Was Theresa May’s Facebook adventure as bad a mistake as everyone is saying?

Yes. Yes it was.

It seems Mrs T (Mk II) has tired of touring empty factories and community centres and thought she’d like to try dipping her toes in the social media (actually, one of her advisors probably suggested it… That person now being an ex-advisor, no doubt).

“What could go wrong?” She probably asked herself. “Jeremy Corbyn does it all the time.”

Yes indeed – in fact, when she appeared on Facebook Live, Mr Corbyn gatecrashed the event. But we’ll see more of that soon.

The event was set for 3pm on May 15 – a bit of a strange time. Why not in the evening, when more people could see and participate?

As it turned out, it seems likely that far too many did for Mrs May’s liking. And far too many of them decided to make their opinions known.

One of these was a Mr Jeremy Corbyn from Islington, whose question was read out by interviewer/hanger-on Robert Peston:

Okay. Here are some of the questions and observations the voters put in the ‘comment’ column [all boldings mine]:

“Where did you get those wonderful shoes you wore on the One Show? I’m so glad that you can afford to parade around in such wonderful things while nurses have to go to foodbanks to eat.”

“Why when A&E is in crisis, are you closing 24 A&E units and 19 hospitals – and keeping it quiet until after the election?”

“You’re a vicar’s daughter. Why do you think it’s OK to be evil? Like covering up child sex abuse, starving disabled people to death, etc etc.”

“Why are you avoiding meeting Jeremy Corbyn in a live TV debate, the people expects a strong leader to take part in re election live debate with opposition leaders.”

“Can you offer an explanation why you are systematically dismantling social care in this country knowing the level of poverty is so high and people living in abject poverty is at an all time high??”

“Will Theresa May have a free vote regarding fox hunting? And if so why would she want to re-introduce something which is disgraceful and barbaric in a 21st-century world.”

“Also did you seriously just say that there are cruel ways of culling foxes, but fox hunting isn’t a cruel method?!?! Being mauled to death by a hunting dog doesn’t sound humane to me.”

“If a doctor and specialist say someone is too ill to work how can a worker in the DWP decide that the person can work and deny them PIP? Too many people are dying because of PIP assessments.”

“How do you sleep at night knowing that thousands are dead due to your cuts to services that include mental health services, disability benefits and the incredibly cruel benefits sanctions?”

“Theresa May, all you do is attack Corbyn, ironic that your female predecessor Thatcher said, and I quote “if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” Thoughts?”

“Declaring thousands ‘fit for work’, resulting in their deaths soon afterwards, is surely indefensible. do you stand behind the department for work and pensions in their treatment of these individuals?”

“Deficit that the labour government left you!!!! Hahahaha! You mean the financial chaos the banks created as a result of the slackening of regulations started by Thatcher! Tell the bloody truth for once”

“Theresa May let’s be honest, your party will, by definition, always claim that the NHS is unaffordable to properly run, because if it were up to your party, we wouldn’t have had one in the first place”

“Have you ever tried living on £73.10 a week when you’ve paid into the economy because you’ve had to give up work due to ill health? Isn’t that how much you put in your jag a week driving round London?”

“I work with children and families and never before have I seen such poverty! This is a direct result of Tory cuts. Why don’t the tories care???”

“Hi Mrs May can you please explain how backing zero hours contracts,clamping down on the unions, scrapping the human rights act and trying to redefine poverty are standing up for workers rights exactly?”

“Myself and 12 million other disabled wont be voting for you If your Manifesto does not pledge to sort out the failed PIP process bring back DLA and ensure autistic adults get much needed support.” [Even if such a thing is in the manifesto, she definitely won’t deliver on any promise.]

“How can anyone trust you? A woman who always keeps her promises has called an election she promised not to, in order to obtain a mandate she says she already has, for a policy she said was a bad idea.”

“Your campaign is about meeting carefully selected people in closed-off situations. You’ve met one real voter and she made you look ridiculous.”

“Is it ok that your Trident system runs on Windows XP as well? How can we trust your government with cyber security when you can’t even be bothered to modernise your IT systems?”

“Your record on the economy is appalling in comparison to Labour’s and the UK debt has increased by nearly a trillion pounds therefore how can you claim to be the party who will protect the economy?

“14k are watching this. Judging by the amount of angry emoticons the vast majority of us don’t believe a word you say Mrs May and wouldn’t trust you….ever!”

It goes on and on!

Fair enough, there were responses to some of these questions and comments – from Tory trolls (paid and unpaid, one suspects) – but the damage is done. The messages are there for all to see – and I strongly recomment that you visit the Facebook page and find your own favourites.

Perhaps you’d like to turn one or two of them into infographics and spread them around the social media?

Or just tell your friends down the pub?

Whatever you do, feel free to spread the word.

This poisonous individual must not be allowed to remain at 10 Downing Street after June 8.

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5 thoughts on “Was Theresa May’s Facebook adventure as bad a mistake as everyone is saying?

  1. NMac

    Ha Ha Ha, great stuff. It really does highlight the reason this woman will not take part in any public debates. She is hoping to keep contact with people to a bare minimum and rely on the nasty, dishonest propaganda spouted by the right-wing press.

  2. Dez

    Jeezz must have been a big ticket gig Scruff Peston even combed his hair and smartened himself up for Mother T. Not sure that the questions weren’t cherry picked as I was expecting at least some new off the wall real biting questions to make her squirm and do her usual mouth contortions. Looked to comfortable for my liking I bet Jeremy will get a far tougher gig now that the Con trolls can see the opportunity and how it works for them to troll him. For a Tory Government with the length of service they have in power, including the Lib traitors slowing yhem down time, there is nothing really new in her manifesto other than more lies of things that will never happen. Maybe fox hunting to keep her rich Hooray chums busy on Sundays. Her only real sell ticket is the Brexit vote with her at the wheel. With her long term previous Government position at the Home office we all now know for a fact she does not deliver anything….other than more Tory waffle. Start putting the bins out .. you may have some time on your hands coming your way…………….

  3. Zippi

    There are so many comments that I can barely read them, because they are continuously loading!

  4. David Woods

    If she thinks voters don’t wish to see political opponents ‘having a go’ at each other;
    Why is parliament televised live on BBC tv (paid for by the tax payer)?
    It is after all just a display of highly paid (by the tax payer) ‘civil'(?) servants acting like a group of 4yr olds however few may bother to turn up!

    *My apologies to those well behaved 4yr olds who don’t throw tantrums and temper turns; I do not wish to tar all with one brush*! ?

    Sadly politicians seem to run a ‘Them or Us’ viewpoint on life and sadder still see the British public as ‘Them’!

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