Liam Fox has gone to the US to launch talks on a new version of TTIP. Where’s Adam Werrity?

Liam Fox is on another foreign junket, nearly six years after he was forced to resign because he had been bringing his friend Adam Werrity with him, financed by firms that could have profited from government decisions.

Here’s an interesting press release from the minority Tory government:

“International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade, The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, will travel to Washington to launch the first trade and investment working group meeting on Monday 24 July with US Trade Representative, Ambassador Lighthizer.”

Notice the wording? “Trade and investment” working group meeting. Remember TTIP – the Transatlantic “Trade and Investment” Partnership? The proposed agreement between the US and EU was vetoed after protests that it would harm workers’ and consumers’ rights, reduce the quality of goods to the lowest common denominator, give corporations power to sue governments if legislation harms their profits, and – in the UK – seal the privatisation of the National Health Service irretrievably.

8 thoughts on “Liam Fox has gone to the US to launch talks on a new version of TTIP. Where’s Adam Werrity?

  1. J Edington

    If anything, this will be worse than the original TTIP, especially under a Tory government who actually want the things the EU balked at. If TTIP had gone ahead with the EU, while we were a member, we would at least have had a bit of strength behind us in support against unfair actions from the US. Our own wee island hasn’t a chance. We should prepare for 3rd World conditions.

  2. Christine Cullen

    This is a bad sign. Memories of “The Atlantic Bridge” spring to mind as do the prospects of chorine washed chicken, beef, pork and chicken stuffed with antibiotics and growth hormones, and GM foods not labelled as such. British organic will be the only way to go, but only if you can afford it!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Chlorine-washed chicken is right back on Liam Fox’s menu – as I’m sure you’ll have seen if you’ve watched the news!

  3. nellieblue77

    This is what has been worrying me about brexit all along, but very little has been said about it . we know the cons want their cheap but toxic food, privatised NHS etc, but what are labours plans for US trade?

  4. Dez

    The US Regulators are chock-a-block with pro-governance leadership that has links with being financially supported by the same industrys that they should be defending against such that robust legislation has been ignorned to the detriment of the population including the global the Industry has effectively prevented any labelling of GM products because they are afraid no one would purchase it. It is bad enough the majority of our UK egg production flocks are being fed GM feed without any mention on the egg boxes and also the slaughtered chickens the same.Only genuine organic eggs and chicken are reasonably safe from GM contamination. Pharma and vaccines and chemical poisons are also suspected of being given soft rides when it comes to regulation which beg the question why would the UK want to get involved with importing products that are not properly regulated or controlled. Sounds and feels like King and by default Trump and his corporate buddies can see a strategic quick opportunity to make a quick buck.

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