Theresa May thinks she can fight terrorists who hate our human rights – by scrapping our human rights

With less than two days until the polls open, this is the stupidest move yet from our weak and wobbly would-be Tory PM.

Theresa May has always hated the Human Rights Act, and has been planning to scrap it for many years. Remember the proposed Bill of Rights, that would have given the Conservatives carte blanche to dictate exactly what we plebs are and are not allowed?

Now she has said she will strip us all of our human rights, in order to take new powers on herself to deport foreign terror suspects and exert power over suspected extremists who are believed to be a threat but against whom there is not enough evidence for a prosecution.

You know that if she starts ripping up human rights legislation, she won’t stop with restrictions on terror suspects.

This is Theresa May.

She would clamp down on everybody who isn’t a rich Tory or Tory donor.

Of course, we all saw through it straight away:

We haven’t been distracted.

We know what Theresa May is.

And we know what we have to do.

No matter where you live, your Conservative candidate is not worth your vote because a Conservative government will undermine your rights as a UK citizen. No politician should be allowed to do that.

Jeremy Corbyn won’t.

That’s why we’re voting Labour on Thursday.

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7 thoughts on “Theresa May thinks she can fight terrorists who hate our human rights – by scrapping our human rights

  1. Barry Davies

    The human rights Act needs to be implemented correctly, which means it protects us form those who would do us harm. Unfortunately on occasions the legal system has misinterpreted it, and confused its meaning with that of other legislation. There is no reason that a foreign criminal, for example, should not be deported, but it seems that they are considered to have a human right to remain in the country, by those scared of being branded with the bigoted term racist. Properly used the human rights Act would protect the average person in the street not those who are being allowed to abuse it.

  2. Zippi

    She is clueless! £onger prison sentences to deter murderers on a suicide mission, or for whom death, at the hands of the Infidel, the ultimate goal and now, deporting foreign terror suspects… Have not the recent spate of murders carried out British citizens? To where would she have these people deported? That said, even if they were sound policies, I believe that the expression is, “too little, too late.” It seems that she has called her own competence into question. It is really sad to see somebody come undone so publicly. This should highlight the need to ministers to be qualified for the posts to which they are appointed. You wouldn’t make a brickie a surgeon, unless he were qualified to perform surgery so, how is it that ministers, who have little or NO knowledge of a particular field, or discipline, are appointed to RUN that department? This comes back to Call-Me-Dave, too; he was the big boss; surely, he has some accountability in this? Och, no! He did a runner and is now tweeting pictures… of his FEET! What a way to escape justice! These people really have no shame!

  3. marcusdemowbray

    MegaloMayniac has long been waiting for the perfect excuse to scrap our Human Rights. She is a devious, paranoid, deceitful, thick megaloMayniac. She refuses to trust any of her political colleagues and only discusses policy with her two closest Special Advisors. She refuses to debate, meet the REAL Public. Her campaign and her Party bases most of its campaign on character assassination and lies against Corbyn and other opponents. With these personality/emotional/mental disorders even an ATOS WCA would find her UNFIT for work!

  4. joanna

    And yet there are far too many people who will vote Tory because they either don’t trust Labour, don’t trust Corbyn, or simply because they don’t like him!!

    They are obviously people who are more than managing or who are rich!!!

  5. NMac

    Tories are always looking for excuses, however flimsy, to take away our rights in order to keep us down. It’s all part of the nasty Tory way of keeping we “plebs” in our places. Yet still hundreds and thousands of working class people still vote for the nasties. (Apologies for using the term the Tory Mitchell used to describe a police officer).

  6. wildswimmerpete

    Should May retain power she’ll use terrorism for an excuse to crack down on political dissidents. Let me guess, a larger 21st century version of Long Kesh complete with H-blocks, run by G4S or Serco?

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