The ‘C’ word: In the political abuse debate, it stands for ‘Chris Grayling’

“One of the best pieces of political insight [Chris Grayling] saw during the [election] campaign” – a cartoon that had been photoshopped in order to present a lie about Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy.

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How obliging of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to move the debate on political abuse along – by showing that senior Conservatives like himself support it and condone websites that participate in it.

According to Pride’s Purge – and you can visit the site yourself to see the impeccable reasoning behind the claim – Mr Grayling has called for more “negative campaigning” against the Labour Party in general and Jeremy Corbyn in particular.

He said, in an article on the ConservativeHome website, that a cartoon which had been photoshopped in order to attack Jeremy Corbyn was “one of the best pieces of political insight I saw during the campaign”.

Never mind the fact that the cartoon was presenting a lie; Mr Corbyn’s policy was absolutely not to go throwing money around, but who needs the facts when you’ve got an election to fight – right, Chris?

Mr Grayling also seems not to mind that the site on which he found the photoshopped version of the cartoon – and there’s only one – also engages in the worst kind of political abuse, calling Jeremy Corbyn a “c*nt”.

Yes, the ‘C’ word.

Except in this instance, that description may best be used to describe Chris Grayling.

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17 thoughts on “The ‘C’ word: In the political abuse debate, it stands for ‘Chris Grayling’

  1. jill Phillips


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Your request is better directed to Chris Grayling MP, c/o the House of Commons.

    2. Zippi

      Jill, if you read the article, you will see that it is another site that actually used the word, to attack Jeremy Corbyn. This article merely made reference to it.

  2. NMac

    Grayling is reputed to be one of the dimmest members of the current nasty Tory gang, and apparently there is plenty of opposition.

  3. jill Phillips

    Thank you. Since “the ‘C’ word” appears in the title it helps normalise and spread it. A comment by you would certainly help. I have to send this message too many times. Perhaps equate the matter with the sale of corrosive substances (subjects). Thank you, JP

  4. Jo

    Just been to the conservativehome website (don’t worry I showered afterwards), it’s hilarious to see all these good little tories getting all wound up over how well Corbyn is doing and how disastrous May’s government is. What gained the biggest laugh was the suggestion that they should’ve concentrated more on….and I quote:

    “…we should have been strongly critical of his huge wish list not being properly costed and the damage imposed on the economy destroying all the gains made and highlighting all the positive measures introduced during the last 6 years”.

    Positive measures??!?? Well that would’ve taken about 30 seconds (if that), what would they have done for the rest of the election campaign?

  5. jill Phillips

    I did. I received the reply, ‘What on earth are you talking about?’. Fair enough. It wasn’t him that used the term. I shall apologise. Meantime, how about reconsidering your own posts? Most women (that’s rather a lot) are put off by this language.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, I can’t reconsider it. Grayling took his inspiration from a website that described Mr Corbyn in the manner to which you are objecting. He does know what you are on about – or should; if he doesn’t, it’s due to his own lack of intelligence. You have no reason to apologise to him. The article points out Grayling’s transgression, and in doing so, has to explain the word that was used. But you should note very carefully that the word was never written in full in the article, being edited in the same way I recently edited the word “n*gg*r” in a different article. I notice you did not raise objection to that.

      I understand that people are put off by this kind of language – that is precisely the point. But be put off the right people because of it. In this case, you should stop remonstrating with me and press Grayling on the issue. He is the transgressor here.

    2. joanna

      In my life the word is normal Jill I don’t like it anymore than you do, but it is one of those things I Have to live with, I have no right telling people how to speak, in this article Mike was only making a point, it is you who has tried to blow it all out of proportion. On another website the word is often used in the articles, in it’s entirety by the OP and the commenters, at least here the word is not used.

      1. jill Phillips

        Like blacks who refuse to be associated with wood piles, I refuse to live with it. The calculation of ‘all proportion’ is up to each individual.

  6. Zippi

    That cartoon is more appropriate for the Tories and their D.U.P. arrangement. At least Jeremy Corbyn wants to spend our money on us, not himself, or his rich friends! Chris Grayling et al need to get proper jobs and live in the real world, for a bit. Before they sling mud, hiter and thither, they ought to look at their own economic record and the effect of their economic policies on those whim they are supposed to serve!
    If the House is rotten, it is small wonder that the town is contaminated. Whatever happened to leading by example?

  7. Brian

    It’s the politicians themselves who have set the scene for abuse by their constant hateful attempts to undermine the opposition, and I include Labour in this when the anti Corbyn faction was in motion. Such juvenile slurs have now predictably backfired, and few culprits have justification to complain. Until, predominantly childish Tory lies and backbiting end, orchestrated examples like we see in the right wing media and the House of Commons will continue to fuel this abuse. JP is right to be offended, and as Mike points out, it’s not confined to sexism. Lead by example comes to mind, but from experience, the practice & effect of hate will linger beyond the careers of despicable self interest.

  8. hugosmum70

    i agree with Mike. Chris Grayling is a senior minister and as such, him using this word, which i must admit as a woman i too hate seeing/hearing being used,by anyone, should be brought to everyones notice as yet another reason not to vote conservative. it is as Mike say, Chris Grayling who should be remonstrated with. it shows a particular disregard for womens feelings and the use of it shows a disrespect towards women that someone in his position should not be using./showing younger people. but it is certainly no point at all remonstrating as you are doing, on this site. Do you have a go at reporters who continually use that and other ‘not nice’ words? all that has happened here is that the news item has been reported by a journalist.just because hes not reporting it in a newspaper should make him vulnerable to being hauled over the coals like that.

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