Is this Labour bombshell a general election game-changer?

Tory tax avoiders – read this and weep:

And – brace yourselves – there’s this, too:

For those who aren’t Tory tax-avoiders, we are looking at a revolution in the UK tax system – ending the unfair tax avoidance practices that the Conservatives have been allowing – if not actively encouraging – for years and making money available for public services that should always have been available for public services.

If you want it in simple, easy-to-follow terms, here it is:

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20 thoughts on “Is this Labour bombshell a general election game-changer?

    1. Barry Morgan

      Labour party in 2015 was still Blairite and nothing at all to do with the LP we are voting for on the 8th June. Also tax returns of both LP and all other parties are a matter of public record so should be easily checked (still looking!).

  1. Zippi

    Not before time! I’m fed up hearing about tax loopholes that nobody has the sense to close! Reform of our tax system is long overdue! I think that the tax banding needs to be re-examined; why should your tax double at £32K yet you need to earn more that £100K more, before you are taxed further?
    Next stop, housing!

    1. Haravikk

      Actually Labour has been talking about not increasing tax for anything under £80k/year, suggesting there may be a new £80k tax band for this very purpose.

      A 30% band between £32k and £130k would make a lot of sense.

  2. Steve

    That’s a “no”. It’s weird. A lot of people like Labour’s policy agenda but because it’s connected to Jeremy Corbyn and crew won’t vote for the agenda. I hate to say it but people really seem daft enough to be more influenced by who the leader of a party is – by their visceral “gut” reaction to him or her – than policies announced in a party manifesto. We’ve seen this so many times, most recently with Ed Miliband, who failed to convince people he was fit to ever be PM.

    The same is true of Jeremy Corbyn.

    There’s no reason why he couldn’t be a decent leader of the country and yet…

    What is coming isn’t going to be pretty.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’re saying people’s gut reaction to Mrs Mayhem is FAVOURABLE? What is wrong with them – some problem with their senses?

    2. Barry Morgan

      Labour party manifesto in 2015 was dire and that didn’t help. This time it’s a *lot* different and yes there will be hard core anti-Labour who will never be convinced but reading comments all the time now about people switching to voting Labour based on the ‘leaked’ manifesto – even Tory voters have said they’ll be voting Labour, this time round at least!

  3. NMac

    People really should take notice of that. Other than their usual, “It can’t be done” how will the Nasty Party react I wonder?

  4. Rob

    Planning to piss my hard earned tax contributions up a wall again like last time they were in power. If they win then if you can’t beat them you should join their core voter and sit on your arse taking as much as you can whilst simualtaneously bemoaning what others have whilst having no intention in going out and earning it. Still, could do with a rest!

      1. Fibro confused

        I’m sure he’s on about the Tories, they’re are the only ones recently who have created a huge amount of debt, 950 mill after the crash to 1.3 trillion now after vicious cuts and most of the countries infrastructure on it’s knees……..yea he’s on about the Tories Mike just didn’t put it over very well 😉

      2. Fibro confused

        Oh aren’t they doing well the responsible party apparently. Responsible for giving lots of our lovely tax payers money to the poor corporations bless them.

  5. Zippi

    Still, the media (B.B.C.) are showing footage of individuals poo-pooing the manifesto, because it’s Jeremy Corbyn, or trying, at least. The Beeb did find people who said that they’ve been waiting years for a Manifesto like this, that Mr. Crobyn is a principled politician, someone in whom they can believe, at last; what you see is what you get. I said to my mother that he’s a paradox; a politician with principles, a politician with integrity, who speaks truth (she says that he cannot lie), an honest politician, one who actually seeks to serve the interests of those whom he represents; by rights, he shouldn’t exist and it seems that the establishment is trying make that a reality. Sadly, some of my friends still believe the Tory rhetoric that £abour is all about tax and spend, will bankrupt the economy and the Tories will have to “save” us, again! Even yesterday, when I posted the Manifesto and associated papers, to enable people to read for themselves, rather than through the prism of the media, I was asked “how are they going to pay for it?” I simply replied that I merely posted the information fir them to see for themselves.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I love that nonsense about the Tories “saving” us. They “saved” us by plunging us twice as far into debt as we already were!

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