A Tory government will NEVER treat people with disabilities fairly

The UK is in breach of the Convention on the Rights of Disabled People [Image: PA].

We’ve been here for a long time. In fact, This Writer contributed a huge amount of evidence to the UN investigation into abuses of the rights of people with disabilities.

The result: No change.

Even though the UN found against the Conservative government of the day, the Tories simply said they couldn’t care less and carried on with the homicidal policies that have been highlighted on This Site, almost since I started publishing it.

I cannot find it in myself to believe they will have a change of heart now.

The only way forward for people with disabilities, it seems to me, is to vote in a Labour government that will restore sanity to the statute books and turn the UK away from its current path which, in terms of benefit policy, bears a terrifying resemblance to the Aktion T4 and “chequebook euthanasia” policies of Nazi Germany.

We all had a chance to make that happen in June, and anyone with a disability who did not support Labour must be regretting their inaction today.

Some of them may be dead by now – due to Tory policies, of course.

But there is always hope that something better can be achieved. The longer the persecution continues, the more people become aware of it – and the more likely it becomes that we can end it by democratic means.

Because attempts to resort to the UN have been a dead loss.

The Government has been accused of “evading” disability rights by ignoring the recommendations of a major UN committee, in what has been described as a “continuing retrogression” of disabled people’s rights in the UK.

Disability organisations from across the country have accused ministers of ignoring questions put to it earlier this year by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, leaving disabled people to face “serious discrimination” in educational, employment and social opportunities.

The poor supply of accessible housing, the rise in the number of children educated in special schools and cuts to health and social care services, among other issues, place the UK in breach of the Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, according to evidence submitted to the committee.

Read more: Government accused of breaching UN convention in its treatment of disabled people

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10 thoughts on “A Tory government will NEVER treat people with disabilities fairly

  1. wildthing666

    In my opinion any government will not treat a disabled fairly but some governments will treat the disabled better than others but the Tory’s are the worst of the lot!

  2. Fibro confused

    There are some who still get the UN & EU confused, I’ve had to explain it so many times, maybe our govt isn’t aware of the difference either(tongue firmly in cheek), but your right Mike they’re not done with us disabled yet, many including myself are getting tired of fighting.

  3. Florence

    When will those voting Tory wake up? Propaganda may have made the killing of disabled people “normalised”, but it barely conceals the fate for everyone once human rights are simply stripped away. They have shown it does not need any laws passed or revoked, the Tories just do it.

  4. NMac

    Tory governments, if allowed to get away with it, will bully anyone they consider will not be able to retaliate or defend themselves. Tories are the enemies of working class people and those who are disabled or in any way vulnerable.

  5. Samuel Miller (@Hephaestus7)

    Please see: [September 2015] My Disability Studies Blackboard: The UNCRPD is legally unenforceable; Iain Duncan Smith will be let off the hook by the UN http://mydisabilitystudiesblackboard.blogspot.ca/2015/09/the-uncrpd-is-legally-unenforceable.html.

    A verdict of guilty would embarrass the British government on the world stage, but the UN treaty repercussions would be relatively minor. I am therefore recommending that a human rights lawsuit be filed against the DWP in conjunction with a UN CRPD “grave and systematic” violations finding.

    The DWP is out of control and its litany of human rights abuses needs to be forcefully countered. I’m recommending a crowdfunded lawsuit.

    I’ve been persuading grieving families of wrongly deceased benefit claimants to file lawsuits against the DWP. But so far they haven’t gone the litigation route, probably due to the fact that they lack financial resources, in addition to the high cost of legal advice. But initial consultation fees with law firms can probably be raised via crowdfunding sites, and it might even be possible to crowdfund a DWP lawsuit if it is planned and executed properly, with the assistance of a law firm.

  6. James Kemp

    The only time a Tory voter will care is when / If it happens to them or there family. then it’s oh it’s wrong why is like this they NEVER see there part of the uncaring problem!

    It’s all so sadly predictable….

  7. katythenightowl

    I can’t get over the sheer number of people who voted blindly for the Tories, in the last GE, or that I’ve had to explain, too many times, to people I know, what is being done to us, who by, and why – purely because we are disabled, elderly, or poor!
    The Tory voters, despite many of them being low-paid workers themselves, voted because they believed everything written about us by the tory-lite Blair government. Then the Conservatives got into power, and saw us as a way to get a huge chunk of the treasury, into their own, and their business buddy’s, pockets – and all they had to do was repeatedly tell the people of the UK that the disabled and ill are scum, are falsely claiming their disability benefits, etc., et., etc!
    All of this was eagerly snapped up by papers (Not Newspapers!), like the Scum and Daily Heil – and so the rounds of aggression, hate, and scorn fell on those least able to fight it, and least deserving of it all!
    Those who printed these terrible lies should be brought to the Justice, and every penny they made out of our suffering and deaths, should be taken from them, and paid into our NHS, Social Services, Schools and Universities – at least, then, we’ll get something in return for all the misery and pain the MSM and Governments have caused us!
    But in order for this to happen, we need to get people to vote Labour into power and, at least then, there will be some accountability!

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