Did Leave supporters know they voted for these four idiots to dictate what Brexit should be?

Frightful four: (Left to right) Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Owen Paterson and Nigel Lawson [Composite: PA/Rex/Getty Images/Martin Argles].

The four right-wing extremists pictured above want to ensure that Brexit will only benefit the very rich and privileged.

For them, of course, that was the entire point of Brexit – taking democracy further away from the people and putting power firmly in the hands of the elite – their hands, in fact.

People who supported Leave have been instrumental in helping them manage this outcome.

Further developments are (currently) out of the hands of the public – it’s a debate among right-wing and hard right-wing politicians. We’ll have to put up with whatever scraps they decide to throw us after they’ve sorted out what they’re keeping for themselves.

So, Leave supporters – are you happy now?

Senior Conservative Brexiters have set new red lines for Theresa May in negotiations with the EU, significantly reducing her chances of getting a deal acceptable to the whole of her party.

The former cabinet ministers Iain Duncan Smith, Owen Paterson, Nigel Lawson and John Redwood have said it would be unacceptable for the European court of justice to have any jurisdiction over the UK during the planned two-year transition after Brexit.

Duncan Smith set out his objections in an article in the Sunday Telegraph in which he also said he particularly opposed a plan for the ECJ to have an ongoing role, beyond the transition, adjudicating on the rights of EU nationals in the UK.

Paterson, Lawson and Redwood, along with more than 30 other Brexiters, have signed a letter coordinated by the group Leave Means Leave listing seven conditions they say should apply before the UK makes any divorce payment to the EU.

Source: Tory Brexiters set new red lines over ECJ and free movement | Politics | The Guardian

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24 thoughts on “Did Leave supporters know they voted for these four idiots to dictate what Brexit should be?

  1. Andrew Carter

    Why are you blaming those who voted leave for the incompetence of the Tory Party.. who would not be in power if the ‘The European’ Blairite supporters had actually got behind Corbyn in the last General Election!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s an interesting interpretation.
      The Tories called the referendum and were set to be in office until 2020 at the time. Who did ‘Leave’ voters think would be handling Brexit? It had to be the Tories. And the issue is not that they turned out to be incompetent – it’s that they are trying to dictate what Brexit will be in a totally undemocratic way.
      Don’t try to bring Labour into it; nobody knew there was going to be a general election this year when the referendum took place.

      1. Andrew Carter

        AS interesting as it might be, Cameron called the referendum because he thought he could not lose. May called the General Election because she thought she could not ‘lose’. Cameron lost and then U-turned on his commitment to stay and see it through. May lost her majority when she deliberately sought a mandate from the electorate to support her with Brexit. No one as far as I can tell voted for the ‘four idiots’ apart from their constituency voters. I personally thought May if she was sensible would involve all of Parliament in Brexit negotiations ie cross party reps. She did not. The referendum vote had and has nothing to do with the calibre of the reps who are supposed to be negotiating for the UK.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I think you may have misread the headline. ‘Leave’ supporters did vote for those four idiots to dictate what Brexit should be – by voting ‘Leave’. The voters in their constituencies put them in a position to be able to dictate what Brexit should be, but it is ‘Leave’ voters who made it possible for them to dictate on Brexit.
        It doesn’t matter whether Mrs May wanted to involve all of Parliament – the referendum result has made it possible for a very small number of Brextremists to force their views on the whole of the UK.

      3. Andrew Carter

        Well as much as you may think i have misread the headline I think on the referendum ballot paper there were no candidates for whom one could cast a vote. Furthermore the referendum voting was drawn from 380 local authority areas rather than constituency areas. However that is not to say that they are not idiots but we have had similar disagreements. I have said before most of your comments and reporting have been excellent and I totally agree with you but on this, I just simply disagree. There is no way on earth should those who voted leave be blamed for the total inadequacy of the Tories. Camerons’ or Mays’ selections at those who will lead the Brexit negotiations are decisions them alone and no one else.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        No – nobody was named in the referendum question. But you still ended up with those four idiots coming out with the idiocy they did. That was the result of your vote.
        Those who voted Leave expected to see their wish carried out by the Tories, and the Tories are totally inadequate.
        I stand by my words.

      5. Andrew Carter

        I respect you no less for standing by your guns but the premise is absurd from the outset. I voted leave but I wouldn’t piss on any of those featured if they were on fire so if given the choice I certainly would not vote for them!. Maybe you should also bear in mind how easy is it to leave the EU? Sounds very much a case of ‘Hotel California’ to me and I am even more glad that the electorate voted the way they did. To that last point I do truly stand !

  2. Barry Davies

    Perhaps you should put up pictures of Blair Cameron Clegg and Cable the four extreme right wingers who are only interested in personal gain by keeping us in the eu.

  3. Giri Arulampalam

    There are many Labour areas where traditional Labour voters voted “LEAVE”(e.g, Sunderland).That is why BREXIT is a very complicated issue. Above all, it is not Tory issue.Mrs May has promised the country(our UK) that she will get a good deal.But, I don’t know!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Only just over a third of Labour voters supported ‘Leave’ (36 per cent). The majority – 64 per cent – voted Remain.
      I need to put that in, before Barry Davies starts banging his drum about Labour mostly voting ‘Leave’, which is a lie.

  4. JohnDee

    Sorry Andrew, but I didn’t hear ‘blame’ in the article, just incredulity at the lack of foresight in the face of the plethora of evidence (now becoming more) available to turkeys voting for Christmas…

    … not to mention the prospect of basic workers’ and human rights going up the chimney once the EU can be ignored

    … never mind the (s)tory of studied indifference to lengthy and detailed UN and London-Oxbridge reports of unnecessary deaths, suicides…

    … the prolonged, sustained ‘systematic abuse of human rights’, and ‘a human catastrophe’ for [both] the disabled (and sanctioned jobseekers) from both the (s)torys and lame-stream media …

    … notwithstanding continuing persistent exploitation of public-sector workers’ dedication to the public and stymieing of collective-bargaining and basic right of removal-of-labour

    … and the zero-houred and minimum-waged working poor (and our next generation) who need housing benefit to pay greedy and feckless landlords!

    Did I mention the poor indebted students?

    Unfortunately, I can think of a dozen other (foodbanks, homeless, schoolkids, blah, blah, blah…) rantable issues but I’m getting tired and depressed, now.

    Arghh! Rant over. Sorry, was that off-topic? Namaste

    1. Andrew Carter

      John I do respect your feelings and can understand the negativity. Yes maybe many of things you talk off were protected to some extent by reference to the EU and their regulations and decisions. The one serious damaging problem I have is why do the people of UK look to solve their problems of unfairness, social injustice, and all the other ills of UK society which I acknowledge exists, to outside and abroad. These issues should be met head on with our own politicians and if needs be we can all become revolting citizens and become disobedient. We have got to much into the habit of letting others resolve the issues. Since 1978/9 this country has never had a proper Labour government and we have let ourselves get forced into situations where we feel we have no choice. What I am basically saying is.. yes the EU is a good idea but we need ourselves to get to the standard where we can say to the EU we do this because it is better for everyone and not just trading partners.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Our own politicians are perfectly capable of influencing matters in the European Union, as representatives of an EU member state, while we are in it. It was never about appealing to “outside and abroad” but to another arm of UK government. Please try to remember that, as a member of the EU, it is as much our institution as that of any of the other 27 nations who are members. It was not “outside and abroad”.
        I disagree entirely with your claim that, as a nation, we have got into any habit of letting others resolve our issues. We don’t.

      2. Andrew Carter

        well I shall not re-run and re-write my reply to you as if you have no idea then it is most likely to occur once more and my response will conveniently slip into the realms of .net blankdom. Suffice to say I stand by what I said early: the premise is absurd to connect the way people voted, to those who are appointed by the government, which if all those who voted to remain, had, voted for Corbyn, we would have a Labour government and not this twattish Tory fudge of idiocy and BoJos.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        And I stand by what I stated in the blog and in this dialogue – it isn’t absurd; it is logical.

      4. Andrew Carter

        Then using that kind of logic the people who voted for Edward heath who signed us into the EEC in 1972 are the ones who are guilty of causing the mess in the first place.

  5. Justin

    Vote leave is mainly comprised of tory and as for incompetence well does the name smith mean anything, that thing is a walking incompetence as well as being unfit for anything, not even a thirty pound breakfast would convince me that thing is human, it is just a shame misconduct in public office did not stick, then they may have been strong and stable by getting rid of old rubbish

    1. Dez

      Totally agree this site more than any having recorded many first hand accounts of IDS reign of terror and incompetence in office. He alone would put the mark of death on anything he touches but adding the combination of his fellow has been toadies completes the sad picture of failed elites looking to rebirth their globalist agendas.

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