‘Go whistle’, Johnson tells world, ‘and we’ll come running like good little poodles’

‘Poodle’: Boris Johnson is left at the door while EU politicians make the big decisions [Image: Martin Morland].

Tories are typical bullies. They will always victimise people they consider weaker than them – and they will always kowtow to those they think are stronger. 

Look at Boris Johnson’s ill-advised display of bravado against the EU, in response to a question from fellow Tory Philip Hollobone.

“Since we joined the common market on 1 January 1973 until the day we leave, we will have given the EU and its predecessors, in today’s money, in real terms, a total of £209bn. Will you make it clear to the EU that if they want a penny piece more then they can go whistle?” Mr Hollobone said.

Mr Johnson replied: “He makes a very valid point and I think that the sums that I have seen that they propose to demand from this country seem to me to be extortionate and I think ‘to go whistle’ is an entirely appropriate expression.”

And what happened? Michel Barnier whistled, and Boris Johnson came running – because he’s a poodle, not a hound.

It is important to understand that Mr Johnson has distorted the meaning of the money being paid to the EU.

That money is not a divorce bill; it is an agreed financial contribution. Stopping such payment would be reneging on a commitment, and that would seriously harm the UK’s reputation internationally.

So Brexit minister Joyce Anelay – in a written statement because Tories are too cowardly to face up to the consequences of their actions – has admitted that the UK will continue honouring its financial obligations, even after leaving the EU.

‘On the financial settlement, as set out in the prime minister’s letter to President Tusk, the government has been clear that we will work with the EU to determine a fair settlement of the UK’s rights and obligations as a departing member state, in accordance with the law and in the spirit of our continuing partnership,’ she said.

‘The government recognises that the UK has obligations to the EU, and the EU obligations to the UK, that will survive the UK’s withdrawal—and that these need to be resolved.’

That’s right – the EU has obligations to the UK as well. If we are still contributing to the EU, then we should continue to benefit from EU policies and programmes. That is the (current) deal.

This, in turn, means that there must be transitional arrangements – rendering the recent debate on that subject a complete waste of time. Tory ditherers.

Oh, and while we’re at it, remember the campaign to make Jacob Rees-Mogg leader of the Tory Party and prime minister?

With judgement like this…

… perhaps it’s as well for that idea to be shelved indefinitely.

But Brexiting Tories are not the only ones who have turned out to be poodles for bigger bullies.

Remember those incredible, £995, leather trousers that Theresa May was so heavily criticised for wearing, showing off her wealth when some of us are having trouble feeding ourselves?

Now she reckons she was bullied into wearing them.

She’s the prime minister, for crying out loud! Nobody should be able to bully her into anything.

So much for the “strong” part of her silly pre-election mantra, “strong and stable”.

These Tories are pathetic. Their weakness will cripple us all.

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6 thoughts on “‘Go whistle’, Johnson tells world, ‘and we’ll come running like good little poodles’

  1. NMac

    Johnson is a thoroughly dishonest and proven liar. The man is a blustering and extremely nasty bully – a very unpleasant trait which, in the past, he has kept hidden behind a false façade of childish buffoonery. He is totally unfit for any kind of public office.

  2. Barry Davies

    I find it very surprising that people laud Tusk Verhofstadt and Junker when they attack the UK and make ludicrous ad frankly illegal demands but then complain if any Brit replies, in a decent sort of way, when are these people going to accept that constantly attacking their own nation is not a good idea?

  3. Dez

    Anything Financial coming out of the EU has to be treated as worthy of close inspection and proper sign off by all parties.. Not one EU set of accounts in the last ten years has ever been authorised or signed off by their audit division. Not something to be proud of or to encourage uk support that the accounts of the EU are in safe hands and can be relied upon as accurate. It also begs the question that the leadership and well paid committee membership of the EU are quite comfortable with this appalling state of affairs and happily condone it continuing for ever rather than doing something about the frauds……one of the reasons for UK wanting out of this uncontrolled situation which had no signs of ever being addressed..

  4. Justin

    Boris is incompetent entertainment value, Mayor Of London, nice Bikes and the odd few million on riot control vehicles they cannot use, they have a nice cd player though, xmas float anyone, that could have bought some high rise fire tenders perhaps, then one of the red bus of lies faces (take back control, 350 million into nhs) Bring back the bus, stick Boris and his mates in it, give them bells and tassells and walla, for your entertainment, boris and the lying red bus morris dancing troup,might even make a good xmas float, if i was not taking the piss the more serious side is i am talking about a set of government people,Frightening really, there trying to run or ruin a country, no wonder the eu is laughing, still some strong and stable injections might quell the hysteria, other than that the incompetent, bullying, lying, tory party is here to stay, 1.5 billion anyone?

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