong in the main points he was making.

I am grateful on a personal level to him for his subsequent remark: “A number of false and malicious claims continue to be spread on the internet. People should be aware that making false claims about a candidate’s personal character and conduct is an electoral offence, as well as being defamatory.”

That is absolutely true and will help me in my bid to launch criminal proceedings against Chris Davies, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire in the 2015-17 Parliament, who made false claims of this kind about me in the run-up to the local elections last week.

Mr McCartney wanted heads to roll at the Electoral Commission. He wrote:

He is absolutely wrong in his first statement. It is not clear that anybody in the Electoral Commission was politically-motivated. A crime was alleged and the Commission performed its legal duty. And, let us remember: The police and CPS did find that expenses had been misreported.

Mr McCartney calls for the Electoral Commission to be abolished altogether by a future Conservative government, and this can only be seen as an attempt at revenge for that organisation having the temerity to question him and his privileged friends. It has nothing at all to do with justice.

The Electoral Commission was not incompetent.

There is no evidence that its officers were politically-motivated.

Mr McCartney, on the other hand, is.

He is the one who should be consigned to history, “never to play a role in our country’s public life again”.

One last thought:

If the Tories implicated in the election expenses fraud investigation are innocent because they didn’t know they were making inaccurate claims, that means they are incompetent and unfit for public office.

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19 thoughts on “Tories claim expenses fraud allegations were ‘politically-motivated’. They are attacking justice

  1. NMac

    Yet more reasons why these allegations should have been aired publicly in a court of law. The Nasty Party have been given a green light to cheat and defraud their way into power.

  2. Stu

    Insufficient Evidence to prosecute does not mean innocent of the crime –
    The Smug Tories who have already been fined £70,000 for related offences should be constantly reminded of this.

  3. dez

    They were doing their job pure and simple. However bottom line by balloon squeezing the internal methods of their candidates promotional budgets did this
    not allow more local expenses to be committted having removed any HQ allocation into the local budgets. Those locally who had stood before must have noticed vast additional expenses being spent compared to previous campaigns. Regret it still smells and feel it is more about the CPS lack of spheres or Police not drilling hard enough into exactly what the real Cons cunning plan was. It would not good internationally if this had gone as it should have with overturned elections.

  4. hugosmum70

    and it goes on. has anyone else ever had personal letters from theresa may in this election or from any other prime minister in past elections, because i know i have not. ever,in all my years, Had leaflets from all parties involved but never anything personally addressed to me.Had communications from those i vote for, (definitely never been conservatives) and more recently , in last 3/4 years since becoming a member, from my own Labour party. but conservatives?no. but today i find one from her evilness herself in my post box.(snail mail that is).typed with her name on top, prime minister underneath ,no address for her on the actual letter.(not on houses of parliament paper or envelopes but using same colour so you open it thinking its an answer from your own MP to something you wrote to them about.or simply out of curiosity.) it looks official but envelope just states UK mail . nothing else.On the back it says if undelivered please return to CCHQ AND AN ADDRESS 4 MATTHEW PARKER STREET LONDON SW1H 9HQ (Means nothing to me nor probably to most people) I am not on the general register and haven’t been since the other register was started i think around the time i moved here 20 yrs ago.therefore they must be using their powers to find everyone’s names and addresses. spending billions on the paper,envelopes,ink and postage to send these,i am assuming, to everyone in the UK.
    just how much will it be costing them to send these to everyone?must be a big chunk of their total. debating whether to send it back with a load of junk mail writing on front. law breaking,this is unsolicited mail,.(though its handy to know what they are up to IF what they say is true of course).

  5. Tony Dean

    How anyone can call rocking up in large coach from outside the constituency with 50 people in it who proceed to do door to door canvassing a national expense beggars belief.

  6. jeffrey davies

    fraud is fraud but we not doing you for it hmmmhow locked up in prison for fraud

  7. Roland Laycock

    They are attacking justice whats this word Justice, Justice is something the Tories have for themselves only and not for the likes of ordinary people

  8. Dez

    The Thanet decision is last potential decision. Here the Cons candidate spent nearly short of his entire budget allowance which nearly equalled the entire hotel bill for putting up the infamous bus load of mobile canvassers. Surely he would have asked my budget is spent who’s paying for that bus load of toadies and their hotel costs? I do not expect any prosecutions but it was at least correct the real facts were aired and they were fined….a fine which to the hoorays was just petty cash compared to winning the election and getting another term. The fines need to be in the stratosphere to prevent all the parties pushing their cheat buttons….and the election budgets need reviewing to reflect a realistic budget. Would also prefer a real effort was made to have proportional representation .

    1. Dez

      Thanks Tanya, Really good to know we are all in it together and that our glorious Elite rulers in positions of trust have 100% integrity and not an ounce of greed. How can you trust these globalist with such self interest to have the populations interest high on the agenda Indeed it means that these Torys are everywhere in the power structure making sure nothing sticks that tarnishes their image and that the plebs should never rule and tell them what to do. Maybe the UK should have had their own Revolution at same time the French flushed out their Elite ruling class that had got out of hand and to greedy. Which is why I still cannot understand how the Brexit has been allowed to last and get so far as it has without some form of Elite sabotage.

  9. Tony Dean

    I have just made a complaint to the CPS demanding a review of their decision for the Constituency I live it.
    I suggest others do the same if their constituency is one of the effected ones.

  10. Zippi

    Politicians getting away with fraud? We’ve not seen that before, have we(!) This man and his ilk are a disgrace! Public servants? My eye!

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