MOGG-mentum? The Tories are losing their grip on reality

Following on from ‘Milifandom’ and Momentum, the Conservatives are fighting back with a campaign for fuddy-duddy aristo Jacob Rees-Mogg to become their leader.

Jacob Rees-Mogg!

Apparently the movement supporting him is called Moggmentum – seriously! – and is full of people like this:

Of course, the suggestion has been met with reasoned arguments in response:

… and if you don’t think that’s a reasonable response, then you don’t know Jacob Rees-Mogg. This is a man who took his nanny canvassing with him in Central Fife, a mostly working-class constituency. It is no wonder he speaks in that plummy, received-pronunciation way – he’s so far out of touch, his tongue has probably gone numb.

But he’s a nasty piece of work. Look at his voting record:

This is a man who wants the poor to be constantly-monitored slaves and the rich despots. And people are campaigning for him to be prime minister.

Meanwhile, the arrival of his sixth- sixth! – child has been greeted appropriately by the media, both mass- and social:

He appeared on the BBC’s Question Time yesterday (July 6) and, despite being afforded more uninterrupted time than the others by chairman David Dimbleby, still managed to be exposed as a hypocrite over tuition fees:

And those who defend him – as some kind of bastion of common sense, of all things – are being shot down on the social media:

Last word – for now – must go to this Twitter user:

Be warned – this story is not likely to go away. And be prepared – we must all be ready to stop Rees-Mogg from getting anywhere near making 10 Downing Street his latest taxpayer-subsidised residence.

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17 thoughts on “MOGG-mentum? The Tories are losing their grip on reality

  1. David Young

    If that upper class twit ever became Tory leader—surely that would guarantee a Labour win at the next election?

  2. Dez

    Once a hooray henry always one…..hyphanated toady yes man. Stick to comedy along with boorish Boris.

  3. David

    Mogg is a disgrace. He is show-off who likes to thinks his weird dress, haircut, behaviour and the rest of his appearance and utterances mask a keen and learned mind and, like Johnson he hopes some of us see the clown really hiding the ambitions of a super statesman. No: he really is rubbish. He is sometimes, to his delight, I’m sure, referred to as the MP for the nineteenth century. No, he’s not: his views would have been repugnant among decent people 150 years ago. How on earth he gets his mug on tv so often beats me – unless, of course, he has as good agent.

    A smug man with unacceptable views, even among most tory voters, his constituency poarty need to look at the man they’ve put forward. Like most clowns, he’s a danger to our nation’s political health. Like Johnson, he uses a bit of Latin from time to time, just to show how superior he is. I have yet to hear him say anything useful.

  4. John

    Pomposity personified.

    In reality just another silver spooned nasty scrounger who cannot and will never understand what a struggle life is in Britain for the vast majority.

  5. rotzeichen

    The Tories need to promote a libertarian Tory with a group they call Mogg-mentum, but decry a body of people from the grassroots for supporting a real leader of the opposition that represents their views.

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. but in this case demonstrates the absolute
    desperation and hypocrisy of the Tories.

    It would also appear that Strong and stable Theresa is is not only weak and wobbly but but rapidly losing all support in her trustworthy party.

    The only thing you can say about being a Tory is, that they deserve each other, and every day they remain in office the greater the chaos for the rest of us.

  6. Kenneth Billis

    Last time I saw this odd indivdual he was trying to take Jon Snown [I think] down a peg or two by expressing his surprise that Snow didn’t appear to know that a shambles was a butcher’s slaughterhouse (I suppose he was upset because Jon Snow was using it in its more usual meaning – the state of the Tory Party. Come to think of it, it’s the same thing isn’t it).

    What a pompous ass.

    1. Dez

      Well Snow called out the Cons correctly in both instances as their Benefits storm trooper contractors have certainly slaughtered a lot of innocent vulnerable claimants

  7. S Morrell

    I’d like to see the paperwork showing Jacob was the victim of abusive, hence allowing him to have more than 2 children in Tory Britain.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That only applies to child tax credit claimants. I think Mr Rees-Mogg might be a little too well-off for such concerns.

  8. Jenny Hambidge

    Ah ! so that is why he was invited on to Question Time. Deliberate exposure by the BBC so we all get used to the idea of him being PM. Has he EVer done anything useful in his life? Also see Mail Online exposure of him and his large family.

  9. NMac

    A really weird and nasty piece of work. If this upper-class twit of the year ever became PM the country would be a bigger laughing stock than it is already under May.

  10. Moggmaniac

    ? This article is the funniest piece on Moggy I’ve ever seen since that photo outside the tattoo parlour. It reads like a sad bunch of maybe 3 Corbynistas sitting sulking and scowling at a table in the corner of the employee of the month’s (not them) successful party. Bitter much?
    I also love how the lefties simply lack the self awareness and emotional intelligence to be able to grasp the concept of what Moggmentum is really about.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This person is trying to lecture US about lacking self awareness and emotional intelligence?

  11. GeaVox

    This is a repeat of The Thatcher-Major sequence… when the woman had done the dirty work, the toffs voted in a chinless wonder they could boss about… what in their Public Schools they call “a fag”!

  12. louwrter

    Spawn of Satan Smugg Smog, intellectually and ethically moribund, spawning 6 children (what a hypocrite) with ridiculous and embarrassing names which tells you all you need to, but would rather not know about this privileged but uninformed idiot

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