Tory popularity myth evaporates as Theresa May creates another disaster for herself

“Always the Fire Exit, never the door. Theresa May is absolutely terrified of meeting normal everyday people,” as Eoin Clarke put it, on Twitter.

Don’t let anyone tell you the Conservative Party has the general election in the bag. Theresa May is busy losing it, all by herself.

Today she took part in a heavily stage-managed photo opportunity on an airstrip in Tynemouth (I believe, although it doesn’t really matter where). Nobody was there apart from a few Tory hangers-on, but the picture was arranged to make it seem she was in a crowd:

Then, as she tried to escape from the Linskill Centre in North Shields – a centre the Conservative Party was going to shut, and that only stayed open thanks to campaigning by Labour – via the fire exit from the nursery, this happened:

This woman is a walking disaster for her political party.

Anyone who believes her popularity rating – as provided by a Tory-run polling company – must be barking mad.

Jeremy Corbyn is making all the headway in this election. Vote Labour on June 8.

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23 thoughts on “Tory popularity myth evaporates as Theresa May creates another disaster for herself

  1. joanna

    I keep saying, I think she intends to lose because she can’t see any solution to Brexit, she has no or very few supporters in Europe, but Jeremy does!

    She also probably thinks that all the problems in the UK have got so bad for Labour that Jeremy will not be able to sort any of it in the next 5 years, Guess who will then come slithering back promising they will do better.

    They will have a free reign to fleece the country for as long as they can!!!

    1. southerneruk

      Alot of people are thinking the same joanna, but i dont think brexit is the reason why they want to lose this election. I think some thing a lot bigger is going to happen and they dont want to get the blame for it. once Corbyn in office he will need to move fast to counter act it, nationalise what he can to save jobs etc.

      1. Colin Kinsman

        If by some odd chance labour should get in ( God forbid) privatisation where is the money comming from to pay for it, min wage £10.00 per hour = over £20,000.00 per year plus paying in the pension plan for employees so many small and medium company’s will go under unemployment will grow and within a couple of years we will be broke, they spend money like water and borrow beyond their means. They left last time with a note in the treasury sorry nothing left.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Labour won’t be privatising anything, Colin, so if I were you, I shouldn’t worry about sources of payment for it.
        You would be better-off researching the source of payment for all the Tory privatisations – and where the money is going. Don’t the public pay around £4 billion in subsidies to the privatised railways? £3.5 billion of that is profit for the companies, 70 per cent of which are owned by foreign concerns. That’s nearly £2.5 billion a year, funding foreign firms rather than being invested in the UK.
        Your reasoning with regard to the minimum wage is equally faulty.
        And your reference to Liam Byrne’s Treasury note is tired and in extremely poor taste. The UK had been involved in a global financial crash caused by bankers – not the Labour government. The government had to take action to minimise the damage – and in fact was doing well – but then the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats formed the Coalition government and messed it all up with their silly, ideologically-motivated austerity programme.
        You do know there was no need for austerity in 2010 (or at any time since), don’t you?
        That policy took around £2,000 per year out of ordinary people’s pockets.
        The rich profited hugely, though – the so-called “One per cent”.
        Would you care to tell us how much YOU earn, Colin?
        Just so we can tell whether you’re a rich person protecting his interests or a poor person who has been brainwashed by Tory claptrap?

      3. Dom

        Colin, that old Tory myth about Labour’s spending is just that – a Tory started myth. How on earth do you account for the fact that the current Tory government has spent MORE THAN EVERY LABOUR GOVERNMENT COMBINED… Wake up and smell the coffee before the current government sets a bonfire under everything this country holds dear. Let’s hope that one day your life or the life of a loved one doesn’t depend on the NHS, social welfare or any of the other things the Tories intend on destroying.

  2. Roy Beiley

    Mandelson, Kinnock and their fellow travellers have been omniously silent for the last couple of weeks.Could it be they are plotting something which will hurt Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and give some fresh ammunition for May’s PR vultures to spin to their advantage perhaps?

  3. Kirsty Stirrup

    She has certainly got it in the bag. Better crowd in Merthyr. Who are they kidding.

  4. Tre

    What the heck is that idiot holding up? A sign? Is it meant to be read by the gathering crowd? ThT tiny piece of card? Shows u how stupid they are. Hahaha. Stood there like a first class idiot with his proud card high above his head thY no one can read hahahahahahaha. Typical Tory tosh!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Trouble is, if you vote SNP in Scotland, you get a Conservative government for the UK – which still includes Scotland, by the way.
      Think about it.

      1. Maureen Luby

        Doesn’t matter who we vote for in Scotland in UK GE as we always get the government England votes for. Only twice in history has the Scottish vote had any effect and we certainly cannot be sending useless Labour MPs who do nothing but trip through the door to vote when told to. Labour have died up here because of their getting into bed with the Tories at all levels of government, so no thanks.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        “Labour have died up here because of their getting into bed with the Tories at all levels of government”?
        That looks like a load of… what’s the word in Scotland…? PISH!
        It’s a load of old pish.

      3. A C Nicolson

        It doesn’t really matter how you vote, you are gonna get them anyway… at least with the SNP you’re gonna have someone to fight against them!

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        And a fat lot of good that will do anybody south of the border. There simply aren’t enough SNP MPs.
        Your assertion that the SNP is the only party that will fight the Conservatives is ridiculous, childish nonsense, of course. You have no proof – especially with Jeremy Corbyn driving the Labour Party forward.
        Or were you hoping to put something forward from before his time as your “evidence”?
        Labour for Scotland; Labour for the UK.
        It’s the ONLY way to get the Tories out.

  5. Sara Smith

    The Tories will never let a good crisis go to waste, lets see what the number one slot will be in the manifesto.

    Internet security? this gift of global hacking is like manner from heaven for a government electing a new party.
    Beat that Mr. Corbyn, we saved the world.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But the Tories haven’t, have they?
      They fell victim to a hacking attack because they wouldn’t spend the money to protect against it.

  6. Luke

    “in Tynemouth (I believe, but it doesn’t really matter where).”

    But it does.Yes, it was in Tynemouth constituency, but nearer to working-class, traditionally Labour North Shields than to well-healed middle-class Tynemouth village itself. The Tories’ campaign is only visiting places like this, and the even more staunchly red South Shields across the Tyne from there, to try to capitalise on the Brexit-supporting, leaving-Labour-for-UKIP contingent. These are areas where the Tories have literally never done anything but harm, and which they’d rather set themselves on fire than spend five minutes visiting except in a cynical, hypocritical ploy such as this, to take advantage of this one-time-only chance to use Brexit to con a few more votes out of pretending to be on the side of ordinary people.

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