Murderous manifesto: Theresa May unleashes her programme for persecution

“You’ll do what I say because I know best” says ignorant privileged would-be dictator [Image: Danny Lawson/PA Wire].

So here it is – the choice that faces us this year.

Do we support Labour’s bid to rebuild the UK – socially, economically, industrially – or Theresa May‘s plan to persecute the people of this great country to death and beyond?

I use Mrs May’s name instead of the Conservative Party’s because she has made it personal in the belief that she is seen as an inspirational figure, in the same way Margaret Thatcher was, by many, in the 1980s.

But the Conservative Manifesto really is the most offensive political document This Writer has laid eyes upon.

The arrogance it displays is repulsive in itself. Mrs May actually expects people to vote for her, no matter what she says she’ll do to us.

She is banking on most of us believing the propaganda against Jeremy Corbyn, put about by her billionaire friends in the mass media, and by the Tories who run BBC News.

The idea is that people will be so afraid of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government, despite having no knowledge of the great plans or strong (really strong, not fake-strong like Mrs May) leadership he embodies, that they will – in essence – vote to self-harm.

The Tory manifesto now promises to eliminate the national deficit – not the debt – by 2025, no less than 10 years after George Osborne originally promised in the run-up to the 2010 election. So let’s get something absolutely clear: Theresa May and her Tories will NEVER “balance the books”. They use the deficit as a reason to cut public services.

The Tory promise on NHS spending – £8 billion – is the same as George Osborne originally promised several years ago. It is a standstill promise. It is less than later Tory claims, which were proved untrue. That means they were lying. The biggest lie of all was that the Tories were giving the NHS more than it wanted. NHS leaders had said the service needed a bare minimum of £8 billion extra per year, but really needed £20 billion in order to ensure standards of service delivery. The Tory manifesto promise is to starve the National Health Service.

We already know that Theresa May is now the Lunch Snatcher – planning to steal children’s free school meals so they are undernourished an ill-prepared to absorb their lessons. There’s talk of breakfast clubs – so what?

We know that the Tories want to include senior citizens’ homes in the calculation of their assets used to work out the cost of in-home social care. While their homes won’t be taken away from them while they are alive, they will be included in a so-called “death tax”.

The Tories have promised to increase the minimum wage (“National Living Wage” – what a despicable lie) – but hidden in the small print is the fact that they are cutting 80p/hour from the amount they are planning to pay, so by 2020 (if I recall correctly) it will be £8.20, not £9. Meanwhile inflation is set to rise rapidly.

The manifesto has dropped the Tory promise to freeze rail fares in real terms. UK citizens fund the privatised rail companies with £4 billion a year – £3.5 billion of which is profit for their shareholders, and 70 per cent of that money goes abroad, because those companies are owned by foreign firms, or more likely, foreign governments. Theresa May will squeeze you, to subsidise foreign rail services.

The list goes on and on.

And all the time, Mrs May self-identifies with these policies of hate.

Theresa May is desperate to be the new Margaret Thatcher. But as a leader, she’s more of an Iain Duncan Smith – absolutely inept but determined to kill as many poor people as possible.

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13 thoughts on “Murderous manifesto: Theresa May unleashes her programme for persecution

  1. Brian

    “Theresa May is desperate to be the new Margaret Thatcher.”

    Right, & wrong,

    Wrong. May, and the rest of her gnomes are in the process of agreed self destruct. The Tories want out, because they know they have no credibility and want some one else to clear the mess they have created.

    Right. Thatcher was deposed in a ignominy, May see’s herself as a victim.

    The manifesto release gave the game away, notice the camera shake from the giggling operator, and the hunched posture of May, a woman defeated and soon to call on the very services she has so incompetently presided over.

    1. rotzeichen

      That I believe is spot on the money, I think they are denigrating Jeremy as a damage limitation game, but in reality they don’t want to win, because they will be responsible for the Brexit debacle and in any case they have dismantled the state and it’s already job done, which was why the idiot Cameron got out as soon as he could.

      Thank goodness we have Jeremy Corbyn and a growing competent team behind him, we will need all the energy we can muster against the vile media that will be programmed to attack on all fronts.

      Nothing has happened by accident over the last forty years, it’s still going neatly to plan, it’s up to us all now to register what needs to done, and make sure it happens, because the corporates think they have already won.

  2. joanna

    The Labour Party are not helping their case, by bombarding me with emails asking me to give them money, I can’t afford it and it is becoming annoying! So much so I have had to unsubscribe.

  3. Colin Wilkes

    Here we go with the next massive building block in the Eugenics Programme disguised as giving the working class a hand up the ladder. IDS was the creator of the Eugenics Programme initiated by the Tory machine with his covert attempts to diminish the health both physical and mental of those unemployed and on welfare.

    Just how many deaths can be directly attributed to seven years of hell many people have had to suffer under the Tories? Whatever the figure is its going to sky rocket over the next few years due in the main to the appalling decision of this present Tory Government to remove more and more funding for charities and other social organisations who have been working to help with some limited success the state of the Nations mental health victims. This has been and remains a project by the Tories at state death by stealth, a Programme of Eugenics.

    But this programme of Eugenics is not coming to an end. It is in fact now being expanded and accelerated,but not to those off working age but now the victims are to be those poor defenceless children who live in or just above the poverty line. All Primary age school children have been promised free hot meals at lunch time,in the Labour Manifesto. This could very well be the only hot meal they eat all day. The Tories are now instead offering something right out of the novels of Charles Dickens and in particular Oliver Twist. No Free hot meals at lunch time but a boll of cold gruel served up at breakfast time. Yes you have got its back to the days of Victoria. Next its the work house for all those seeking welfare payments. Thats if they survive the new and increased aspect of the Tory Eugenics programme being set out before our very Eyes.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If you missed Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto launch earlier this week, Labour offers a quantum leap forward for the United Kingdom.

  4. NMac

    A vote for the Tories is a vote for cruel, nasty, vindictive policies against 98% of the population.

  5. rupertrlmitchell

    There is a marvelous alternative! One which caters for everyone and has care and concern as its priority rather than super-profiting the already rich at the expense and domination of the ordinary working man and advocating cruel fox-hunting!

  6. Enid Sanders

    Does she really want to win this election because if people vote for her with. This manifesto they are bloody crackers. Why leave Scotland out of the winter fuel, why are they still going to get it. Not on

  7. benlevay

    caption above: ignorant privileged would-be dictator. every word of it is deluded demonisation and hatred driven envy. It’s like calling Corbyn a Stalinist vengeful class-war nut job. They are just fairly honest people presenting different adminstrative options. All theNasty Party stuff seems to come from the left now – and that’s after a lot of efforts on behalf of Labour in my life. It’s just schoolboy abuse. Ditto people hating those who voted otherwise on Brexit. Can’t we have a reasoned discussion?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Okay: She’s a would-be dictator because all of her campaigning has been around “Theresa May” – “I”, “me”, “my”, rather than the Conservative Party, “we”, “us”, “our”. She has put herself up as the person to lead us all; other dictators throughout history did the same.
      She is definitely privileged. She comes from a privileged background – grammar school, Oxford university, Bank of England job, married a high-level financier.
      And for ignorance we only need look at her Conservative Manifesto, which offers policies that would absolutely hammer everybody who isn’t as privileged as she is, in the name of “fairness”.
      So I reject your claim that my caption was “deluded demonisation and hatred driven envy”, and I also reject your comparison regarding Mr Corbyn. He isn’t a Stalinist; vengeance is not in his nature; while he may dislike the class system, he is not a violent man so war is out; and claims about any lack of sanity lack substance.
      Mrs May does not seem an honest person to me. See my article questioning whether she and her husband stand to make a fortune from her ‘Dementia Tax’ policy. Where’s the declaration of interest attached to that?
      All the Nasty Party stuff – if by that you mean attacks on other political organisations – certainly does NOT come from the Left. Have you not been reading the @Conservatives Twitter feed, or Theresa May’s Facebook page? If not, please start – it might be an eye-opener for you.
      I agree with you that there is no justification for demonising those who voted in either direction on Brexit.

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