POLL: Do you think #Brexit will happen?

The Liberal Democrats’ sole (current) leadership candidate, Vince Cable, has said he doesn’t think Brexit will happen.

Of course, the Lib Dems set themselves up as the Party of Remain – but that resulted in a huge defeat at the general election. The party has less than a dozen MPs.

But a steady stream of Brexit-sceptic news stories, coupled with concern over the outcome of negotiations on the UK’s departure from the EU and revelations that Leave campaigners lied to – or at least misled – us, has arguably led to a change of heart by the UK electorate.

So it is time for a poll!

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Bear in mind that the results will be unscientific – I cannot ‘weight’ the responses in the way polling companies do (although the accuracy of such weightings is arguable). Feel free to share this article with as many friends who have an opinion on the subject as possible, if you think a wider sample of the electorate will be more representative.

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Do you think #Brexit will happen?

  1. NMac

    The referendum was basically a squabble within the Tory Party, which is still ongoing. The referendum was called by a weak and ineffective, but arrogant Prime Minister. It was quickly hi-jacked by hard-line right wingers who told a stream of blatant lies and rubbished sensible advice by experts. The very marginal result should not, in the national interest, stand.

    1. Alex Blod

      Unless your a Jesuit priest, or a Maoist infused by some Eton mess, or a cheap cladding cheap insulation buying clod who fell asleep ? in class and woke up in a time warp where The Pas de Calais had been invaded by the English !

    2. Alex Blod

      Absolutely spot on. You could even substitute Labour for Tory, left for right and sub for Prime.

  2. Neilth

    I believe it will happen. It shouldn’t and CaMoron should never have kowtowed to the Tory taliban fundamentalists on the rabid right. Having capitulated like the overpriveledged spineless poseur that he is he didn’t have the political nous to make it a two thirds majority vote as all major constitutional changes should be.
    Now we’re in the mess with, again a prime minister who firstly did a half hearted absolute minimum during the referendum campaign with her eye firmly on the Tory leadership now pretends that she has the first idea on negotiating on the international stage. Her lack of political discernment outside the purely parochial internal Tory Party machinations is to appoint hard right brexiteers to what should be politically nuanced negotiating seats over the EU and the pantomime dame to the foreign office where he can insult Johnny Foreigner to his hearts content.
    So yes we will leave the EU but with the worst possible outcome and our position of influence in the world hugely diminished

  3. Zippi

    Forgive me if I am speaking out of turn, or incorrectly but I believe that Parliament has let us down, big style, regarding the E.U. referendum. I hear and read lost about how the leave voters were lied to, misled, conned, are stupid, ignorant, racist, bigoted, didn’t know what they were voting for but how true is that of those who voted the opposite way? How much did they know and whose fault was it that the campaign went as it did?
    My understanding is that it was Parliament that voted for the referendum and that it should be binding, rather than advisory. Given that this was a monumental decision, given how much as changed since the last referendum, why was the referendum allowed to proceed without there being any plan in place? Why were the campaign groups given no remit? If there were remits, where were they published? Where was the accountability? Were the parameters and responsibilities agreed and put into law? Again; accountability. Was the purpose of the campaigns agreed? Were their rules drawn up, which could be applied and adhered to so that, in the event of them being broken, charges could be brought? Again; accountability. Where was the scrutiny? Was there an independent body to oversee the campaign groups and ensure that they stayed within their remits and upheld their responsibilities? Had these things been done, I believe that we would not be in the position in which we now find ourselves, with people talking about a second referendum, others claiming that those who voted to leave are wrong and others saying that people should be able to change their minds, certainly in the event of not liking the deal. What is the point of that, if the E.U. remains the same and what we don’t know about it hasn’t changed?
    Why was there not public information and education programme about the E.U., what it is, what it does, what it’s supposed to do, how it works, what benefits, or otherwise, we get solely because of our membership, what benefits, or otherwise, we lose solely because of our membership, the effect of the treaties and other changes that have taken place since the previous referendum? How much more do all of those who still want us to remain know about the E.U. than they did at the time of the referendum? What has changed for those who voted to leave?
    We were not asked to vote on the potential consequences of leaving the E.U. we were asked about our membership so, why was there almost NO information about it? All of the broadcast debates were about immigration, security, economy, sovereignty… what do people know about those things and what have they to do with our membership? I am sick of M.P.s complaining about what was and what wasn’t on the ballot paper and telling us what we did and didn’t vote for; they had the opportunity to influence that BEFORE the referendum was called and they failed and in doing so, they failed us.
    I have, for a long time, said that Call-Me-Dave should be in prison for Treason, having offered this referendum with no plan, no pertinent information and subsequently jumping ship, however, he was but one man and he should not have been allowed to call the referendum without having first had a plan in place, for whichever result prevailed; it was for Parliament to insist on this and I cannot envisage a situation whereby such a motion would not have been carried, unanimously. Setting out the parameters, the responsibilities, the remits, scrutiny, accountability etc. were all for Parliament. In my opinion, both campaigns were wanting but Parliament could and should have ensured that that was not the case, before the horse left the stable.
    What we can do, to call a halt to this deeply divisive issue, is to find out as much as we can about the institution and ask all of the questions that our politicians ans media failed to; that way, we will have a deeper understanding of it and, with any luck, a better understanding of why people voted contrary to the way that we did. We must stop calling our neighbours wrong, or claiming to know why they voted as they did. People voted for myriad reasons and they must be respected, even if we don’t agree with them. It is not too late to educate yourself and if you are thinking that, perhaps, you made the wrong decision, find out for sure and see what exactly about the E.U. and our membership of it most influences you; the same applies to those of us who think that we are sure; if nothing else, in the event of another referendum, we will be better informed, no thanks to our politicians, who seem only to want to call another referendum but tell us nothing.
    Finally, some of you may, or may not know but during the referendum campaign, I wrote to both campaign groups, several M.P. among whom was, at the time, the Minister For Europe and my local £abour campaigner and asked a series of pertinent questions, regarding our membership of the E.U. Not ONE person (who bothered to reply) was able to answer a single question. Shameful.

  4. Barry Davies

    I don’t thin k the steady stream of the continuation of project fear remain propaganda from some of the mass media should be believed after all they were telling us that remain had the referendum in the bag, even after the result was known. Additionally project fear lies and misdirection during the campaign has been proven since the outcome, so it is unlikely that there is any great mainstream of support to capitulating to the eu, or the appeasement of the minority.

    1. Jim Blythe

      What planet are you on? Our economic growth is now less than Greece’s, the pound is in the cellar, the Bank of England has had to print a load more money, businesses are packing their bags and leaving, and we haven’t even left yet! What do you think is going to happen when we have to start paying tariffs on everything that goes to the EU, which is far and away our biggest market? David Davis is having a few days back in Blighty while he gets his white flag laundered, then he’s back to Brussels on Monday for another arse-kicking and you think it’s Project Fear? I give up, I really do.

  5. Nick Valentine

    UK basically has two choices now. No Brexit or a very, very Bad Brexit. I’m assuming that at some point reality has to kick in. A brave assumption, i know…

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