Terminally ill? Claiming benefits? The Tories will hound you into the grave

Liam Dwyer, who has Motor Neurone Disease, explains how the Tory government is harassing him.

Nearly two years after This Writer proved that people with serious illnesses and disabilities were dying because the government was claiming they were fit for work, BBC South East Today put this on Facebook:

MND (Motor Neurone Disease) disrupts the signals to all voluntary muscles and is, ultimately, fatal. Liam Dwyer has been living with the condition for 12 years.

The Department for Work and Pensions has known about his condition ever since he contracted it – but is still sending him threatening letters demanding that he must prove he is ill.

Have a good look at the video, above. What do you think?

The visual and historical evidence probably won’t be enough for the DWP, though. It contracts its assessment process out to private companies that use people with no expertise in the relevant conditions, and gives their amateur opinions more weight than the professionally-qualified assessments of a claimant’s doctor when considering claims.

That is how the Conservatives manage to push so many people off benefits.

Claimants who have lost their benefit income are then left to die – of suicide, starvation, or the worsening of their condition – over varying periods of time. As long as they don’t pass away within two weeks of the decision to cut them off, their death is not recorded as being anything to do with the DWP.

Oh, and the whole process doesn’t even save the government any money. It costs more to run this privatised assessment procedure, and the associated appeal processes, than is saved by cutting off people’s benefits.

Have I missed anything? I’m sure I have; so much information has become known since I first started writing about this.

But all of the above is well known.

The Conservatives never said a word about it during the election campaign, which means they are quite happy for this (fake) chequebook euthanasia to continue.

And that means everybody who voted for the Conservatives was actively supporting this homicidal programme.

So, if you have a long-term sickness or disability, and you know somebody who voted Conservative, why not ask them why they want you to die?

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9 thoughts on “Terminally ill? Claiming benefits? The Tories will hound you into the grave

  1. J Edington

    They are always saying they need “proof”. This reminds me of another recent occasion when a pensioner, who contracted polio at 6 weeks and has been pretty much wheelchair bound most of her life, had her PIP slashed. They said she hadn’t completed the consultation process since she couldn’t give the name of the doctor who originally diagnosed polio when she was a baby.

    1. ory

      That’s the most sensible comment i have read on this blog when will you people wake up and fight these bstards forget the law get stuck in to them now.!

  2. damo

    Its just unbeleavable just how much more does that poor man have to do the tories and the dwp are just depraved and warped…they must get of on it ….harming this 21st century generation of tories are the most twisted warped bunch of grotesque chronic inadaquates this country has ever produced…the sooner the gone and delt with the better.

  3. Heather Glenn

    There is no credence given to medical histories, it’s cost cutting, ‘austerity’, targeting the most vulnerable, and why? To further line the pockets of the super rich.

  4. katythenightowl

    None of this is a surprise for those of us keeping an eye on this awful government, but I’m still shocked that I am still having to explain to people what really IS happening here in the UK.

    I recently had to explain to a someone I know what the tories are doing to all of us who are ill or disabled, and it helped her to change her mind, and vote Labour in the GE. She had voted Tory, previously, because that’s what her husband had told her to vote.

    I then explained about the many women who had died to give us women the freedom to have that vote, and that she should really start thinking for herself about what would be best for her, and her family – and at least it has started her thinking along the right road!

    Unfortunately, her husband, who has various health problems of his own, and has always been working class, still votes for the tories who are slowly killing us all – because that’s what his parents had always done.

    I will never understand that kind of non-thinking in someone who is being affected by their policies almost as much as I am 🙁

  5. Florence

    My cousin with terminal cancer was put in Wrag because she didn’t have a guaranteed date of death within 6 months. She died 5 months after start of claim, while still on the lower assessment rate. She died leaving a pile of CVs on get bedstand, she cried herself to sleep over never knowing if her £70pw was going to be stopped, or be called in for work focussed interview. She suffered severe mental distress because of the DWP. She couldn’t afford the things she needed in those last months.

  6. Susan Stovell

    Then DWP just like the Tories are operating outside the law as there is no law regarding length of time from crime committed (stopping benefits) till person dies so therefore they should be charged with the every death that has happened because of peoples benefits being stopped

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